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Spring is blooming in our faces and what better way to celebrate the start of a new year by refreshing your wardrobe with the latest seasonal apparels! With Pomelo Fashion, runway trends can be rocked on the streets as well.


Albia Striped Blouse

‘Tis the season of stripes. From breezy seaside stripes, to bold, bright super stripes, to formal, classic banker stripes (with a twist, of course), stripes have been a staple of spring 2017 fashion trends. Here are a few pieces from Pomelo to bring your stripe game on:

Sabrina Striped Shirt Dress Black

Sabrina Striped Shirt Dress (Black) – Now this is what we call a badass striped dress. Reminiscent of formal button-up office wear, this dress stripes to a whole new edgy level with its androgynous cut and very, very cool colour-blocking contrasts. The perfect striped staple for women of any body shape.

Price before cashback: $45
Price after cashback: $43.20

Lillie Striped Romper White

Lillie Striped Romper (White) – Your day out at the beach has already started with this playful, airy romper in white with then black stripes. There’s something endearingly old-school about this romper and we’re certainly loving it very much.

Price before cashback: $24
Price after cashback: $23.04

White shirt dresses

Emmy Shift Mini Dress White

There’s something about the sleekness and formality of the shirt dress that draws you in, and this spring it is all about being creative with classic white shirt dresses that adds that spark to timeless elegance.

Magdelene Hi-lo Neck Tie Dress White

Magdelene Hi-Lo Neck Tie Dress (White) – On first sight, this dress immediately reminds you of an oversize, misfitted men’s dress shirt. That is, until you look closer and notice all the interesting details of such as the white neck scarf that puts a feminine twist on the typical men’s necktie and the asymmetrical hem of the dress that gives this dress a sexy touch.

Price before cashback: $34
Price after cashback: $32.64

Ivana Front Tie Shirt Dress White

Ivana Front Tie Shirt Dress (White) – For those who are not quite as adventurous and prefer a more classic silhouette, this is the perfect white shirt dress for you. The clean, somewhat rustic vibes of this dress makes it seem like something a Korean star would wear in those bright, sparkly K-dramas. Perfect way to cruise through the spring.

Price before cashback: $44
Price after cashback: $42.24


Amara Tweed Mini Dress Beige

Khaki is the new cool kid on the block this spring. Once upon a time, khaki was relegated as the iconic colour of school and military uniforms, and wearing it out could mean a fashion disaster. Well, what boundaries can’t be broken in fashion now that even khaki can be made tasteful?

Ludo Cirle Mini Skirt Beige

Ludo Circle Mini Skirt (Beige) – The usual muddy connotations of khaki disappear in this sweet, girly mini skirt in a sophisticated shade of khaki, adding on an appealing school-girl charm to the colour. Pair it with a simple cream top, and you’ll be good to go as the girl next door who is cute as a button.

Price before cashback: $39
Price after cashback: $37.44

Pauline Terry Jacket Camel

Pauline Terry Jacket (Camel) – Paying homage to the military origins of the colour khaki, there is a structured, put-together feel to this jacket. Great piece to wear for more formal occasions as it immediately perks up your image with sass and authority, just the way a power woman should be.

Price before cashback: $44
Price after cashback: $42.24


Lille Ruffle Trapeze Dress Lilac

Frills, frills, frills all around. Flamboyant and outlandish ruffles are all the rave this season. While going all the way with frills would put you dangerously on the border of looking like a Christmas tree (a pretty one at least), Pomelo Fashion shows you ways you can subtly add that girly touch to everyday outfits.

Amica Ruffle Tank

Amica Ruffle Tank – No worries about being suffocated by loads of frills in this simple flowy, and irresistibly wearable tank top. The frills really do add an important pop of fun and personality into what would otherwise be a nondescript sleeveless basic, and at the same time, the delightful simplicity of the top makes it such a relatable and comfortable piece.

Price before cashback: $40
Price after cashback: $38.40

Airi Tulle Sweatshirt Black

Airi Tulle Sweatshirt (Black) – If this doesn’t say fashion-forward, we don’t know what does. Lacy frills and baggy oversized sweaters are not things that immediately come to mind for a good pairing, but this sweater is a smashing success in terms of bringing femininity to boyishness and bringing masculinity to sweet. Enjoy all the comforts of a snuggly sweater while being the diva in the room.

Price before cashback: $30
Price after cashback: $28.80


Angela Floral Printed Midi Dress Pink

In all fairness, florals are far from a novel fashion trend. However, florals from spring 2017 stand out for the voluminous fabric that they are printed on which would literally sway along with the wind.

Jumelle Floral Maxi Dress Pink

Jumelle Floral Maxi Dress (Pink) – Go pretty in pink with this lightweight, cascading chiffon dress filled with ethereal, delicate floral prints that look as though they were slowly, gently falling through the fabric. This dress also has vintage overtones with it, which has also been increasingly popular over the years.

Price before cashback: $35
Price after cashback: $33.60

Ali Floral Wrap Kimono

Ali Floral Wrap Kimono – Having a similar silhouette to the maxi dress above, the floral print on this wrap kimono are more grounded. The design of the print is pretty brilliant in the sense that the colour palette is generally more subdued, but the hints of red catch your eye playfully amongst the more serious and somber colours, just like a really well-done watercolor painting.

Price before cashback: $44
Price after cashback: $42.24

Off-shoulder pieces

Ling One Shoulder Shirt Striped

The love for off-shoulder pieces hasn’t died one bit in spring 2017. New and old ways to show off those pretty shoulders are still a big thing in the fashion world, and Pomelo Fashion, likewise, shows much love for this closet staple.

Suki Off Shoulder Dress Marigold

Suki Off Shoulder Dress (Marigold) – This is the ONE DRESS we promise you would want to wear in spring. Just look at that glorious sheen of the golden satin dress. Putting it on would make you feel like a million bucks instantly. Not to mention the amazing off-shoulder detail that is designed to accentuate the frame of your shoulders without showing off too much.

Price before cashback: $35
Price after cashback: $33.60

Pru One Shoulder Shirt Pink

Pru One Shoulder Shirt (Pink) – To give the world a peek of your shoulders but nonetheless keeping it casual and comfortable, this is the off-shoulder piece of choice. The collar slants down gently to show just a teeny bit of skin, while the baggy cut of the top injects a bit of masculinity just so that it remains a neutral and versatile piece for more laid-back occasions.

Price before cashback: $42
Price after cashback: $40.32

Spring 2017 is an exciting season for fashion, and you can easily find what’s in trend by taking a glance at Pomelo Fashion’s wide range of clothes that caters to every woman. What was your favourite trend from spring 2017?

Note: all images were obtained from pomelo.com unless otherwise stated.


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