Singaporeans love to go to Johor Bahru for staycations, to eat good food or to go cafe hopping. However, many Singaporeans also head to Johor Bahru for products and services that are way cheaper than in Singapore!

Here are the 7 products and services that are way cheaper in Johor Bahru, from groceries to car servicing!

1. Beauty Products

For beauty and makeup lovers, going to Johor Bahru’s Sephora, Guardian or Watsons might be a treat for you! The beauty products can be up to 70% cheaper compared to their counterparts in Singapore.

Watsons Malaysia
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Shop for your favourite high street make up brands like Bourjois, L’oreal, Dolly Wink, Garnier and Maybelline or even high end brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced!

JB Sephora CheaperImage credit: @sephoramy | Instagram

2. Car servicing

Car maintenance is quite expensive, especially in Singapore. The next time you need to change your car’s headlights, window frames, seats or wheels, head to a car mechanic in Johor Bahru.

In Johor Bahru, there are many mechanics available, and at an affordable price point as well.

car maintenance
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A popular area to visit is Permas Jaya, where car services can be up to 30% cheaper.

3. Hair Salons

Another popular service that is cheaper in Johor Bahru is hair treatments! Hair salons in Johor can be more than 50% cheaper, especially for higher end treatments like hair dyeing, perming and rebonding. Despite the lower price points, most salons provide the same great quality that you can get in Singapore.

Vintage Hair Salon
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Reds Hairdressing
Image Credit: Facebook | Reds Hairdressing

Some popular hair salons are The Line, Vintage Hair Salon, Encore Hair Salon, LadyKim Korean Salon and Good Friends Hair Salon. Hair salon chains like Reds are also reportedly cheaper than their outlets in Singapore.

4. Groceries (especially Milk powder!)

Many families drive into Johor Bahru to visit their supermarkets for grocery shopping! As a gauge, you can get things like bottled water and canned drinks for under a dollar!

However, a popular item that parents drive into Johor Bahru for is milk powder. Milk powder in Singapore has increased by 120% over the last 10 years and since milk powder is a bulky item anyway, it justifies the driving and petrol costs involved to cross the Causeway and get the milk powder in bulk.

According to The Straits Times, a 1.8kg tin of Similac’s stage four milk powder goes for just SGD$32, which is 40 percent cheaper than in Singapore. Meanwhile, a 1.8kg tin of Pediasure milk powder cost $40 less in JB compare to Singapore.

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Lazy to travel across the Causeway for milk powder? Ordering your milk powder from honestbee through ShopBack will get you up to 4% in Cashback savings and delivery straight to your doorstep.

5. Café hopping

Johor’s cafe scene has expanded greatly over the years. The area has become a thriving cafe hub with unique and interesting cafes that you won’t be able to find in Singapore.

The Replacement - Lodge & Kitchen

Atlas Coffee Embassy
Image Credit: Facebook | Atlas Coffee Embassy

Some popular cafes include Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café, Bev C’afe and ROOST Cafe. It’s not only the prices that make cafes in Johor a must-visit, but also the Instagram-worthy interiors!

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6. Spas and massage parlours

A relaxing massage or spa treatment is also very affordable in Johor Bahru. Even shopping malls in the area have spas in them. Some popular spas include Thai Odyssey and Soul Asia and go for as low as RM 40 for a foot and half body massage!

Thai Odyssey
Image Credit: Facebook | Thai Odyssey

7. Movies

TGV Cinema Johor Bahru
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Another popular activity Singaporeans like to do in Johor is watch a movie! Off peak tickets go for as low as RM 8. That’s only SGD$2.50 per ticket to watch the latest blockbusters in a cinema.

Singaporeans just love Johor Bahru, especially because almost everything is cheaper across the Causeway! Not to mention the good food, great coffee and amazing spas.

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