Few places pop into our minds when we speak of supper fares –  McDonald’s has always been the textbook answer to our midnight hunger pangs. Is either that or a good ol’ greasy plate of maggie goreng. It seems like our bellies tend to crave for the most unearthly foods when they are the least available.

Fortunately for night owls like myself, mookata, the ultimate Thai-style barbeque and aromatic hot pot, is a superb supper alternative. Whether you’re in it for a late-night grub hunt or just a cheaper alternative to the conventional BBQ options, we have here a list of options around the island for this Thai speciality!

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Favourite Mookata Places in Singapore

1. Talay Kata

mookata at orchard
Image Credit: Eatigo

This isn’t like any other Mookata fixes out there – but one that focuses on its spread of seafood on top of the galore of meats and other usual spread you might find at other Mookata places. Some of the less commonly seen but premium ingredients that you can find at Talay Kata include the various kind of shellfish. Be sure to check them out to make your money’s worth!

Talay Kata also prides itself in the originator of the highly raved about salted egg yolk soup base, definitely an unusual companion to the grilled dishes. Be sure to check out Eatigo to get up to 50% off your meal during off-peak hours!

  • Pricing

Weekday: Lunch – Mon to Fri (11:30am – 3:00pm) Adult $19.80++, Child $9.40++

Dinner – Mon to Thurs (6:00pm – 10:00pm) Adult $29.80++, Child $14.40++

Weekend: Lunch – Sat, Sun, Eve of PH & PH (11:30am – 5:00pm) Adult $29.80++, Child $13.90++

Dinner – Fri to Sun, Eve of PH & PH (6:00pm – 10:00pm) Adult $35.80++, Child $16.90++

  • Address: 181 Orchard Rd, 08-04/05, Singapore 238896

2. Siam Square Mookata

mookata outlets across singapore
Image Credit: Siam Square Mookata | Facebook

Siam Square Mookata is often regarded as the first of its kind to offer a more affordable Thai BBQ. Patrons can purchase small-plated ingredients that cost as low as S$1.80 per plate, a tasty and economical alternative if you’re just looking to have just your fill of the meal instead of the usual free-flow buffet style of eating Thai BBQ. Siam Square Mookata now has 10 outlets across Singapore, a true testament to the quality of the brand.

  • Average Price: ~ $30
  • Address: several outlets, including Golden Mile Tower (Basement) at 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 199589
  • Opening Hours: 3pm to 6am

3. Happy Mookata

golden mile tower mookata
Image Credit: Happy Mookata | Facebook

Upon arrival at Golden Mile Tower, one would be instantly greeted by the waft of grilled meats and an eye-striking neon light signboard that distinguishes this establishment as the monument of grilled food in the area. At a mere S$29.90 nett, a price point that is lower than most BBQ buffet joints, customers at Happy Mookata are entitled to one of the most spectacular seafood spread one would see at any buffet outlet; ranging from the usuals to premium ingredients such as snow crab, bamboo clam and crayfish. Other options that really make this place the most bang for one’s buck is the spread of cooked food that includes nuggets, popcorn chicken that are included in the same buffet menu as well!

  • Average Price: ~$30
  • Address: 6001 Beach Rd, #01-55D, Golden Mile Tower, 199589
  • Opening times: 3 pm – 3 am

4. Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

mookata with cheese
Image Credit: Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

As the name of the establishment suggests, Cheese Story Mookata Buffet edges over the rest of its competitors by including the addition of an in-house concocted cheese mixture to add on the already delectable BBQ spread. Fresh oysters are definitely not native to the traditional Mookata but hey no one’s complaining when everything is included in a single price point of S$29.90. As the saying goes, ‘all things taste good with cheese’. Alright, perhaps that’s not a real saying but you can imagine how it can be true. Choose from the diverse cuts of meat to pair with their signature cheesy concoction or with their unique satay sauce!

  • Average Price: ~$30
  • Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #02-01 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588
  • Opening times: 24h open

5. Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen

thai mookata upperthomson
Image Credit: Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen | Facebook

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen is probably the priciest option in this list but we’re definitely ending off with a bang here. If you are a night owl who frequents the upper Thomson supper stretch, then you should be no stranger to the fragrance of grilled food that perfumes the stretch of stores.

Eating at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen is not only an aromatically stimulating sensorial experience but they’re also known as the only mookata establishment islandwide to dish up premium cuts of meats such as the publicly bestowed wagyu beef and kurobuta pork. Who would’ve thought the clash of different cultures could result in such beautiful harmonies on one’s tongue? Visit Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen to find out for yourself today!

  • Average Price: ~$30
  • Address: 5001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199588
  • Opening time: 5:30 pm – 2 am

Featuring only the best of the best and leaving out the honourable mentions, these are the spots that have successfully made it into the must-try list. Based on the quality of its meat, its spread variety and accessibility, we have devised this master list of mookata outlets that you have to visit (or revisit) in Singapore.

Have other mookata places that you frequent? Leave them down below in the comment section! And do check out Eatigo for a guaranteed table reservation and a shot at discounting your favourite meals for up to 50% off!

*Featured Image credit: Shutterstock.com

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