As we conclude a wild year of natural disasters and travel bans in 2k17,,your travel website that facilitates the booking of over a million room nights every day, has come up with a running list of data and intriguing numbers to aid you in planning your next vacation this 2018.

Compiled from over 126 million genuine reviews across 26 countries, these results were then plotted into the following prediction of Singaporeans’ travel demographics.

  1. Tech Driven Decisions

VR travel experience
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We’re certainly not talking about the simplicity of purchasing and booking your flight/accommodation through an app, or online. The widespread of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in researching consumers’ travel decisions have revolved apps to better tailor our research process, booking and how we experience our trips. Fancy a surprise travel destination? You’re not alone, up to 33% of Singaporeans are perfectly okay with letting a computer plan an upcoming trip based on their past travelling history.

Talk about how the technology is taking over the world, just over 58% of Singaporeans wouldn’t mind having their travel queries answered by a computer, so long their questions are answered.

How nice would it be if you could watch a trailer for a vacation you’re about to embark on? Perhaps an experience so immersive and surreal that you’d see and feel the breeze from the Bahamas? According to numbers from, 67% of travellers wouldn’t mind ‘trying out before booking’ their vacation, through a virtual reality preview.

Technology will continue to guide us seamlessly in 2018 in finding the best stays and experiences.

  1. Turning Dreams into Reality

cable car bucket list
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According to the vast range of booking records on, it can be derived that Singaporeans will be looking to set foot on adventures they have only dreamt of. In this day and age where patience dwindles and millennials thirst for adventure and all-things seemingly unachievable, the advancement of technology as mentioned before, will only drive the wanderlust in us to new heights.

Seeing at least one wonder of the world is on at least 58% of Singaporeans’ bucket lists. It can be extremely exhilarating to be launching into brand new vistas like never before – and sometimes it can be as simple as trying a new cuisine for the first time, or really just visit a place you’ve never been before. Australia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are just some of the top travelling destinations endorsed by for visiting world-renowned theme parks. While there are literally endless possibilities to every new destination, going on an island paradise seemed to be a popular desire amongst up to 29% of travellers, and another 29% would rather go on an epic road or rail journey, like a journey along the Trans Siberian Railway.

  1. A Throwback to Older Times

Image Credit: Charlotte Tai | Flickr

Sometimes the travel inspiration that you’ve been looking for is actually right in front of you all this while. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit somewhere you haven’t for a while. A number as high as 34% of travellers are keen to experience a holiday they’ve gone through as a child before.

Whether it was the scent of the Sunday Roast that is perfuming the dainty corner store your family went to or simply fondness that trickles your head when you get reminded of a family holiday, the nostalgia stemmed from these very memories is often unforgettable.

Millennials aged 18 to 34 look set to be even more sentimental with up to 52% of them being keen to hark back to family favourite vacations.

Fun Fact: up to 71% of travellers are keen to share their travel adventures on their social media platforms daily in 2018.

  1. Socially Influenced Destinations


We’re constantly under the clout of mass media, inherently influencing our choices in our booking decisions. The infographic above, for example, shows the percentages of people who would travel to the various countries for their past filmography features. Sounds familiar to you? Let that inspire your next travel destination and make your television dreams come true!

Seeing a friend’s Instagram post whilst on a vacation break can evoke enviousness and emotions of all sorts but one thing for sure – you wish you could be there too. Influences like this contribute up to 43% of travellers on how they decide their next getaway.

  1. Exploring on Bus 11 (on foot)

exploring on foot
Image Credit: Luis Garcia | Flickr

It’s more than just exploring any city by foot which is an exceptional experience if you haven’t tried already. Travellers planning to take trips with itinerary inclusive of taking on at least an outdoor activity is due to double in 2018, from 1 in 10 in 2017 to 1 in 5 in 2018. Particularly Singaporeans, who over 51% are in hopes of going on hiking trips this 2018. The surreal sensorial combination of sight, sound and smell are what constitute the very place you’re exploring.

There’s also a significant increase in numbers with people planning trips with a get-healthy agenda in mind. Recreational yet health benefiting activities like going on yoga retreats and water sports activities are on 14% and 22% of travellers’ itinerary respectively.

  1. Economically Savvy Decisions

thick stack
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One of Singaporeans’ national identity would incontestably be our kiasuness and when it comes to who purchases the cheapest flight out, or who has the best bang of the buck deals, we can get a little over the top at times – though, for completely acceptable reasons. Who wouldn’t want to be travelling on a dime, and with that in mind, 62% –  well over half of the Singaporean travellers are keeping the exchange rates in mind when deciding on a country to visit and up to 57% of travellers will think about the economic status of the country before making the decision to travel.

62% of travellers are leaning towards independently travelling instead of the reliance on tour guides for a more self-directed way of exploring destinations. Managing expenses and planning best routes yet still remaining cost efficient seems to be an up and coming theme for travellers this year.

  1. To Live like a Local

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’

living like a local
Image Credit: BRJ INC. | Flickr

The rise of accommodation sharing services becoming more prominent as ever in the recent years, to fully immerse yourself in the culture, what better way to achieve that than to be one with the locals. Well, or as close as one can get. One in three Singaporeans would prefer staying in a holiday home or apartment over a hotel. Obvious reasons like lower cost (most of the time), better amenities and really just feeling you belong to the immediate community around really sets the travelling experience a notch different from your usual touristy experiences.

Talking to the locals is one of the easiest ways to connect to the place like nothing else can, knowing of the fringe eateries for a true blue experience, and most importantly, avoiding the tourist markup. The availability to interact with your host (30% would prefer someone with strong knowledge of the food and places of interest) is heavily valued by some.

8. To Live like a Local

Image Credit: Kevin | Flickr

It is not just the destination that forms the fondest memories but also your fellow travel companion(s) if any. 34% of Singaporeans said their likely companion for 2018’s travels would be with a group of friends.

Joint holidays would also oftentimes allow for certain financial advantages like staying in accommodation they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise if they were on their own. I mean, no one’s going to stay in a villa on their own, but with a friend or two, your travelling experience could take a turn for something greater.

Feeling inspire to travel?

We hope these travel predictions in 2018 can inspire the wanderlust in you. Forget the ‘mainstream’ tourist destinations to skip the fare hikes, an Instagram post you thought was going to impress but instead labelled as a ‘touristy shot’ kind of experience. Check out for all literally all the bookings you’d need for a holiday, and get cashback while you’re at it with ShopBack!

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