ShopBack GO: Get ready for a whole new experience with in-store Cashback!

So, you’ve been, thus far, enjoying the cashback offers and rewards for your online shopping purchases with ShopBack. What if we say you could, now, take that experience offline with in-store Cashback for your brick-and-mortar store transactions? That is what ShopBack GO promises to deliver to you - with an experience that is both seamless and rewarding!

ShopBack GO rewards you with restaurant discounts in the form of offline Cashback with the ShopBack App!

Using technology that is simple yet revolutionary, ShopBack GO seamlessly allows you to savour Cashback rewards for your offline transactions. Everything is housed in the ShopBack App - so if you are already a ShopBack user, you’re already good to go! If you’re not an existing ShopBack user, you now get to enjoy the best of both worlds - online and in-store Cashback!

Discover a whole new gastronomic experience with the best dining spots and easy guaranteed food discounts via Cashback!

Picking a place to dine at often feels like a chore. There are plenty of things to consider that can get in the way coming of you making a concrete decision. This is where ShopBack GO comes in handy. ShopBack GO is heavy on discovery with information on the best dining spots for a particular cuisine or dish, dining outlets within your proximity and many more! With a few flicks and taps of your finger you can view these different collections of information to get you on your way to a restaurant discount through Cashback! Some of the outlets available on ShopBack GO include popular names like Red Sparrow, Paradise Dynasty, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Canton Paradise, Open Farm Community, Maki-San, Beauty in the Pot, Spizza and Common Man Coffee Roasters.

Be spoiled for choice with over 600 outlets for you to enjoy in-store Cashback!

No matter what your cravings are - be it Indian, Italian, Western. Vegetarian, Thai or whatever - ShopBack GO can help you find a fresh dining experience where you can enjoy offline Cashback. Discover and choose from over 600 places and counting. That’s over 400 ways you can enjoy Cashback in-store!

Savour dining discounts via Cashback from ShopBack in just 3 easy steps with ShopBack GO!

Seamlessness is an important factor that is highly emphasized within the design of ShopBack GO and hence the users will experience exactly that - simple and intuitive usability. This means users can enjoy their Cashback dining discounts in as little steps as possible - 3 to be exact. Here are the steps:

If you do not already have it, you can download the ShopBack App here (Android) or here (iOS). You can read more about the ShopBack app here. ShopBack GO will be housed within the ShopBack App itself for maximum convenience and maximum accessibility to the best deals and both online and in-store Cashback!

Step 1: Link Card - Securely link your choice of Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to your ShopBack account. You can choose to link as many cards as you like. The linking process for a card is a simple one-time process. ShopBack will never charge your card - any transactions will be solely between you and the restaurant.

Step 2: Pay: You can then proceed to pay as usual with your choice of linked cards. Various payment methods can be used including swiping your card, PayWave, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. In fact, however you’ve been paying for your meals, you can keep on doing the same - that’s how simple it is to earn Cashback with ShopBack GO

Step 3: Earn: Earn cashback automatically into your ShopBack account! Cashback earned can be cashed out into your desired bank or PayPal account.

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There will always be new things for you to enjoy both online and offline cashback on. So be sure to subscribe to ShopBack’s various social media channels for the latest in updates and developments from new stores to the latest in restaurant or dining promotions for you to enjoy a nifty food discount via Cashback!