Valentine’s day gifts can be a tricky prospect. Get something too cheap, and you might be in trouble. Get something too expensive, and you might be accused of trying too hard. But honestly, the gesture is more important than the gift itself. While it may come naturally to some people, others may need some help. Well, have no fear for we are here to help! Here is our list of great valentines day gifts for her under $60.

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1. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Eco 2
Image Credit: Amazon

If your loved one has ever wanted to experience the life of Tony Stark where he can speak to his artificial intelligence Jarvis to get stuff done, consider getting the Amazon Echo Dot for about $60. Smaller than the original echo dot, this device will allow you to add Amazon’s AI helper Alexa to any room you wish and is a great gift for the more tech minded.

Availability: They can be found on Qoo10 or Amazon for approximately $60 at the time of writing.

2. Self-Aerating wine glasses

eImage Credit: Amazon

Does your SO appreciate wine? Here is a gift you both can enjoy for a nightcap at home. While dubious about the efficacy and veracity of what at first appeared to be a tchotchke, turns out, it really works. Pour your wine into this, and swirl the wine in the opposite direction of the grooves and it will to aerate wine quicker than the normal glass.

Availability: A pair of these can be found on Amazon for $23.

3. A glass wishing ball

Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

Looking for a more thoughtful gift? A beautiful handblown glass ball where you can write down romantic messages and wishes to your loved ones whenever you are each in need of a little emotional support. Please don’t use these to complain about each other.

Availability: Uncommon Goods for $43.

4. Lumio, the book lamp

Image Credit: Lumio

A beautiful “book” that instead lights up when opened, Lumio can also be attached to corners such as walls, tables and more for creative decoration. Fans of the hit TV series “Shark Tank” would recognize it immediately as the product immediately wowed the Sharks.

While you can buy it at local departmental stores, the asking price of hundreds of dollars is frankly, insane.

Availability: You can buy Lumio on Amazon for approximately $40

5. Sexy Body Jewelry

Image Credit: LITTER Jewelry

Also appearing on “Shark Tank”, LITTER features unorthodox jewelry that is worn on the body such as the garter style seen above. Having been worn by some celebrities and gaining a lot of popularity since their televised appearance, LITTER is a unique gift idea that will be sure to stand out.

Availability: Prices depend on the piece and complexity and you can order online from their store.

6. Humidifier/Diffuser

Image Credit: Anjou

I at first thought that a buying a humidifier is the pinnacle of delusion in Singapore as it is already hot and humid enough. But, it is because it is so hot and humid that air-conditioning is turned on everywhere and all the time. This can actually lead to a humidifier being very useful for sleeping at night, or while working in the office. Some models also double up as a diffuser for essential oils for aromatherapy. Perfect for couples who have had a stressful day or simply want something relaxing or to lighten their mood.

Availability: Many types can be found in departmental stores or online. Muji has a diffuser for about $20.

7. Cookbook for Two

Image Credit : Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

This is more than just a mere book you are buying for her. This is something that the both of you can share and create great experiences as the two of you explore and try to create dishes together.

Availability: Many cookbooks are available for a good price. Specific cookbooks are hard to recommend since everyone has different allergies, taste profiles and preferences. Our suggestion? check out the bookstores and find one that is suitable for the both of you.

8. Perfume

Image Credit: Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

While seemingly superficial, careful consideration of the perfect perfume can actually be a meaningful gift. Scent and smells are something everyone is sensitive to and picking out the perfect fragrance for her is also a gift for you as well. Find out her favourite scents and surprise her with a new bottle.

Availability: Check Sephora for fragrance options from $28.

9. Be Thoughtful

Image Credit : Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

Sometimes the best gift is simply one that you put the most care and thought into. It is too easy to simply run to a store and get something trite and facile.

Put some thought into it. Think about who she is, what she likes, what she loves. For example, if she’s an aspiring chef, perhaps a really good chef’s knife would be the perfect gift. If she’s into music, then perhaps an instrument or something from her favourite band would be great. She loves travelling? a travel jacket, backpack or even a surprise trip to somewhere she’s always talked about going to.

Or if you want to celebrate your relationship, a hand-made scrapbook, photo-book will surely warm the heart.

Showing you care

Whether or not yours is a new or a relationship that’s been tested, the best gift that you can get is often one that shows your feelings for her in a meaningful way, and not simply something that you mechanically do  because everyone else is simply getting one for valentines day. If you want to pick a gift, really take the time to pick or make a gift.

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