It would be a lie for anyone to say that they’ve never wished to be able to avoid putting on a couple of stomach inches after eating a dense meal of fried chicken or having unhealthy snacking habits throughout the day.

A healthy figure comes with health and fitness. However, in a bid to lose weight fast, many desperate souls have turned to fad diets and starvation, both of which are are extremely unhealthy.

We’ll be uncovering the myths of quick and easy methods that promise to reduce a few inches off that waist, and finding out if all that struggle is really worth it. So to help you out in your journey to getting fit so your time doesn’t go to “waist” (waste), here are some truths about fad diet myths.

1. The 5-Bite Diet

five bite diet

It sounds torturous already. This modified fasting diet is based off the myth that chewing your food slowly and taking your time with gnawing on your food will help you achieve reduce your calorie intake.

But trust me, it will only make you feel hungrier in the next few days and you’re likely to end up binge eating like a savage or a neanderthal that hasn’t eaten in weeks. Ditch it.

2. The Citrus Diet

The citrus diet

The Citrus Diet involves incorporating large amounts of lemonade or grapefruit juice in one’s diet for about 48 hours. It is believed to have some sort of detoxing effect on one’s body but no one knows how true that is, honestly. However, it has managed to yield some successful temporary weight loss results by acting as a sort of laxative.

The downside of this? Once you start eating normally, you will realise that that fat pack of yours will slowly return to haunt you. To make things worse, citrusy fruits, when consumed in large amounts, have the tendency to corrode the enamel of your teeth and you might even be more prone to stomach ulcers. Oh and be prepared for the unavoidable heartburn.

3. The Liquid Diet

liquid diet

Some people believe that eating food in liquid form will help ease digestion and will lower your calorie intake. Additionally, it’s often overlooked that there are carbs found in juices, fruits, energy drinks and chocolate milk.

But the truth is, there isn’t a difference to taking in solids and liquids if they amount to the same number of calories. Your body responds the exact same way to liquid carbs as it does to regular carbs, except quicker and much more intensely.

The problem with liquid diets is that it is so easy to consume a large amount of liquid at once as it doesn’t fill you up like how solids do. This means that you might actually over-drink your daily calorie intake. So, don’t expect to lose anything but your sanity on this fad diet.

4. The Cotton Ball Diet

cotton ball diet
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Things just got worse on this list.

The cotton ball diet consists of just eating cotton balls soaked in a type of liquid or juice in substitution of an actual meal. As cotton cannot be digested, it will be excreted as waste while the liquid ingested will be absorbed by the body, tricking your body into thinking it’s full after consuming the cotton balls.

The number of fatal health issues that are linked to this diet are endless and really just, why would you put yourself through all that?

5. The Low Carb Atkins Diet

low carb atkins diet

While the Low Carb Atkins Diet seems like a pretty harmless diet option, the thing that many of us forget is that we get our energy from carbs which is broken down into glucose. Without sufficient glucose, our body won’t be able to perform its bodily functions as efficiently and you will feel lethargic.

Designed to help people lose weight quickly in the short term, many athletes make use of the low-carb diet to lean out or even for short-term (1-2 weeks) weight loss for special events like your wedding. However, this diet isn’t for the long-term. Once you ditch this diet, be prepared to put on all, if not, more weight than you actually have lost from it. Proceed at own risk.

Making uneducated decisions such as starving oneself, going on ridiculous fad diets, editing your waist with a slimming app or doing a thousand sit-ups won’t give you the body of your dreams.

It takes a conscious effort to work on both your fitness and diet. Don’t be lazy, come up with a balanced diet plan and don’t skip the carbs – it’s never too late to start your fitness journey.

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