Anyone who knows me will know that I love Terrace House to bits. I binged the Tokyo edition within 2 days and it fueled my desire to revisit the city – albeit on a budget. I rewarded myself a week’s break and jet off with a single backpack in hand, no bulky luggage and no check-in process saved me tons of time.

Plus, by losing the bulky luggage, I was no longer limited to taxi hires in Japan (which is terribly expensive). Instead, I had many other transport options available to me!

What I Packed

It is deceivingly easy to live an entire week in Tokyo with the bare essentials. Unlike most other destinations, Tokyo is extremely similar to Singapore. Most, if not all, of the amenities that we are used to in Singapore, are readily available in Tokyo too. For example, you could half the number of clothes you carry by simply visiting the laundromat!

Toothpaste, toothbrush and even towels are also available in most decent hotels or Airbnb. Of course, you may also include a small hand-carry for extra shoes and such if you so wish!

Which leads us to the question, what are the essentials to bring along? Here we have a comprehensive packing list for any and every kind of trip that you’ll be going on so save the image for your future use!


Must-buy KitKat Flavours from Tokyo

Japan is known to have exclusive KitKat flavours that are extremely hard to find anywhere else in the world. As I didn’t have too much space in my bag, I gave myself a purchasing limit of 4 different flavours so I’ll still get to try everything possible.

Also, just a little trivia, Kit Kat sounds like the phrase Kitto Katto in Japanese, which stands for “sure to win”, which I’m sure is crucial to its success globally.

Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat

Image Credit: Pinterest

Just the packaging alone makes the Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat worth the purchase. Shaped like Mount Fuji and decorated with the iconic Tokyo Tower and cherry blossoms, this will be the showstopper when you show your buys to family and friends. That being said, the cheesecake flavour was more subtle than I expected and the sweeter strawberry flavours took the spotlight instead.

Tokyo Banana KitKat

Image Credit:

Marrying two of the most well-known Japanese snacks can never go wrong. This taste just like the original Tokyo Banana with more of a chocolatey after-taste and KitKat’s signature crunch instead of the soft chiffon. I still like the original Tokyo Banana better but this well-packaged snack is a great souvenir gift!

Azuki Sando KitKat: Nagoya Special

Image Credit: Timeout

I really like Azuki Red Bean in anything, so its only natural that is is one of my top picks! The Azuki Sando, or Red Bean sandwich KitKat is filled with red bead paste in the middle instead of the traditional chocolate cream. You get a harmonious explosion of red bean flavour with every bite and will be loved by everyone!

Despite being a Nagoya special, you can still get this at most stores in Tokyo as well.

Hojicha KitKat: Kyoto Special

Image credit:

Hojicha, or roasted green tea KitKat, is one of the newer additions to the line-up. The usual sweetness of a KitKat is replaced by the aromatic taste of roasted green tea while still keeping a suitable level of sweetness. Similar to the Azuki Sando, this Houjicha KitKat is available throughout Japan although it is a Kyoto special.


What Backpack to Get

If you plan on doing a similar trip, or just getting a backpack in general for future travels, this is the ones I personally used and recommend! I admit, my backpack was getting pretty full after days and I had to hand-carry the KitKat in the paper bag. But at least you don’t have to be afraid of crushing the KitKat if they are kept in the luggage!

Timbuk2 Tuck Laptop Backpack

Image Credit:

Despite its frame, the Timbuk Tuk Laptop Backpack was jam-packed with well thought out compartments that gave me all the space I need. The roll-top closure allows you to adjust as much as you need and a side zipper lets you access your items without having to dig deep for it. A small secret compartment to the right is perfect for hotel key cards and transport cards so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

If you want to bring your laptop along, there’s even a compartment for it! Sturdy and large, I am still discovering new ways of purposing the many compartments within the bag. It really is a bag that gets better with each use.

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