Reading is a luxury few can afford to have these days. In between your hectic work schedule, dinner plans, and gym sessions, there is simply no time to bust out that book and plant yourself in it. Audiobooks are the best answer to your literary needs. Be it the journey to work, having your lunch or hitting the gym, audiobooks accompany you anywhere and everywhere.

We’ve compiled a list of FREE sites that offer legal and complete audiobooks that are authorized for public distribution. So go ahead and download them guilt-free!

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1. Rakuten Overdrive – NLB 

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Any typical Singaporean would own a National Library Card which grants you access to an endless library of books. Rakuten Overdrive is a distributor of eBooks that partners with global libraries to bring digital access to books for their readers. All you need is an NLB Membership Card and you can digitally borrow any book from your local library catalog. We love the ease of access Rakuten Overdrive brings and how library cards are no longer just memorabilia.

P.S You can now read Marvel Comics on Rakuten Overdrive too!

If you are not based in Singapore however, you can check this link to find a library near you!

2. Spotify

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A much lesser-known feature of the music streaming platform, Spotify actually holds one of the world’s largest collection of audio recordings. This includes everything from podcasts to show recordings and of course, audiobooks. This means you can now easily switch from your music to an audiobook within the same app!

Now the only catch is you will need a Spotify membership to access the content.

3. NewFiction

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NewFixtion veers away from traditional books and brings a refreshing side to the scene. Find literary pieces that you have never heard of before, narrated by multiple actors. The site classifies their audiobooks as more of a ‘modern-day radio drama’. So go ahead and give it a browse if you are into theatrics.


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A gigantic library of audio and eBooks, has over 100,000 books for your perusal. With its huge catalog of books, you may even be able to find more obscure books not available on other sites. Browse by Popular, Newly Added or even Trending books. An extremely clean layout makes browsing through titles a much more enjoyable experience.

5. Lit2Go

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A great resource for educators, Lit2Go allows readers to choose their books according to reading levels based on the Flesch-Kincaid grading. What makes this site unique is the supplied PDF text version of the book, allowing students and teachers alike to read and listen to the book at the same time. An activity sheet is also provided for download to encourage a more in-depth understanding of the book!

Even if you are not an educator, this site has great classics like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Aesop’s Fables. Browse genres like Epic, Tragedy, and Mystery and find yourself fascinated by the wide array of audiobooks available here!

6. LibriVox

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LibriVox meets every expectation you have of an online library. There is a huge collection of audiobooks and eBooks that are well categorized and easily accessible via downloading or streaming. There is even an option to download specific chapters for sample reading without downloading the entire book.

The huge collection of audiobooks is available only with the support of volunteers. You can find their recordings of public domain books available as either ZIP files, torrent links or M4B

7. Loyal Books

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Image Credit: Loyal Books Facebook

Formerly known as Books Should Be Free, Loyal Books is a public domain eBook website featuring multiple language options. From Chinese to German, there is an abundance of foreign language books for your browsing. You can choose between streaming, downloading a specific chapter or just go right out and download the whole book.

8. Open Culture

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Image Credit: Open Culture

Open Culture offers thousands of free audiobooks, arranged alphabetically. The site might be rather confusing to use initially as there is no categorization of books. However, if you are able to sift through the mess, it holds hidden gems within its extensive list of audiobooks.

It is particularly unique as it not only holds a collection of books, but also has movies, language courses and textbooks available. And it is completely legal and free.

9. Storynory

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A charming website targeted at young readers, Storynory showcases books for the children. Every week, a new story is featured to keep your catalog fresh and fun. All books also have an accompanying text transcript on the side for you to read along.

All in all, this is a great place to kick start a child’s imaginative mind through the help of audiobooks.

10. Light Up Your Brain

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Image Credit: Light Up Your Brain

Another site catering to young children, Light Up Your Brain features audiobooks that are short and easy to listen to and understand. You will find traditional stories like Three Little Pigs alongside newer stories that are updated by volunteers. Additionally, there are also free coloring pages, brain teaser games, and click-to-colour activities for young children as well!


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