For many pets as an integral part of the family and great companions. Owners consider their dogs and cats their babies, and they will stop at no cost to get the best food, treats, and toys out there for them. However, shopping at the few pet stores we have around town can get expensive. But do not fear! For in recent years, there has been an influx of online pet stores which means that there are a lot more choices in the market now! With so much more options, you can now pick and choose to see which online pet store in Singapore gives you the best bang for your buck!

Best For Delivery

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Image credit: Nick Coy | Unsplash

The stores in this list offer the best delivery rates in town. Many of them offer free delivery with the lowest minimum spending amount as well as very reasonable delivery fees if the minimum spending amount is not met.

1. Perromart

perromart online store in Singapore
Image credit: Perromart Facebook page

Perromart: Delivery cost $10, and if you place an order that amounts to more than $25, you get to enjoy free delivery!

2. Nekojam

Nekojam delivers pet supplies in Singapore
Image credit: Nekojam website

Nekojam Pet Food Supplies: Delivery cost $8, and enjoy free delivery for eligible orders above $39.

3. Kohepets

Kohepets pet online store in sigapore
Image credit: Kohepets website

Kohepets: Delivery cost $8, and enjoy free delivery for orders $60 and above!

4. RedMart

Redmart: For orders under $40, delivery costs $5.99. If you are a LiveUp member, you get to enjoy free delivery for orders above $40. For non-members, delivery costs $3.99 for orders between $40 and $100 and free delivery for orders above $100.


Doggyfriend is your online one-stop-shop for all things pet
Image credit: Doogyfriend website

Doggyfriend: Delivery cost $10 (with an additional $3 ERP surcharge for CBD areas). If your order amounts  to $50 and above, enjoy free delivery!

Best For Loyalty Schemes

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If you are someone who likes to stick to a single online pet store, then these are the shops for you! These shops offer big reward their loyal customers by offering an awesome loyalty points system, significantly lower prices or even cash rebates!

1. The Loyal One

The Loyal One online pet store in Singapore
Image credit: The Loyal One website

With The Loyal One, you earn points every time you spend. These points can amount to up to 8% rebate on an order. Also if you are joining for the first time, you will receive a generous welcome bonus! If you already have an account with them, you can earn referral points every time you refer someone to The Loyal One!

2. Polypet

PolyPet online store where you can get all products for your pet
Image credit: PolyPet website

With this Polypet, you can earn points that are equivalent to 3.33% rebate off your order!


With Doggyfriend, you can earn points every time you spend! These points can be used to redeem products, plus they never expire! Additionally, you can receive gift vouchers if you place orders that amount to $200 and above or if you refer friends to DOGGYFRIEND

4. SingPet

Singpet online pet store in Singapore
Image credit: SingPet website

SingPet offers an annual membership here will set you back $88. However, this memberships gives you significant discounts on their products!

Best For Big Spenders

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If you shop big and shop hard, these are the shops that you should look at! The shops in the list below offer the highest rewards points for big spenders.

1. The Online Pet Store

The Online Pet Store has all you ned to take care of your pet
Image credit: The Online Pet Store website

Every time you place an order at The Online Pet Store, you receive 1% instant rebate. If you spend above $250 you get 7% instant rebate, and 10% instant rebate for orders above $1,000.


Earn points with Doggyfriend that are equivalent to 0.83% rebate in the form of gift vouchers, plus receive 10% discount on orders above $1,000.

Treat your pet soulmate

So here you go, the best of the best of all the Online Pet Stores available in Singapore. So get online and start shopping! For more online shoppig deals, don’t forget to check all the latest merchants for groceries and food delivery.

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