Weekend Bonus Terms & Conditions:

1. How do I get the Weekend Bonus?

You need to add the voucher code each time, before making your ShopBack GO purchases on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Once you’ve entered the code, just make a purchase (worth $5 or higher) within the same day at any ShopBack GO merchant to unlock your bonus.

2. How many times can I get the Weekend Bonus?

You can get it once a day from Friday, 18 October 2019 to Sunday, 20 October 2019.

Make sure to add the daily voucher first before making your ShopBack GO purchase.

3. Can the purchase be a 1-for-1 or Special redemption?

Yes, it can – as long the amount you pay when redeeming the 1-for-1 or Special is $5 or higher.

4. Will my future purchases be affected by my Reward Code?

Not at all! Once you've made your purchase and unlocked the Bonus Cashback, just continue using ShopBack GO as per normal, and enjoy all the awesomeness!

5. When will I get my Bonus Cashback?

It'll be added to your ShopBack account once the Cashback from your purchase is tracked and Confirmed. 

*Please note: the Bonus Cashback won't be added to your account in case your purchase is voided.*

6. When can I withdraw my Cashback?

You can withdraw Cashback from your ShopBack account to your bank account or PayPal once you have accumulated $10 of Confirmed Cashback from your purchases on ShopBack.