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Download the ShopBack App and enjoy Cashback on iHerb!
3% Cashback

Download the ShopBack App and enjoy Cashback on iHerb!


Other Terms & Conditions

  • From 20 July 0:00 onwards, iHerb will be available on the ShopBack app only. No email forwarding will be required for your purchases made from 20 July onwards.
  • For orders made before 20 Jul, please forward your Order Confirmation Email to with your ShopBack email address within 7 working days from order date. Your Cashback will still be processed and credited to you.
  • Please make your payment in SGD.
  • If you face any errors (eg. payment rejected, incorrect details) during checkout, close the window, return to ShopBack and click through iHerb again to make your purchase. Cashback will be rejected if you face errors but still continue with payment
  • Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to iHerb every time you are making a new transaction. Complete your order within the same window to qualify for Cashback.

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