$10 New User Bonus Terms & Conditions:

1. How do I get the $10 New User Bonus?

If you're new to ShopBack GO, you can unlock $10 Bonus Cashback as a welcome treat. 

You need to enter the voucher code before you make your first ShopBack GO purchase. Once you've entered the code, just make a purchase (worth $10 or higher) at any ShopBack GO merchant to unlock your bonus.

2. How many times can I get the $10 New User Bonus?

One-time only! After all, your first ever ShopBack GO purchase can only happen once ;)

3. Can the purchase be a 1-for-1 or Special redemption?

Certainly – as long the amount you pay when redeeming the 1-for-1 or Special is $10 or higher.

4. Will my future purchases be affected by my Reward Code?

Not at all! Once you've made your purchase and unlocked the $10 Bonus Cashback, just continue using ShopBack GO as per normal, and enjoy all the awesomeness!

5. When will I get my $10 Bonus Cashback?

It'll be added to your ShopBack account once the Cashback from your purchase is tracked and Confirmed. 

*Please note: the Bonus Cashback won't be added to your account in case your purchase is voided.*

6. When can I withdraw my Cashback?

You can withdraw Cashback from your ShopBack account to your bank account or PayPal once you have accumulated $10 of Confirmed Cashback from your purchases on ShopBack.