Singapore might be a small island but fun activities in the water are everywhere. Water sports are gaining momentum and popularity. The fun lies in the fact that you can do water sports all year long and make the most of Singapore’s outdoors. Yes. Don’t believe us? Check out our list of all the water sports hotspots around Singapore, and you shall.

1. Wakeboarding

wake time
Image Credit: Wake Time | Facebook

The gist: If you’re looking to learn something new and thrilling, wakeboarding can get the adrenaline going. It’s a surface water sport that involves a wakeboard or a kneeboard and a high-speed motorboat. Think of it as a fusion of surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. Wake Time at the Marina Country Club provides the Ultimate Wakeboarding Experience. with the latest Mastercraft Wakeboard models such as the X-9 and the X-Star.

More reason to visit: They have a weekday promo for the Mastercraft X-9 that’s only $320 for 3 hours!

  • Where: Marina Country Club
  • Address: 11 Northshore Drive Singapore 828670
  • Price: Starts at $130 per hour
  • Operating Hours: (Weekdays) 9am – 7pm, (Weekends) 8am – 7pm

2. Kayaking

kayak with the singapore canoe federation
Image Credit: Singapore Canoe Federation on Facebook

The gist: Kayaking is a water sport suitable for people who enjoy being intensely close to water and people who like doubling each sport with a body workout. It is usually tied up with fishing, diving, and guided tours. Despite the need to flex arm muscles, kayaking is an activity teachable and appropriate for kids, too.

More reason to visit: Paddle Lodge offers recreational kayaking taught by certified instructors. On the same note, Asian Detours is also touring with certified experts through the north-east shores of Pulau Ubin. You get to kayak through mangroves and ecology.

  • Where: Paddle Lodge, Pulau Ubin Mangrove Kayak Adventure
  • Addresses: Paddle Lodge at MacRitchie Reservoir – 11 Penjuru Road, Singapore 609191. Adventures by Asian Detours – 34 Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508287
  • Prices: Paddle Lodge – Starts at $15. Adventures by Asian Detours – Starts at $79.50 (adult) and $59 (child) before GST
  • Operating Hours: Paddle Lodge: Daily, 9am – 12nn, 2pm – 6pm; Adventures by Asian Detours: by appointment

3. Sailing

sailing at marina bay in singapore
Image Credit:

The gist: The sailing program was started to bring innovative and fun activities to the city without taking the urban experience away from the locals and tourists. Participants aged 7 to 70 years old are allowed to hop on on sailboats. The Pontoon beside the Customs House is the meeting venue for all those who have booked their 30 to 40- minute sessions in advance.

More reason to visit: One-hour lunchtime and evening sessions are now possible!

  • Where: Marina  Bay
  • Address: Customs House 70 Collyer Quay Singapore 049323
  • Price: Starts at $580
  • Operating Hours: by appointment

4. Jet Blading or Flyboarding

flyboard in sentosa beach in singapore
Image Credit: Ola Beach Club on Facebook

The gist: Jet blading is a dream come true for those who grew up loving roller skates. It’s taking the thrill to the next level with a pair of boots allowing excitement hunters to “fly” above water. The flight is made possible by high-pressure water pumped into a hose by a jet ski. The rates given by Ola Beach Club includes the gear and an instructor to walk you through the techniques.

More reason to visit: You’re gonna be flying 15 meters above water, and there’s that possibility of diving into it with dolphins!

  • Where: Sentosa, Ola Beach Club
  • Address: 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099005
  • Price: Starts at $228
  • Operating Hours: 10am – 7pm, the last call is 5pm

5. Jet Skiing

Image Credit:

The gist: Jet skiing is exploring with a personal touch. That is because you drive the equipment by yourself! You can stream the coastline and be on standby when the sun sets. JETSKI Safari offers group packages which make the program suitable for families, friends, and companies. The packages include seafood lunch, location transfers, complimentary 30-minute kayak session, and a photo souvenir.

More reason to visit: You get to see neighboring Malaysian islands!

  • Where: JETSKI Safari
  • Address: 10 Tuas West Drive, Raffles Marina, Marina View Office, Singapore 638404
  • Price: Starts at $500 (Day Package, fits 2 pax)
  • Operating Hours: by appointment

6. Cable Skiing


The gist: Cable skiing is wakeboarding and water skiing combined. A cable is, of course, involved. It is hooked to the participant at above head level. He or she is then pulled the same way a speedboat pulls in wakeboarding. This water sport is gaining popularity among the locals, and the one destination is SKI360degree in East Coast.

More reason to visit: Night cable skiing can be done.

  • Where: SKI360degree
  • Address: 1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore 449891
  • Price: Starts at $38 (pass), Starts at $5 (wakeboard rental)
  • Operating Hours: 10am – 7pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), 12nn – 9pm (Wednesday, Friday), 9am – 10pm (Saturday, Sunday)

7. Surfing

Man surfing at Wave House Sentosa in Singapore
Image credit: Wave House Sentosa Facebook

The gist: Who says indoor waves aren’t fun? The fun and thrill are always overflowing at Sentosa, especially with the Wave House offering the surfing experience to all. The Double Flowrider is most appropriate for beginners. The Flow Barrel takes the challenge to the next level.

More reason to visit: You can come with friends and family to take the sessions together!

  • Where: Wave House Sentosa
  • Address: 36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
  • Price: Starts at $35
  • Operating Hours: 12nn – 9pm (Weekdays), 11am – 9pm (Weekends and Public Holidays); Last session starts at 8.00pm. Sessions run every hour, on the hour.

8. Dragon Boating

Image Credit: Singapore Dragon Boat Association on Facebook

The gist: Aiming to become a water sports pro? The SDBA won’t let you down. Introductory classes to this water sport in Singapore are offered to the public and to affiliates alike. Boat sizes of 12-crew and 22-crew are available. All equipment and training will be provided.

More reason to visit: Team building programs are offered so you’re colleagues can form a stronger bond.

  • Where: Singapore Dragon Boat Association (Marina Bay)
  • Address: Sport Singapore, 3 Stadium Drive, #01-33, Singapore 397630
  • Price: Starts at $192.60
  • Operating Hours: by appointment

9. Windsurfing

Image Credit: Constant Wind Sea Sports and Sailing School

The gist: A windsurfing sail is used together with a board in this water sport. The sail used to maneuver the board. The course to follow will definitely follow your skills. Sailor-wanna be’s will enjoy this activity.

More reason to visit: They offer the Basic Windsurfing Course to first-timers.

  • Where: Constant Wind
  • Address: NSRCC Sea Sports Centre, 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740
  • Price: Starts at $20
  • Operating Hours: Daily, 10:30am – 7pm

10. PaddleBoarding

The gist: Paddleboarding is loved by relaxing sports enthusiasts. The activity requires one to stand on a board and paddle on calm water. So chill, right? Rental sessions and private lessons can be availed.

More reason to visit: Paddleboarding is both a single person and group activity. You can race with your company when you all go pro!

  • Where: SeaBreeze Water-Sports
  • Address: 36 Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
  • Price: Starts at $40
  • Operating Hours: Daily, 10:30am – 7pm; Last call is at 6:30pm.

The biggest advantage of living on an island like Singapore? You have water sports available all around, all year long. Paddleboarding, canoeing, water jet, kayaking, surfing… just pick your favourite sport and enjoy the outdoors.

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Note: Prices displayed are as of the date of publishing.

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