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Spoofcard: Disguise your caller ID, live demo for free30.0% CashbackOngoing
More about Spoofcard

Spoofcard: An ingenious application with endless potential

Developed by TelTech in 2012, Spoofcard is the work of innovation and exploration in cell phone technology. The founders of TelTech ardently believe that the telecom industry has grown stagnant with out-dated decade-old technologies, and are striving to change the way people think and talk. Spoofcard is one of their most popular brainchild.
Spoofcard allows you to maintain your anonymity when making a call, by allowing uses to substitute any number as their caller ID. Whether you re using it in a professional capacity or for a prank, Spoofcard allows you to pull it off effortlessly and elegantly, giving you a great solution to any problem.
Sounds intriguing? You can test out a live demo for free on the Spoofcard website, so just head over to the Spoofcard website and check it out today.
Spoofcard is one of those inventions that are definitely gonna change the way we think and talk, so get a headstart and find out about Spoofcard today! Be part of the Spoofcard movement to make Spoofcard the next in-thing! Use Spoofcard coupon codes and Spoofcard coupons to get larger savings for all your anonymous calls today!

Get your Spoofcard experience today: Use Spoofcard coupons and Spoofcard coupon codes to save more

One of the most common questions we ve heard about Spoofcard is: Does Spoofcard really work? Yes, we tell you that indeed, Spoofcard does really work.
What better way to find out but to test it out for yourself. Use the Spoofcard coupon codes and Spoofcard coupons available on our ShopBack Singapore website to find out for yourself. Spoofcard is one of the most comical, ingenious, disruptive and amazing telecomm technology that has been invented in the recent years, and if you haven t seen it, you re missing out. Try your Spoofcard experience today. Prank a friend you ve always wanted to prank, play tricks on your boss, plan a scam (as long as you stick within legal limits) with Spoofcard today.
Get your unique Spoofcard experience with exclusive Spoofcard coupon codes and Spoofcard coupons today. Dissolve into laughter when you prank your friend, or feel a sense of smug satisfaction when you get to finally make that anonymous call that you ve always wanted to make without it being registered as a private number.
Spoofcard also gives you exclusive features. We give you a short preview of the features available on Spoofcard:
  • Disguise Your Number: Have your Caller ID appear as another person s number and fake your identity. The person will pick up thinking you re somebody else.
  • Group Spoofing: Add more people to the call and get them to listen in on the hilarity! This is a new function that Spoofcard has added to allow people to join in the fun!
  • Background Noises: Need to sound like you re in the train or the club? Spoofcard gives you this option.
  • Change Your Voice: Warp your voice artificially with Spoofcard today - whether you want to sound like a male or a female, its possible with Spoofcard!
  • Record Your Calls: Need to record your friend admitting an “I owe you”? Or take notes over the phone? Spoofcard allows you to record all your phone calls to make sure you won t forget anything.
Are you convinced yet? Spoofcard is the best modern day tool to get on your phone today!

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