You occasionally find the craziest Groupon deals, coupons and promotion vouchers online, including getting Groupon to name your baby, but did you know that Groupon is all about delicious food as well? There is nothing like popping onto the site and finding Groupons for food that will get you salivating! Succulent meats, veggies with explosive flavour within every soy-sauce-coated leaf, and those ultra-healthy foods that you never expected at Groupon. Until today.

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Groupon means Coupons for groups, and these Groupons are so popular that you can pretty much expect great quality on all these currently-running food deals. Sumptuous can always mean cheap after all!

Wagyu Beef & Japanese BBQ Buffet


One look at the amazingly textured Wagyu beef confirms its pedigree. The white in the meat contains an uniquely-high concentration of beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Both assist in some serious health benefits like building immune resistance and promoting good blood pressure. And further benefits actually include protection against heart disease, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s, high-blood pressure, and more. This looks like a Groupon deal to combat your emotional loneliness and sadness…

Looking at this Groupon, it seems that you are also getting one huge buffet of other delicacies like barbecued Yakitori morsels, in other words, tasty, marinated chunks of chicken. More cuisine brilliance come in the form of unlimited Chicken Karaage so premium even recognized chefs are attracted by the irresistible combination of grilled meat and sauce.

Japanese Omu rice (Yoshoku Fusion)


Groupon points out that this is Yoshoku cuisine, and indeed this is the very best of a now-rising style of Japanese cooking. Yoshoku refers to that trending style of Western-influenced cooking which originated during the Meiji Restoration. Think the dishes that came into popularity around the early beginnings of Modern Japan, it wouldn’t look vastly different from what you can enjoy from this hot Groupon that is bursting with the flavours of purée and spice.

Coated with Bacon Mushroom cheese, that serves as the omelette in this case,  you get a main portion alongside the choice of either fried Ebi (Prawn) or Fried Fish fries. There just might be nothing you can’t enjoy as you get sweet, spice, fried meat goodness across all the entries. Why get one taste when you can get a variety?

Alaskan King Crab in 8 flavours!


Taking a nod from The Ultimate Guide to The Best Crab Eateries in Singapore, Why not we add eight more flavours to the mix, impressive Groupon style?

With this truly-unbelievable Groupon, you get eight wholly different, and no doubt taste-bud-tingling types:

  1. Korean Kimchi Crab
  2. Chili Crab
  3. Classic Black Pepper Crab
  4. Black Pepper Crab
  5. Butter Crab with home-made noodle soup
  6. Crab with dried chilli and garlic sauce
  7. Dried crab with golden salted egg yolk
  8. Stir-fried crab with ginger and spring onions

Eight ‘levels’ of lively Crab flavour, from which you can spend below 50 SGD for a 400 gram portion of a single taste that serves two to three people? Imagine just how you could really get creative with the flavours in a huge group of six or seven? You could be placing the tangy sour of Korean Kimchi Crab together with the spicy ‘bite’ of Chilli Crab.

How is Crab beneficial to your health, exactly? Contrary to the common belief that Crabs are not good for your health, it is actually high in vitamins and high quality proteins. What about the addition of some highly unlikely but potent anti-cancer qualities into the mix. A Groupon that can’t be missed is what you would be getting.

Baked and delightful European and Italian cuisine from Brunetti!


How about we end up with some healthiness within some of the most sought-after cuisine in the world? Get almost no saturated fat and a ton of omega-3 fats that protects your heart from all the deadliest diseases, according to research. Do it all with European and Italian fusion cuisine of pastry coupled with rich cheese and heart disease-busting beef tenderloin, pan-seared sea bass that looks like heaven, grilled pork and more!

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