Sometimes we look at things and give them character traits because they exude such an identity. That is why many people have a tendency to buy things that represent who they are and what they believe in. Shoes, have personalities within them that people rarely think about. Find out your personality from the list below and view the recommended pair of ZALORA shoes BELOW SGD50 that best represent you!

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The Introvert

You believe in the idea of being alone because that’s when it is peaceful enough to think. The world is noisy as it is and having an extended social circle drives you delirious! (not to mention, your mind is still congested from your friends’ gossips yesterday). You love thinking and reflecting because that’s how you explore the world. Tranquil, quiet and almost meditative; to you, life is moving forward when it is standing still.



Your shoes do not usually take too long to be worn but you love to be able to take your time fastening the shoes to your feet because you crave that tight feeling. It’s like being hugged (but felt by your feet)! Your shoes need to be as comfortable as possible so that your feet won’t hurt badly after a day out (and you wouldn’t want another distraction to your thoughts).

Your recommended pair of shoes: Mix Material Lace Up Sneakers



At only SGD 39.90, the sneakers compares itself very well with other famous brands with such a sporty design. It features fabric and synthetic suede on the outside, with fabric insoles and rubber outsoles. They are also available in white and grey.

The Extrovert

The whole world is in the palm of your hands. You believe that it is almost possible for the planet to be your acquaintance because saying “hello” doesn’t take too much effort. As long as you have your best buddies or girlfriends that you can count on, you accept everyone as a friend. You are enthusiastic, talkative and sometimes assertive. Your energy doesn’t just come from within, you can actually tap into and feed off the energies of your friends! (and that’s why your friends become tired while engaging you). Activities that involve a large number of people whets your social appetite and you’re the first one to jump into the circle.



You long for shoes that you can easily fasten because people are always waiting for you! The laces are a major pain in the neck because it is just another thing holds you up. However, you can never get that right pair of shoes because a million things distract you while you shop for it. So here’s an advice, do away with those annoying laces once and for all! What you need is a shoe that you can easily wear and remove (without getting distracted in the process).

Your recommended pair of shoes: Striped Canvas Slip Ons



With its cheap price of only SGD 10.30, these shoes have a basic stripe design that works with the simplicity of slip ons. It is constructed from fabric and features a synthetic leather insole and synthetic outsole.

The Dominant

You crave for control, both consciously and unconsciously. You believe that a group of people will never be organised until someone takes charge to lead them. Since you love to lead, finding yourself at the forefront of the group is never a surprise. In fact, you rejoice at that opportunity .. Strong, confident and sometimes high-handed, your conduct is almost authoritarian. However, you know very well that your actions aren’t developed from ego. You’d rather be direct and firm with your opinions because they are yours, just as you believe that everyone else does the same. They are a part of your wholesome upbringing!



The pair of shoes you need borders around professionalism. With a behavioural pattern like yours, impeccable dressing is expected. While formal wear is the best choice, it gets too boring, prudish and austere! Pull back that somber image with a stylish pair of dress shoes and get ready to face the coming challenges!

Your recommended pair of shoes: Lace Up Suede Leather Dress Shoes.



Going on sale at only SGD 22.00, these dress shoes feature the a minimalist design that makes you walk the talk!

The Ambivert

When you read articles that try to describe introverts or extroverts, it seems that your personality gravitates towards both traits! As a result, you fail to know which you belong to. In actual fact, your characteristics favour both introverts and extroverts (or none). What you have that is advantageous is balance. You understand a degree of the human psyche, which is great! You’re able to selectively whip out the appropriate character from your book in accordance to the situation. You are intuitive, flexible and emotionally stable. Having a middle ground is great because you understand quiet time when it is needed and party time when it is due.

An ambivert like yourself doesn’t have a specific requirement in your shoe selection. Balance is your keyword. There is no problem in finding the best shoe for yourself, one that has good harmony of colours, textures and design. Not to mention comfort. Believe in yourself, because ambiverts are natural fashionistas!

Nonetheless, your recommended pair of shoes: Jersey Lace Up Sneakers With PU Back Tab



At only SGD 28.00, these sneakers boast a trendy design at such a low cost. It features a fabric outer layer and insole, and rubber outsole. Also available in black.

The Adventurer

No distance is too far, no obstacle too great. You love facing challenges because you can. The adrenaline coursing through your body fills you with extreme satisfaction, especially when you accomplish a great feat (like scaling Mt. Everest or landing on the moon). Living on the edge is second nature to you. It helps to remind yourself of your own mortality. You walk through your own special route, set in your own pace. Wanderlust is your main idea and you’ll do what it takes to satisfy that need.



Your shoes are dedicated for rough terrains. You will be wearing a single pair for a long time, and those shoes will view the expansive world as you do. While you’re at it, consider creating your path in style! With a passionate view on life, everything you wear will become a part of your accomplishment. Let this recommendation take you further in your journey!

Your recommended pair of shoes: Mix Material Lace Up Boots


These boots look perfect for a pair of shoes priced at SGD 40.00. With a large surface on the almond toecap, your boots will be personalised with the mud, dirt and undergrowth that you tread on and you will love it. It features a contrasting and comfortable padded counter detail that totally looks fashionable for an adventurer like yourself! The boots will endure every weather and your feet will stay contented while you conquer the universe! Also available in grey.

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