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DIY Guide To Actually Find Things To Do This Weekend In Singapore

A show of hands (I know I can’t actually see you through your computer screens, but humour me) — how many of us find the weekends boring in Singapore? Singaporeans…

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Best Places to Have a Cold Beer in Singapore: Microbreweries, Bars & Pubs

Feeling like having a drink in good company after a busy workday? We’ve got a list of great places for you to have a cold, cold beer!

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Impossible Foods In Singapore: Does It Taste Like Real Meat?

The Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods. It’s meatless but yet it’s meaty. Some people say its patty tastes just like the real thing. But what’s in it? Does it really…


Should I Get Pocket WiFi Or A Local SIM Card In Japan?

A pocket WiFi device or data SIM card is a reliable choice when you travel to Japan. Should you get a pocket WiFi device or a SIM card?

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