Still struggling to pick the perfect outfit for Hari Raya this year? If you want to look your best and outshine all your sisters, cousins, and aunts, look no further than Zalora’s carefully curated collection of baju kurungs! This year, designers have identified several key trends for muslimah dresses and the collection at Zalora encapsulates all of them in a range that is accessible in both price point and style. Those familiar with shopping on Zalora will also remember the comprehensive range of sizes offered for each piece of clothing, as well as Zalora’s friendly return policies that will not leave you miserable with dress regret! Skip the crowds at the Hari Raya bazaars this year and get your baju kurung online!

1. Shapely Silhouettes

Take a break from the usual shape and cut of the female Malay traditional costume by changing up the silhouette! The baju kurung has been reinterpreted with the inspiration of many runway trends, and translated into something trendy and wearable but still modest for the modern Malay lady.

Flare Sleeve Dress

Bellsleeves: This year, bell sleeves have been sprouting up everywhere as designers relive the disco rage of the Retro 70s. You can opt for plain bell sleeves or patterned ones, and choose from different fabrics, which will give the bell sleeve a slightly different effect. A thin and soft fabric will give a more flowy effect while a stiffer, starched fabric will lend the bell sleeve more structure, and look more defined. For the petite ladies out there, choose bell sleeves that are not too large or long so that your baju kurung does not overwhelm your small frame!

Martll Baju Kurung

Noren Modern Baju Kurung

Mermaid hems: This gives the illusion of long and shapely legs, especially if you want to be a little more risqué and pick a tight skirt! The mermaid hem is a style of skirt that flares out at the bottom, making your every movement a swishy and eye-catching affair. For a really bold silhouette, choose a mermaid hem in a thicker material that will hold its shape well and make sure the skirt fits well at the hips.

Zalia Floral Embroidery Cape Dress in Green

Capes: Probably the most dramatic of all silhouettes, the cape progressed from comic book and onscreen superhero fashion to actual runway fashion this past year. Even bridal lines have been creating gowns with this new silhouette in mind, for brides to make their grand entrance. If you’re not one to shy away from a challenge, go for a baju kurung with a cape and you’re bound to turn heads on the street. Just be careful not to get your cape caught on anything!

2. Embroidery and Embellishments

Zalia Embroidered Dress

Zalia Floral Lace Tunic

Most baju kurungs are made of patterned or shimmery fabric, and accessorised with brooches and handbags. This year, go for something a little different and fancier by choosing a muslimah dress that features either embroidery or embellishments. Floral embroidery on a baju kurung has high visual appeal, and is great for younger ladies who do not want to look too mature or overly dressed up. Otherwise, go for some bling along the neckline or sleeves for some understated glamour.

3. Jewel Hues

Lupna Topaz Top

If your family is colour coordinating, convince them to pick a shade that is rich and bold for Hari Raya this year! A bright berry colour, for example, would flatter many different skin tones and is suitable for both men and women. These jewel hues are great for festive occasions and when you choose a fabric like satin, the added gleam will give your whole outfit a touch of sophistication. Other stunning shades include emerald or bronze, which are far more exciting than pastels.

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