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Samsonite Sale & Promotion for Singapore Latest July 2020

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Top Offers
Deal DetailsOfferExpiry
Get Cashback when you shop on Samsonite!4.5% CashbackOngoing
35% off min. spend USD$2004.5% CashbackOngoing
Black Friday Exclusive 40% OFF4.5% CashbackOngoing
More about Samsonite

Samsonite—a Pioneer in Design and Innovation

Originating in 1910, Samsonite catered to the very first travellers who had the luxury to tour the world. Since then, the trailblazer has remained a renowned brand in the travelling industry, leading the global market in both design and innovation that prides itself in being truly adaptable to current travellers needs. Samsonite s emphasis on innovation led them to produce the world s first matching luggage sets, lightweight suitcases, and even wheeled suitcases.
Buy through Shopback and enjoy your very own Samsonite Sale!

Be armed with award-winning technology

Samsonite has won awards for their luggages, so consider bringing one for your next trip overseas—there is no other brand that can quite offer you the reliability that Samsonite does. In fact, Samsonite is so proud of their products that they offer you at least 3 years of global warranty when you buy it through their site!
If you order Samsonite products through the website of Samsonite, promotions might just be waiting for you! Don t wait! Grasp the Samsonite sale in your hands today!

Lightweight Champion

Samsonite has always been great for travellers, especially those looking to reduce the weight of their luggage to carry more things to avoid paying for extra baggage. A well placed Samsonite promotion might just do the trick for you, then!
Or, if you are visiting a friend and want to treat them to the many Singaporean goodies, you could, of course, use a Samsonite Sale!

Trust Samsonite, take part in a Samsonite promotion!

Instead of spending the money you saved in the Samsonite sale on buying a great big (expensive) padlock to keep your precious goods and belongings safe from both the sticky-fingered and authorities, here s some great news for you! Samsonite luggages come with awesome TSA locks are not only internationally recognised, but also considerably speeds up custom checks.
Worry less and have a great trip to your ideal destination with Samsonite! Just enjoy a Samsonite sale, and you ll be free to enjoy the rest of your trip in peace!

Quality assurance

If you are worried that Samsonite sales might mean a dip in the quality of their products, fret not! Samsonite promises only the best quality products, and they can only assure you so with the most stringent of tests. Before they are allowed on shelves, Samsonite products undergo a handle, tumble, lock and wheel test before they are released.
Therefore, you can safely enjoy a Samsonite sale with a peace of mind, because Samsonite has rigorously tested their products for you!

Modern and Stylish Designs

Samsonite is <em>the</em> leader in creating the most stylish luggage cases. One quick look through their collection and you would be blown away by the striking colours and intricate details lining the luggages.
Samsonite s effort and dedication to detail is truly congruent to and befits their status as the market leader.
What s more, it would be great if you could catch them while they were having a Samsonite sale! To get the best quality Samsonite products at the best price afforded to you by Samsonite promotion, be sure to regularly check their website!

Great variety

Samsonite has a great array of different luggage bags suited to a myriad of travellers. It doesn t matter if you re going to Europe for a grad trip, or to New York for a million-dollar business trip—Samsonite has you covered; especially with a Samsonite sale.
From hard travel luggages to backpacks and business suitcases, get your travel companion in a Samsonite sale.

First time traveller?

If you have some worries and queries about travelling, Samsonite has got you covered! Check out their webpage for some sweet advice for travellers; great for first time solo travellers!
Who knows, you may even find a great Samsonite sale or some Samsonite promotions while you re at it.

Have Samsonite delivered to your doorstep

What s better than getting a Samsonite promotion? Having it delivered to your doorstep, of course!
Order your Samsonite online on the Samsonite website, and have your own Samsonite delivered to your very doorstep! Enjoy the best of both worlds when you order your Samsonite online. You order, and Samsonite is more than happy to serve.
A Samsonite sale has never been as convenient as when you order through Shopback. You no longer need to worry about running around to find a luggage that suits your needs when your flight is tomorrow and you could be packing and resting up for the trip. You just enjoy the Samsonite promotion, place your trust in us, and let us do all the work for you.
Talk about convenience!

Use Shopback to enjoy a Samsonite sale and get good deals on great products!

At Shopback, we are dedicated in helping you shop the smartest and stretch your money the furthest it can go. That is why we would love to provide you with a good Samsonite sale.
You may be hard-pressed finding a Samsonite sale good enough to meet your standards, but it will be a breeze if you use Shopback—we will give you 4.5% cashbacks with every purchase through our site!
Don t miss the great Samsonite sale provided for you just by Shopback! Samsonite also offers great prices when you buy more than one of their products, especially if you purchase through their website, Samsonite, sales will be abound!
So sign up for a Shopback account here and enjoy a good Samsonite promotion, courtesy of Shopback Singapore.

Share the love!

Sharing is caring! Make sure you share the great Samsonite promotion with your friends! If you are travelling with your friends and family, why not spread the love and let everyone know about the Samsonite sale? After all, they <em>are</em> your loved ones!
Refer your friends to Shopback and we will reward you with further cashback!

Planning for your next vacation?

Awed with our Samsonite promotion? Be sure to use your savings from the Samsonite sale to help complement your other great travel deals on Shopback to help you save on your vacation.
Shopback s most popular travel merchants: Expedia, Zuji, and
You re welcome in advance.

Make Samsonite your best friend and travel safe!

o check out Samsonite s different social media platforms, mainly their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ for the latest updates and deals. They might just have some a random Samsonite sale waiting for you!