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10.0% CashbackDetails
Expires in 24 days

Receive Double the amount of Chocolate the first order for new users on Zchocolat.

10.0% CashbackDetails
Expires in 24 days

Receive Double the amount of Chocolate the first order for new users on Zchocolat.

10.0% CashbackDetails
Expires in 24 days

Receive Double the amount of Chocolate the first order for new users on Zchocolat.

10.0% CashbackDetails

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More about zChocolat

zChocolat: Luxury French chocolate at its finest

Apart from superb wineries, the French are also known for their dedication to fine food and quality ingredients. This is why zChocolat has made a name for itself as one of the world s top gourmet chocolate brands, offering the finest selection of chocolates crafted from quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Each chocolate is hand-crafted by world-champion chocolatier, Pascal Caffet.
To preserve the French heritage of quality, each of the signature zChocolat dark, milk and white chocolate is made strictly in accordance with French chocolate traditions: No alcohol, low sugar, 100% pure cocoa butter, no preservatives and high cocoa content.
Years of culinary experience and a system of continual refinement has allowed Pascal Caffet to become one of the world s most recognised chocolatiers. With exquisitely crafted ganaches prepared from French butter and Normandy cream, as well as delicate praline crafted from a special blend of Spain almonds and Italy hazelnuts, each piece of zChocolat is a work of art indeed. Experience your gourmet chocolates with zChocolat today. Use the zChocolat coupons featured on ShopBack Singapore to save more on your zChocolat purchases today.

Each zChocolat signature chocolate piece is the work of years of refinement

Even with years of culinary and chocolatier experience under his belt, Pascal Caffet has invested years into perfecting each of his 26 signature chocolates. Based upon feedback from countless customers over years. Pascal Caffet strives to maintain the balance between tradition and updating the flavour profile for evolving paletes today. Here is a short preview of some of the top favourite signature chocolate pieces available on zChocolat - shop with ShopBack Singapore to get access to top zChocolat vouchers and zChocolat coupons today.
  • Dark Z Chocolate: The Dark Z Chocolate is one of the most popular choices on zChocolat. With a potent combination of lush caramel with Madagascar bourbon-vanilla and crunchy praline made with slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, enfolded by intense 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture, it is not hard to see why the Dark Z Chocolate is one of the top favourite chocolate pieces on zChocolat. Use the exclusive zChocolat coupons to get greater savings on your Dark Z Chocolate.
  • White Z Chocolate: The White Z Chocolate is an adaptation from the Dark Z Chocolate, using the same quality ingredients to form the luscious rich interior; however, for those who prefer a less intense cocoa experience, the White Z Chocolate is the chocolate for you, using velvety white chocolate couverture to encase the exquisite caramel-praline piece.
  • Chocolate n°1: For those who enjoy a floral note to their chocolate pieces, the Chocolate n°1 is the perfect chocolate for you. Preovençale lavender is infused into a hearty rich Madagascar Bourbon-Vanilla ganache, and then enrobed in a double-dip process separately in a 62% Venezuelan dark chocolate, then a 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture. Biting into the light crisp of the two Venezuelan dark chocolate layers is definitely a treat for the senses. Get your Chocolate n°1 chocolate pieces today, and use the zChocolat coupons and zChocolat vouchers featured on ShopBack to get greater savings for your chocolates on zChocolat.
  • Chocolate n°3: Tangy, rich, smooth, the Chocolate n°3 is an exotic treat for the senses. Using passion fruit, coconut and mango puree sourced from the sunny tropics, the Chocolate n°3 captures the flavours of the sun into one small rich bite. 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate balances and enfolds these sunny flavours into a flavourful wonderful bite. Indulge yourself with zChocolat chocolates and use the exclusive zChocolat coupons or zChocolat coupons featured on ShopBack to save more on your box of Chocolate n°3!
  • Chocolate n°22: The Chocolate n°22 is truly a combination that will wow the tastebuds and perk up anybody s day with a burst of surprise. Combining citrus, hazelnuts and spicy Ukrainian coriander seeds into a Piedmont hazelnut praline, the mixture is then enrobed in a 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture, packing a hefty flavour kick into one small bite. If you shop on ShopBack Singapore, you will get to enjoy cashbacks for all your zChocolat purchases, so be sure to shop and save with ShopBack today.
Also bear in mind, you can apply the zChocolat coupons and zChocolat vouchers on ShopBack to the purchases you make on zChocolat, so give yourself or your loved ones, business partners, friends or family members a gorgeous treat today.

The zChocolat 100% satisfaction guarantee

zChocolat will immediately replace, exchange, or refund your order if it is not 100% satisfactory, with no questions asked. This is how much your satisfaction matters to them.
Anytime, any reason. Because you matter.

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To help you save on all your zChocolat purchases, ShopBack has helped you to collate the list of top zChocolat coupons and zChocolat vouchers to help you save more. This list will be regularly updated, so you can enjoy the best and newest of discounts for zChocolat and other merchants such as Cafe Britt and Daniel Wellington.
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