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The iconic ‘M’ in McDonald’s

Arguably one of the most well-loved popular fast food restaurants in Singapore, McDonald’s has been serving consistently amazing food offerings for many years. McDonald’s was started in 1940 as a restaurant operated by two men, Richard and Maurice McDonald, right there in California. This American restaurant began as a humble and simple hamburger stand. Fast forward a few years, a bright businessman decided to purchase this chain from the McDonald’s brothers, and expanded the restaurant as the franchise which became known worldwide today.

Scrumptious food items at McDonald’s - Yum!

Best known for their hamburgers and fries made from the most quality ingredients, they have since expanded their restaurant menus to offer different types of food items like desserts and beverages. Fast food restaurants can be healthy too. McDonald’s has made great efforts to improve the healthiness of their food menu items. They have since introduced items like salads, wraps, and even fruits which are more than sufficient to make for a healthy yet satisfying meal. For more savings, remember to order their set meals for a cheaper price. Meals usually come with a main food item like hamburger, along with a drink of your choice and fries. Popular menu items from McDonald’s that you should look out for include:
  • Burgers (with proteins like fish, chicken, and beef to complement their fluffy soft buns and fresh veggies)
  • Fries (another iconic staple on McDonald’s menu is their fries. Crispy and piping hot right out of the kitchen, these fries are absolutely delicious crunchy delights!)
  • Beverages (whether you’re craving a fizzy soft drink or local favourites like iced milo, they’ve got them all)
  • Breakfast menu (another all-time favourite amongst people in Singapore. Opt for their classic McMuffins with all kinds of ingredients, or delicious wraps which include crispy hashbrowns! For a healthier breakfast, skip the hashbrown and get their iconic corn cup - which is as equally delicious)
  • Kid’s meal (kids can have satisfying meals that come in adorable McDonald’s packages, along with a free toy of their choice)
Another special thing about McDonald’s in Singapore is their seasonal specials. They make sure to cater to local tastes and palates. Must-tries include their well-known seaweed shaker fries and curly fries. They might also have special hamburger items with Ebi (or prawn) too. Seasonal burgers are also available. But these items are short-lived and limited edition, so remember to try them out before they disappear!

Relaxing afternoon tea at McCafe

As an accompaniment to McDonald’s, there is also McCafe featuring items like coffee beverages and cake options. Popular items include their signature frappe, handcrafted to perfection by their dedicated baristas, and irresistible cheesecakes.

Settle your meals at McDonald’s in different ways

Getting your food at McDonald’s is easy. There are dine-in, delivery, and drive-through options available depending on what you need. For dine-in and takeaway, visit their restaurant nearby and make your orders either through the kiosks or at the counter. Drive-throughs are another popular way for busy working people, who want to grab their meals without having to step out of their cars. For deliveries, you can order from their official website or mobile app. They have got a special feature in their mobile app that shows you available McDonald’s promo code and Mcdonald’s deal. Since a lot of these McDonald’s promotion items are seasonal and time-sensitive, you have got to check the app frequently to snag the best deals.

Spend prudently with a McDonald’s promo code

Talking about McDonald’s promo code, remember to apply one if you manage to find it. There might also be daily specials, and seasonal promotion depending on the promotion campaign that they are running. For example, Christmas and Chinese New Year are two occasions where you can find seasonal specials and promotions.

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