Signs and symptoms: It’s the wee hours of a weekday but you’re still up. You’re standing in the train trying to balance as you’re glued to your mobile phone. You’re having lunch with your earphones on, and the person across you wonders why you’re smiling sheepishly. You’ve started to use foreign expressions in your daily conversations.

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Theoretical assessment: You’re dying to know what happens in the next episode. You’ve adopted the mannerisms and way of speaking of the characters. You’re slowly becoming a fangirl/fanboy of the standout persona. There’s no story like the one you’re glued to right now. Cheesy romantic scenes have never been this less cheesy and more romantic that you also want someone to sweep you off your feet.

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Diagnosis: Korean drama addiction!

kdrama addiction
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Treatment: You can quit but it’s too late now, isn’t it? The system has swallowed you in whole already. The only way to survive now is to watch more kdramas. Good thing, there are many sites out in the world wide web that allow you to watch Korean drama online. In fact, we have a list of Korean drama sites below to nurse your addiction and never let you recover again. Read on as your prescription on where to watch Korean drama online follows.

1. DramaFever

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DramaFever is among the most popular sites to allow free streaming of Korean dramas with English subtitles. It launched by Seung Bak and Suk Park in 2009. Like the 2 previously mentioned kdrama sites, DramaFever also offers Premium service for HD viewing. You can give it a go with a free 7-day trial to see if it suits your streaming preference.

2. DramaFire

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If you want all free streaming without the need to create an account or subscribe to anything, you can watch at DramaFire. They tend to have ads too but the line up of Asian shows won’t disappoint.

3. AsianCrush

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From the name itself, you can already tell that AsianCrush hosts TV shows and movies from all over Asia. It is owned by Digital Media Rights, and airs in both Asian and American territories. You can watch via their cable and video-on-demand services as well.

4. KissAsian

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Another free streaming website is KissAsian. But then again, expect pop-up ads every now and then. It’s the difference though with other websites that allow you to watch Korean dramas for free is that it doesn’t have ads within videos its videos.

5. Dramago

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Dramago hosts solely Korean dramas and movies. It’s loved by many because of 2 main reasons. The site regularly updates its lineup of videos, thus always has the latest episodes and releases. Navigation within the pages is smooth; the shows and movies are categorized by genre.

6. Gooddrama

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Gooddrama has a variety of Korean dramas alongside Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas. It even has mangas! The shows and stories are classified by genre. P.S. Gooddrama also streams kdramas live.

7. Dramabeans

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Dramabeans doesn’t exactly host videos for you to watch. However, it is popular amongst Hallyu fans as it provides accurately formulated reviews, upcoming drama updates, and detailed and photographic recaps of kdrama episodes (plus behind the scenes!).

Dramabeans content is created and curated by professional writers (and owners) with allowed contributions by readers through forums.

8. OnDemandKorea

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OnDemandKorea allows you to watch kdramas for free (with ads as usual). They also offer unlimited ad-free and on-the-go streaming for those who prefer to pay a monthly subscription fee. Being a subscriber gives you access to the currently airing kdramas within an hour of telecast.

9. BoxAsian

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BoxAsian is another favorite of many Korean drama online streamers. The reason is the site is prompt to update the episodes. Watching and downloading from different servers is possible as well which is a good thing when you are competing with millions of avid fans across the globe.

You won’t run out of options to watch your favourite Korean Drama

The list of online platforms where you can watch your favourite kdrama online goes on and on. Here are other sites that offer free trials that you can consider. Try them out and choose your favourite. They definitely won’t disappoint.

  • KBS World TV YouTube channel
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • DramaNice
  • MyAsianTV
  • Yodrama
  • ViewAsian
  • DramaFans
  • OnDramaNice
  • Jinua
  • Drama3s
  • Dramabay
  • New Asian TV

These are what has been prescribed to you so you can just go ahead and binge watch your favourite show all weekend. Are you all set to get your kdrama fix?

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