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High-quality wireless Bluetooth speakers have been known for being notoriously expensive, with a basic model sometimes costing you over $200. But thanks to brands like Xiaomi and Huawei, with their premium for budget price models, we are able to enjoy audio without emptying out our bank accounts. Without further ado, here are our picks of the best wireless speakers available, courtesy of Aliexpress.

1. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Better known for their budget smartphones, Xiaomi has dipped their toes into the lucrative portable wireless speaker market. With the Mi Bluetooth Speaker, Xiaomi has continued their style of minimalism combined with power. This lightweight device packs a powerful punch, delivering sound that favours deep bass and clarity.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth SpeakerOriginally USD$51.99 | USD$47.31 after cashback

2. Huawei AM08 Swan Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another Chinese manufacturer known for their smartphones, Huawei’s venture into the speaker business proves they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. Their orb-shaped AM08 is petite and perfect for portability, with device’s tiny drum able to create 1.8W of sound output. At under USD$30, this speaker is a bargain for the quality it provides.

Huawei AM08 Swan Portable Bluetooth SpeakerOriginally USD$28.16 | USD$25.63 after cashback

3. Bluedio Hurricane BS-3 Wireless Speaker

For the power users on a budget, meet the Hurricane. Coming with a premium build, twin 5W drivers, and Bluedio’s signature 3D sound, the Hurricane brews up quite a storm. This speaker has an amazing mid and high range, able to achieve high-quality sound without distortion. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better speaker at this price point.

Bluedio Hurricane BS-3 Wireless SpeakerOriginally USD$49.99 | USD$45.49 after cashback

4. Earson ER-163 Bluetooth Speaker

Both waterproof and shockproof, the Earson ER-163 is the premium pick for those in the market for something portable yet durable. Able to withstand hard knocks and tough drops without a problem, you can hike, cycle, and climb while blasting your music without a hitch.

Earson ER-163 Bluetooth SpeakerOriginally USD$49.98 | USD$45.48 after cashback

5. AEC BQ-615 Wireless Mini Speaker

While not the most original device on the market – with it being eerily similar to JBL’s game-changing Pulse – the AEC BQ-615 delivers the same quality and functions as the Pulse at a fraction of the cost. With critics praising the speaker’s mid and high range as one of the clearest and brightest on the market, the AEC BQ-615 is a definite winner in our books.

AEC BQ-615 Wireless Mini SpeakerOriginally USD$40.00 | USD$36.40 after cashback

6. Kerry Audio KR-8800 Wireless Stereo

A sleek and chic Bluetooth speaker for the style conscious, the Kerry Audio KR-8800 comes in a myriad of colours for all your colour coordination needs. The speaker makes connecting with it quick and easy, with its inclusion of NFC. Featuring a dual speaker system, the speaker is able to loud and impressive sound despite its modest size.

Kerry Audio KR-8800 Wireless StereoOriginally USD$57.76 | USD$52.56 after cashback

7. Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2

Yet another Xiaomi speaker has captured our hearts. With the Mi Speaker 2 – not a successor to the Mi Bluetooth Speaker, but more of an alternative – Xiaomi has created yet another winner, with its innovative design and power for budget price point. With a battery that is able to last over 6 hours, an in-built microphone, and the latest in Bluetooth technology, this is all you need.

Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2Originally USD$36.95 | USD$33.62 after cashback

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All images courtesy of Aliexpress.

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