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HungryGoWhere Deals & Promotions June 2020

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Cashback is subject to HungryGoWhere's terms and conditions If the reservation made on merchant page is unsuccessful, do clickthrough ShopBack again and place your reservation again to ensure tracking is still active Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited Please be aware that some transactions may track at a slightly different rate, but will uplift on a monthly basis, once the transaction is confirmed by the merchant.

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8.8 Hourly Flash: $8 Epic Cashback (was $2.50). Valid for today 6pm - 7pm only!


Eat Where Wednesdays: $4.50 Upsized Cashback (was $2.50) from 31 July - 2 August only!


Eat Where Wednesdays: $4.50 Upsized Cashback (was $2.50) from 28 - 30 August only!


Eat Where Wednesdays: $4.50 Upsized Cashback (was $2.50) from 21 - 23 August only!


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Eat Where Wednesdays: $4.50 Upsized Cashback (was $2.50) from 7 - 9 August only!

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More about HungryGoWhere Reservations

What s the deal with food apps?

Food apps are among the most downloaded applications in the world of mobile electronic technology. They have gone beyond the basic listings of recipes and kitchen tips, and are now rendering services that formerly only face to face interactions can provide. Food apps now allow online reservations, bookings, and order and delivery. By using them, foodies and users alike can avoid waiting in queues, or wasting effort on ordering bad plates. Food and dining spot reviews are now accessible to downloaders, as well as route or timing guides and tips. Automatically generated recommendations based on previous browsing and interaction pop up as push notifications based on account settings.
After a long tail of words trying to make a point, the only point to understand is that food apps have dominated the world s dining experience. Whether you love cooking, beer, cocktails, native cuisines, or all of the above, there s an app for them. And one of the digital app services taking part in the domination is Singapore-native, HungryGoWhere. “[They] stuff [their] faces so you can, without wasting any calories on bad food.”

Welcome one, welcome all with Hungry Go Where Singapore

HungryGoWhere was founded in 2007 by Dennis Goh, Wong Hoong An, and Tan Yung Yih and acquired by Singapore Telecommunications Limited (also known SingTel) in 2012. It is a food and restaurant reservation, ordering, and food review platform. It is a food portal that has guides and user-generated reviews on all things culinary in Singapore. Users can browse on over 35,000 restaurants and hawker stalls based on criteria like location, cuisine, and price range.
eatures is so easy. Simply pick a date, select the number of diners, and provide the mandatory contact details. Reservations through the TableDB Reservation feature are also possible. Special requests may be communicated to facilitate the restaurant s preparation prior to arrival. Its Food Takeaway Service was introduced in March of 2017 allowing online orders from over 50 food establishments to be placed via its platform. Doorstep deliveries are also catered to; simply check out the delivery section. The best thing is that there are exclusive Hungry Go Where deals and Hungry Go Where promotion available.

HugryGoWhere Malaysia and everywhere else

In 2013, Hungry Go Where was launched in Malaysia. Its launch in the country went into the Guinness World Record with the longest line of Nasi Lemak Bunkus with 11,315 packets of the national dish served during the event. Other cities where the platform has launched its beta services are Sydney, Melbourne, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong.
HungryGoWhere s app which is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store can be personalized and is gamified. Users sign up as members and earn points and badges when utilizing the platform. Registered members can tag or mark their favorite spots and cuisines for quick reference and to receive regular updates and Hungry Go Where promotion.

The HungryGoWhere buffet of Vision, Mission, and Goal

HungryGoWhere seeks to build new technology to bring together the global food community and spread the passion for all things gastronomic wherever it is present. It is a free one-stop portal offering culinary recipes, restaurant and food recommendations, delivery services, and online reservation to Singapore s best dining spots through strategic partnerships and user-friendly features. It is a buffet of offers for the new age foodie. Read on to find out more about Hungry Go Where deals.

Belly full of tasty Hungry Go Where deals

Alongside the eating spot searching and reservation features, first hand user-generated food reviews, overflowing cooking tips, HungryGoWhere SG has thousands of deals at the back of its digital hand. Its partnership with Shopback, for instance, grants a member up to $3.50 cashback when booking or ordering using the platform using a valid coupon code from the latter. All members must do is click on HungryGoWhere on Shopback s page, and proceed as usual. Use the unique Shopback code upon checkout, and the cahback will automatically be credited to the user s “Pending” tab within 48 hours. Cashback will turn “Redeemable” once order is validated. This will take 30-60 days to ensure that there are no order cancellations or other hiccups. Shopback payout (and other bonuses) can be requested once the $10 credit is reached.
More members-exclusive offers can be sourced when users subscribe to newsletters or utilize the platform regularly. Personalized discount codes, exclusive invites, and other promotional offers are sent to inboxes through HungryGoWhere s mailing list. Try searching the words Hungry Go Where Bugis, Hungry Go Where Vivo City, Hungry Go Where Orchard, Hungry Go Where dim sum, and Hungry Go Where Japanese buffet on search engines, and you ll stumble upon the some of the most sought-after restaurants and dishes around The Lion City. As the app s Facebook bio goes, “the biggest, baddest food website in Singapore”.

Looking to dine out? Find the latest HungryGoWhere Hari Raya promotions!

If you ve ever feel like dining out during the Hari Raya holidays, all you gotta do is make a reservation online and be on your way to great savings! ShopBack has tons of information on updated HungryGoWhere Hari Raya promo codes and offers to help you save. Dining has never been this simple...or afforadble!

Want more of Hungry Go Where deals?

Check out more of s stories on what to eat and drink, as well as where and why you should have them through their social media pages. Below are their account handles:
Facebook: @HungryGoWhere
Twitter: @HungryGoWhere
Instagram: @HungryGoWhere
Businesses, too, can reach out to the platform s team for partnerships by sending an email to [email protected]