Holla to all my sporty ladies! It is widely accepted by now that sportswear it is not only for sports. Let me elaborate, sportswear is made so comfortable, breathable and light that people choose to wear it all the time: to run errands and grab groceries (“I shop in my activewear.”), to lounge around the house, to sleep in (“Honey, why are you wearing your running shorts to bed?“). Call it activewear or athleisure if you must, sports clothing became not only a necessity but also a fashion style.

Wearing sportswear makes us feel good. There is evidence (from Victoria University studies) that suggest that wearing sports clothes- regardless of whether or not we plan to exercise – actually makes us more inclined to be active. This is a win-win situation: if we look sporty and healthy, and we will get sportier and healthier. If you were looking for a good excuse to flaunt those new leggings around or walk around in that fancy looking sports bra, here you have it.

Beyond looking stylish, sportswear for women should also be comfortable and flexible to facilitate movement, should be made with quality stretchy fabric with cooling properties because you will be sure to sweat on this weather.

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Depending on the activity of your choice, you will prefer different types of sports apparel: light leggings and tops for the runners, shorts for cycling, yoga pants… the possibilities are endless. But nothing is more important than a bra with good support. This is the one item ladies need and covet. Read on to find out to choose the perfect sports bra.

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Finding the perfect sports bra

UnderArmour misty copeland sports bra
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Ladies will agree, a well-fitted and well-designed sports bra is a must for all active sports. In high-impact exercises, a woman’s breasts are subjected to a movement that can result in pain, damage to the breast tissue and sagging. A supportive sports bra can restrict the movement and avoid all the above.

If you often feel breast pain or strain on your breast when you exercise, consider getting a better sports bra with high support. If the pain persists, do visit your doctor to check on the causes of that.

October – Breast cancer awareness month

Pink fist women bra sports wear
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Also, October is the Breast cancer awareness month. If you haven’t done your yearly medical check-up, the best time to do it is now! Take your mom or a friend with you. Prevention is the best remedy.

On a happier note, sports bras come in different designs and can be used as a stylish top for a workout but also to be used while lounging at home, at work, while house chores, cleaning or running around on a daily basis. After all, there is no harm in looking cute for yoga class. They don’t have uncomfortable straps, they don’t leave marks on your skin, they provide maximum support to your breasts. Read on to find out how to pick a quality sports bra.

How to choose the ideal sports bra

UnderArmour sports bra misty copeland
Image credit: UnderArmour

More than the look of it, here is what you should look out for when choosing the best sports bra for you:

The material: you will want your sports bra to be made with soft, breathable and seamless fabric. Materials like nylon, spandex, and polyester are the most comfortable. You can look for more breathable designs with mesh panels or keyhole cutouts.

The cup: Similarly to a regular bra, the choice of cup size matters. Don’t go for a too big of a cup because it won’t give you the support you need. Too small of a cup will be too tight and uncomfortable. Bras with padded cups are more flattering and look better when you use it as a top.

The band: The band of the bra plays a major role in how much support the bra gives you. The band should be snug and fitted to your skin without being too tight, so it doesn’t cause chaffing or leave marks.

Bra Shape: A good sports bra doesn’t need underwiring, and it should follow the line of your body, without gaps that can cause chaffing. A bra with the right about of compression without squeezing you too tightly makes the difference.

Bra support: You want to do your jumping jacks without too much bouncing, and you need a sports bra that helps you avoid that. The straps of the bra should not be too tight on your shoulders or neck. Most of the support on a sports bra comes from the band and cups, not only from the straps but these make all the difference. For more vigorous sports like running or jumping use bras with stronger wider straps. If you don’t need strong support, you can be more daring with the strap design. And some bras do really have very cool back designs.

#UACelebrateWomen – Sports Bras we Love

UnderArmour is not just a men’s brand but also offers sportswear for ladies. This popular athletic wear brand has an entire collection dedicated to women who love to be active and look stylish in athleisure wear. Their collection of sports bra is suitable for all types of sports, from HIIT, yoga to boxing, and come in stylish and versatile designs. Here are some of the newest models.

1.Women’s UA Misty Crop Top

Women's UA Misty Crop Top
Image credit: UA

The Misty crop top has a 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction and the fabric contains anti-odour technology prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes. Besides, the design and colour make it ideal to wear as a top.

Fun fact: This bra is part of UnderArmour‘s Misty Copeland Signature collection. Misty Copeland was the first African American to be named as a principal ballerina for American Ballet Theatre, and it was chosen to represent the brand’s collection as a symbol of how passion, strength and dedication.

  • Price: $79

2. Women’s UA Sport Bralette

Women's UA Heather Sport Bralette
Image credit: UA

This sports bralette is suitable for A to C cups and gives the support you need for low-impact activities like yoga, pilates and hiking. This model comes with crossover straps and its fabric is super smooth and the design well-fitted.

  • Price: $49

3. Women’s UA Powerprint Mid Sports Bra

Women's UA Powerprint Mid Sports Bra
Image credit: UA

If you are into medium-impact sports like cycling, weight-training or boxing, you will like this smooth sports bra. Its cross back straps provide enough the right amount of support and compression that won’t mark your skin.

  • Price: $89

4. Women’s HeatGear Armour® High Support Sports Bra

Women's HeatGear Armour® High Support Sports Bra
Image credit: UA

Do you like to wear a sports bra with extra support? This high support bra comes with gel-coated underwire and adjustable straps for extra comfort while running and doing aerobics.

  • Price: $59.75

5. Women’s UA Vanish Shape Low Sports Bra

Women's UA Vanish Shape Low Sports Bra
Image credit: UA

If you prefer your sports top with a bit more flair this model with criss-cross double straps is a good choice. This design is tailored for activities such as yoga, pilates or hiking.

  • Price: $44.25

6. Women’s UA Breathelux Mid Jacquard Sports Bra

Women's UA Breathelux Mid Jacquard Sports Bra
Image credit: UA

The Breathelux Mid Jacquard bra is tight and has a second-skin fit to it. Its band provides enough compression to make it suitable for medium-impact activities like cycling, weight training and boxing. The design is also perfect to be worn as a sporty top.

  • Price: $89

Note: All UnderArmour prices are correct at the date of publishing.

When should you replace your sports bra?

Misty copeland underarmour sports bra back
Image credit: UnderArmour

Is your sports bra looking stretched and worn? The more you wash it, the more you will notice that it will lose its elasticity and support.

  • If you see that the bra’s band no longer fits you snugly or the fabric moves more and rides up when you exercise, it is time to get a new bra.
  • Sports bra are long lasting, but its lifespan also depends on the intensity you use it. If used regularly ( 2 to 3x a week) for high impact activities, after 6 to 12 months, you will feel the need to get a new one.

Tip: If you exercise a lot (more than 3x a week) consider getting a couple spare sports bra, so you don’t have to wash them so often and therefore extend their lifespan.

How to take care of you activewear?

Tips to make your sports bra last

This simple tips will help you preserve the shape of your sports bra and ultimately save you money.

After you do clean it, avoid the dryer. Hang your sports bra to dry. The dryer can wear out your bra's band quickly.

Avoid bleach and fabric softener when washing your bra. Machine wash it on a delicate program.

We don't recommend wearing your sports bra more than once between washes for sanitary reasons. You will naturally sweat, and you will need to wash it.

Take off your bra after you work out. If you are sweaty, it won't be comfortable to cool down on your gym clothes and the fabric can get affected by sweat and bacteria over time.


A supportive sports bra makes all the difference when you work out. Now that you know how to choose the perfect fit for you, which one are you going to choose? Let us now in the comments below.

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