We’ve all been there – furiously opening tab after tab on our browser, and before you know it, you’ve officially spiralled into the weird side of the internet. The same goes for shopping online. One moment you’re checking out an outfit from your go-to fashion site then bam! – you realize that your favourite online shop now has a whole ‘home & living‘ segment. And now your whole body is quaking with the desire to get this tapestry that would be so perfect in your hypothetical home.

If this scenario rings true, read on to find out some of the coolest or weirdest things you can buy online! We give you some good old favourites and new online stores to try.

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  1. Liquidation.com

amazon returns liquidation
Image Credit: Liquidation.com

Liquidation.com allows you to buy other customers’ returned goods, at a dime. This is definitely obscure, we would assume that returned goods are usually disposed or repackaged for an official resale but no. At Liquidation.com, returned products ranging from clothing pieces to high-end electronics are bundled and put up for auction.

The prices are attractive and you could pay $200 for an entire parcel of high-end electronics. This is the ultimate the luck of the draw: some of them come in disassembled pieces or even used, the others are fully intact. They ship to Singapore too! So long you are willing to pay right about the same price as the parcel for shipping.

  1. ASOS

asos home and living
Image Credit: ASOS

A crowd favourite for fast-moving and high-end fashion alike, a deep dive beyond ASOS’s homepage and you’ll stumble upon more than just fashion. I mean, the brand has even reserved an entire sub-category for anything that isn’t fashion. Just for good measure, I guess you can’t complain about the convenience to be able to shop for a potted plant whenever you are decking out your wardrobe. They have also a good selection of products that make good, inexpensive gifts. Check out ‘Living & Gifts’ on ASOS for a whole new vista of shopping you never knew was possible on ASOS!

  1. Naiise.

naiise workshop weird stuff
Image Credit: Naiise.

An almost-household brand known for merchandising all-things quirky, Naiise has since extended their kid in candy store experience online too! Apart from fascinating knickknacks, it is the perfect online gift-shop for the ‘impossible friend’ to shop for. Naiise has come a long way since its brick-and-mortar days, and one is able to sign up for unique workshops on their web store now!

  1. Etsy

shop wedding dress on etsy
Image Credit: Etsy

If you value the art of handicraft, vintage pieces, or really just in the lookout for a bridal gown, Etsy has it all. While we cannot assure you that your gown will be one of a kind, Etsy is probably the only major marketplace for all things handcrafted. You can even find artisanally made bedsheets if you are the kind who values a good night sleep on artisanally made bedsheets. A common platform for hobbyists to share their creations and shoppers like us to indulge in their works, you can rest assured the products that you find here are indeed one of a kind!

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  1. Lazyfruits

fruits delivery exotic fruits
Image Credit: Lazyfruits

Lazyfruits? More like lazy humans. Amongst clothes, technology and many other services made available online, you can now get fresh fruits (peeled and cut for you, if you wish) delivered to your doorstep too! Fruit or rather grocery delivery is nothing new, but Lazyfruits prides itself in the assurance of quality whenever you order from them. Handpicked by what they call their ‘fruit consultants’, you better believe that they are serious about their fruits. Check out fruits you will rarely ever see in Singapore too!

>> PSA: Want to get your daily dose of fruity goodness? Lazyfruits kindly offers a discount code for first-time users. Use ShopBackXLazyfruits1st to get $8.00 off your total order. (TnCs: Order minimum $58.00 to use this code. Delivery charge of $5 applies for all orders under $75.)

  1. The Barkery Singapore

baked treats and goods for dog
Image Credit: The Barkery Singapore

The wordplay itself is already worth applauding. Dogs for all we know might not even care what satisfy their hunger, but how fun would it be to pamper your dog with the many gourmet delicacies available at The Barkery? Birthday occasions and whatnot, The Barkery specializes in curating exquisite doggy treats, and some of the most lavish doggy cuisines you’ll ever see. Unless you have a dog I guess no. 6 on the list is not that applicable to you… perhaps a housewarming gift for a friend with pets?


  1. The Jock Shop

underwear swimwear singapore
Image Credit: The Jock Shop

As the name of the shop suggests, The Jock Shop specializes in male swimwear and underwear. Masculinity and athleticism would be the first things that come to my mind whenever someone would mention the word, jock, which probably inspired the brand and its products. Think typical frat-boys, if you don’t know what a jock is. Based in Singapore, this website sells nothing more but the men’s underwear and swimwear (think speedos). Since its inception in 2014, The Jock Shop has since expanded their operation to the UK and China. Talk about obscure products, huh?

The World of E-Commerce Is Your Oyster

We bet you there are stranger things or services out there that are available for purchase online, but we hope that you are able to at least find some use from this slightly-off the fringe websites as mentioned above! Tell us some of the strangest things you have seen available online!

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Feature Image Credit: Victor Xok on Unsplash

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