Over the years, the notion of travel has evolved drastically from the age-old belief of voyaging for grandiose adventures to the modern millennial’s “self-discovery” journey. With multiple facets of travel that are constantly evolving, we want our female readers to understand how they can solo travel without any worries. 

Here are 8 useful tips that we’ve gathered from experienced solo female travellers so you can start planning for your next solo trip!

8 Useful Tips for Solo Female Travellers

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1. Ample research for the countries you want to visit

Previously, we spoke about countries that are safe for solo travellers and that remains pretty much the same regardless of gender.

There are many other countries such as South Korea and Taiwan that are suitable for solo travellers and you should not be limited by where you should go but where you want to go. A handy tip will be to find out where the Singapore Embassy is in your destination. Keep that information in your phone for easy reference too.

If you’re heading to a country with a high theft rate, you might also want to consider getting an anti-theft bag as well.


2. Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before your trip

While many Singaporeans skip this step before embarking on their trip, e-registering with MFA actually allows MFA to stay contact you or your loved ones in case of an emergency. 

E-register with MFA via their website of the [email protected] app, available for both Android and iOS users. This service is free and applicable for any kind of travel. You will simply need to provide the below information when registering:

  • Personal particulars
  • Travel itinerary – including accommodation, contact information and duration of stay in the country/cities you are visiting
  • Contact person’s particulars in Singapore that MFA can contact in case of a crisis of emergency

Furthermore, you will also receive information on how to contact the nearest overseas mission, and this also allows MFA to contact you if you require any assistance in case of an emergency.


3. Find female-only accommodations

Though not common, there are hostels that cater to females only. Alternatively, book the hotel or Airbnb for single-pax stay. 

Some countries, Japan and Brazil, for example, has women-only train carriages to protect female commuters from molestation and France also has women-only train cabins for overnight rides. While not fully rolled out across the world, the steps taken do help to create a safer environment for solo female travellers. 


4. Pack light and smart

No, we’re not asking you to throw out your makeup pouch. But more of packing what is needed. Many makeup products and skincare necessities are available in travel-friendly packaging so you don’t need to carry full-sized items around. We also recommend planning your outfit choices before your trip so you will only pack versatile pieces that can take you from day to night, and from outdoor adventures to indoor parties.

If you are staying at a shared hostel, pack your clothes in a set and store each set in a ziplock bag. It’s gonna be much easier just taking a single ziplock bag and heading to the bathroom than rummaging through your entire bag which can attract unwanted attention. 

P.S. Zip lock bags come in super handy especially if you’re carrying a non-waterproof bag!

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5. Reject food and drinks from strangers

If you’re dining at a restaurant or a bar and the food if being freshly prepared for you, that’s perfectly cool. But don’t leave your food and drinks unattended as you’ll never know what they might add in your food. You should also reject strangers who try to offer food or drinks to you just to stay safe. 


6. Know the travel insurance that you are buying

There are a million insurance options available these days, so how can you decide which is the best for you? The cheapest option is not always the best and it boils down to what coverage do you need. For example, travellers with medical conditions should ensure their travel and health insurance cover the grounds. Other common coverage also includes flight delays, lost baggage and more, so ensure that you know what your travel insurance grants you.


7. Check your accommodation for hidden cameras

A common issue amongst all travellers, hidden cameras are danger lurking in plain sight. And since it is always better to be safe than sorry, we tell you how you can spot hidden cameras in hotels. 


8. Befriending the Locals

Solo travelling doesn’t mean you have to be in absolute solitude. Much of the fun lies in meeting the locals or other fellow travellers and befriending them. The locals can offer reliable and accurate information on the safety of the areas you are looking to visit, and you will never get tired of listening to the authentic stories of the country’s heritage.

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But with that said, do not reveal your accommodation address to people you meet, unless they stay in the same hostel. You should not provide your itinerary to anyone as that makes your whereabouts known and vulnerable to any danger.

That’s all we have for you! Happy International Woman’s Day to all our female readers!



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