With an audience of over 30 billion viewers across the globe, you’re missing out even if you’re not a football fan. Decorative football banners at neighborhood coffee shops, carpeted grass patches and long-lines at Singapore Pools, they can only mean one thing – 2018 FIFA World Cup is right around the corner.

Unless you’re heading to Russia for a front-row experience of the festivity, you’ll be bounded to a screen of some sort just like the bulk of us. But what are our options apart from live football streaming through official cable broadcasters?

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Your Official Streaming Options

Service Provider




Special Deal

Purchase 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Pass and get 12 months of MUTV & Chelsea TV for FREE

**Merchant’s T&Cs do apply

Singtel S$112.35

Subscribe to Singtel TV/Trio/Variety to get the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Pass for FREE

**Merchant’s T&Cs do apply

Starhub S$112.35

Sign up for 2018 FIFA World Cup and get 1-month FREE access to HBO GO

**Merchant’s T&Cs do apply

Unfortunately for all the footy fans out there, only 9 games will be streamed for free on OKTO, everything else well you guessed it – incurs a pretty hefty cost, considering it’s only a month worth of content. The 3 ways partnership that acquired the broadcasting rights of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has made the prices synonymous across the 3 service providers. Each service provider came with a special deal that customers can opt for, as listed above. Your money, your call!

All Other Options to Watch the Games Online and On TV

  1. Chip in with Your Friends for an Official Subscription

watching 2018 fifa world cup with friends
Image Credit: Burak Kebapci | Pexels

2 is a company, 4 is a crowd, but 6 sounds like a bundle of joy to share World Cup subscription with! We all have at least one other friend who celebrates the sport just as much as you do. Priced at S$112, I’d say the subscription is pretty steep, but not with a couple of friends sharing the pot! Friends who stay in the north, south, east, but never the west? Get a neighbour along! Turn it into a viewing party, go easier on your wallet.

  1. Subscribe to a Reliable VPN Service and View From an Official Streaming Site

vpn streaming fifa world cup 2018
Image Credit | Pixabay

**Disclaimer: please engage in reliable, legal and safe VPN services to ensure you’re not breaking the law.

You’ll be surprised at the number of countries that are streaming the games for free if you’re streaming with an IP address from within the country that is! Check out the table below for official networks in Europe that’ll be streaming the games for free!:


United Kingdom



Ireland RTE
France TF1, beIN Sports
Germany ARD, ZDF

Efficient and safe VPN services can easily be found for <S$10/month, google and you shall be given.

  1. Bars & Pubs, You Get it

watching games at a bar or pub fifa world cup 2018
Image Credit: Clem Onojeghuo | Pexels

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you’re true about immersing yourself in the World Cup atmosphere, what better way to soak it all in with fellow boozed up World Cup fans? A pint for each half of the match doesn’t sound like an awful idea!

For starters, you could visit bars that local English Premier League fans have called homes (we’re only going to mention bars of teams with a huge following):

Chelsea Harry’s Esplanade 8 Raffles Ave, 01-05/07, Singapore 039802
Manchester United The Chamber II 21 Church St, Singapore 049480
Arsenal FIVE Square 1 Pickering St, #01-03 Great Eastern Centre,  Singapore 048659
Liverpool Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview 382 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169629
Tottenham London Gastro Bar 55 Boat Quay, Singapore 049844
Everton Victoria Bar Intercontinental Singapore 80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966


Alternatively, for I imagine, a slightly-lackluster experience, you could just jump into any bar that is showing the games. Chances are you can pass off as one of the patrons as long as you’re standing close to the dining tables and not holding onto a bag of McDonald fries.

Like what you seeing? Check out HungryGoWhere or Eatigo to make a reservation at the mentioned bars!

  1. Safra & McDonald Outlets

macdonalds streaming free fifa 2018 world cup
Image Credit: Mike Mozart | Flickr 

22 selected restaurants across the island are due to screen the 2018 FIFA World Cup, another excuse to camp out the fast food chain.

safra streaming fifa 2018 world cup
Image Credit: SAFRAsg | Facebook

All SAFRA clubhouses are due for the screening of the games. Watch a game at any of the clubhouses and walk away with a fun pack! Talk about being kiasu. With 6 clubs properly scattered across the island, not having a cable doesn’t even sound like a problem anymore.

  1. Choose from 55 Community Centres (CC) Across the Island

ci yuan cc streaming world cup
Image Credit: Ci Yuan CC | Facebook

All hail the lords of People’s Association (PA) for making this happen yet again. We were uncertain up till a couple days ago when it was finally announced that 55 CCs across the country will be providing coverage of selected World Cup 2018 games. Though not a 100% coverage, those interested in viewing are encouraged to contact the respective CC for streaming schedule. Check out if your neighboring CCs are taking part in this World Cup fiesta! 

Watch Your Football

Convenience is always nice to have, in this case, it comes at a hefty cost of S$112.35. Whether the cost is justifiable, we’ll leave you with the deals and alternatives you could opt for. Doing a viewing party at your place? Check out this World Cup Guide article for a list of footy-appropriate party bites you could dish up at the next game! And while you are it, keep an eye on Shopback’s World Cup promotions because discounted cool drinks while watching the games is what you need to make the experience far more enjoyable.

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