LOVE – an intense feeling of deep affection; a great interest and pleasure in something.


My understanding of love has always been similar to what Google has defined. Deriving pleasure from a cup of BBT and taking interest in new Billie Ellish’s songs are the things that I am loving recently. But beyond food and songs, I was curious to find out what love meant to the people around me. 

From the single ladies to the attached, I went on a trip (around the ShopBack office) to unearth a common definition of love that lingers in the subconscious minds of all.

*Only the initials of each individual’s name is used.



1. “Perfect Acceptance of One’s Imperfection”

– J.


2. “Love is choosing to Stay”

There was a period of time where I got stuck in the hollows after a few of my loved ones passed away consecutively. And the feeling of never getting out of that hollowness was overwhelming and made me push him away. I just couldn’t bear with the thought of losing anyone that I love ever again. Yet amidst all my breakdowns and self-deprecation, he chose to stay and put in the effort to ensure I didn’t feel alone in this. He showed me, love is choosing to stay even during the darkest times.

– E.


3. “Love is fiery and makes me tear”

I mean… Mala is love?

– S. (#singleAF)


4. “Love is staying loyal”

Pretty much it lah.

– C.


5. “We love because He first loved us”

Practicing the way God loves me to the people around me.

– F.


6. “Love is a Partnership”

Giving and taking, and striving towards a win-win situation is how you can make a relationship work in the long term.

– L.


7. “Love is when my Dad picked me up when I missed the last bus”

There was once I got stuck in some ulu place and missed the last bus… Then my Dad came all the way down to pick me up even though he needed to head to work at 5am. 

– S.


8. “Love is Giving”

Not because of what the other does, but what I can give.

– J.


9. “Love is a pair of jeans”

Comfortable, stretchy and gives me the freedom to do what I love

– E.


10. “Love is quiet”

It’s quiet in the way my Dad makes my milo every morning before he leaves for work. It’s quiet in the way my mum cooks my favourite dish without me asking. And it’s quiet in the way I fart and my boyfriend just laughs and lets out an even stinkier fart. 

– DJ.

Interviewing my colleagues about Love got me some (not so) subtle giggles and people who tried to avoid the question. Some of them were able to give an answer right off the bat (just look at #3) while others spent time considering what love truly meant to them. 

This was a refreshing experience unlike anything I’ve ever felt and I can only say, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of love. For me, I’ve always thought love was getting butterflies in your stomach, much like taking an exam! Not that I love exams for that matter. But now I see love in a broader perspective. From acceptance to comfort, to piping hot home-cooked meals or even a simple act of picking someone up, you have the final say in what is love to you.

So, what is Love to you this Valentine’s?

How can you express your love this Valentine's Day?


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