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An American fast food restaurant loved by foodies

In Singapore, fast food chains are extremely accessible everywhere you go. True to their name, they’re fast and convenient. A fuss-free option when the squad cannot decide on a single restaurant to have your meals at. One of the first names that comes to mind is definitely KFC. Here is some background information about this iconic restaurant that you might not know. KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain that has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The icon behind KFC, Colonel Harland Sanders, was actually an entrepreneur who started selling fried chicken from a small roadside restaurant in Kentucky (surprising, right).
Currently, they have an amazingly large number of restaurants across the globe. To say that they have entered the food scene is an understatement. They have even entered the hearts of many people in Singapore. You could almost always find one of their outlets near you to satisfy the most random fried chicken cravings at any time of the day.

Get fresh, hot and crispy chicken delivered to you with love

KFC also has their delivery service. You can find this service either through their official website or through their official mobile app. Each delivery will set you back at a small amount of money. Here are the simple steps to follow to make your order easily.
  • Select your dining option (either dine-in, takeaway, or delivery)
  • Proceed to use your location and address to discover KFC restaurants near you
  • Choose the food items you would like to order
  • Input your contact details and check out using your preferred payment method
  • Wait patiently for the mouth-watering fried chicken smell to hit you at the doorstep
Other than their official platforms, you can also find them on other popular delivery platforms in Singapore. The more delivery options, the better! Not to mention that there might be KFC promo code too.

Settle all your meals easily at KFC

Fast food restaurants like KFC have such a wide offering of food items and value meals all day long. From light breakfast menus to a satisfying cheat meal for dinner, you can go about the entire day at just KFC especially with an ongoing KFC promotion!
  • For breakfast, there are hearty options available. Sink your teeth into their original recipe chicken which can be found in porridges and breakfast platters to start your day right. They promise to give you wholesome food made with high quality ingredients only.
  • For lunch and dinner, you can find burgers as well as fried chicken pieces. These are the signatures, the staples, the must-gets. Choose from either original if you like to keep it simple, or crispy if you like that little extra spice.
  • For snacks, there are sinful yet oh-so-satisfying items like fries and chicken nuggets. Sometimes, they might even have seasonal specials! Never is food getting boring at KFC when they are always spicing things up (get the pun?).

KFC goes green and sustainable

Say no to straws! In an effort to save the Earth and support environmental sustainability, KFC took a step further by removing plastic straws. While a single straw might seem small, if all our straws add up, that can be rather impactful and meaningful. However, this is also not the first move made by KFC to save our environment. A few years back, they also started using paper to package their breakfast items instead of foam. These are rather important moves made by KFC.Even though indulging in fast food might still seem a little sinful, it definitely helps when you’re making a contribution as an individual consumer.

Find any KFC promo code and apply them!

Sometimes, there might be KFC promo going on, and you can discover any great KFC coupon, KFC deal, and other KFC offer! Our pro-tip? Check out various platforms before you place your order to get the most bang for your buck. Every now and then, you might also discover deals using credit cards. Just have to be diligent about finding the right one!

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