1. Online Grocery Shopping exists…

and you don’t even know about it. There are actually a number of online grocers available in Singapore and we are under-utilising them. Imagine the amount of time and money saved if groceries were purchased online.


Perhaps you’re not familiar with grocery shopping online?

honestbee is one place to get your fresh food from. It’s a reliable choice because your groceries will be hand picked by the concierge shopper from Cold Storage and FairPrice. Sure, those two brands aren’t the only partners under honestbee’s belt. There are Crystal Wines, GNC, Watsons, Whale & Cloud, Pet Lovers Centre, Gastronomia, The Butcher’s Dog, Four Seasons Organic Market and Mmmm!. To put it simply, whatever you need is probably within honestbee!

2. 60 Giants, 39 Sheng Siongs, 169 FairPrices, 19 Primes, 52 Cold Storages, 5 Market Places, 4 Jasons = More than 348 Grocery Stores in Singapore*

*not sure how accurate the number is.


You can probably find a grocery store within 10 minutes of walking, practically and reasonably wherever you are! It sheds light on how much, as a nation, we consume on food and other necessities on a daily basis doesn’t it?

3.  Singapore’s F&B products are also sold in over 40 countries


It’s usually difficult for one to switch brands once one is comfortable with a certain brand. Diversifying the market for our brands will definitely help!

4. There are running lanes at the Kallang Wave FairPrice

sports hub 4


It starts at the middle portion of the entrance, lining through the different shelves until it reaches to the back, where the frozen food lay… frozen.

The running lanes are expected of the FairPrice located in Kallang Wave. A very cool, fresh addition to a supermarket!

However, for every shopper’s sake, we discourage everyone from running through.

5. Cold Storage is cheaper in town than in the heartlands!



There’s a study (in a form of an infographic which I will not reveal) that contrasted between a few supermarkets in Singapore. It touched on the price comparison of various food necessities like eggs, rice, bread and so on, but precise enough to compare in terms of its brand.

It surprisingly concluded that “Cold Storage is substantially cheaper in town than in the heartlands”! That’s one interesting finding.

6. FairPrice is competitively cheap compared to other supermarkets



Another finding from the same study (mentioned above), is that FairPrice is a good middle ground, where everything you need is available and at reasonable prices.

7. Giant Hyper Tampines is probably the biggest physical grocery store in Singapore



Over three stories of shopping goodness!

8. Supermarkets have existed in Singapore for over a century



Cold Storage first opened in Orchard in 24th March 1905, making it one of the earliest supermarkets in Singapore!

9. Cold Storage lived through the Japanese Occupation

Although they were Japanese-controlled!

10. The Shop N Save confusion

shop n save


Shop N Save wasn’t bought over, merely rebranded to Giant! That’s because they are under the same parent company called Dairy Farm Group.

54 Shop N Save supermarkets were converted! Imagine the resources needed!

11. The average 4-person household spends about S$1,250 per month on essentials


That includes food, shelter and clothing! But really, that’s actually more than enough. If you plan your grocery shopping for a month and then purchase them online in bulk, it’s much, much cheaper! Plus, you’ll be able to snag attractive cashback!

Simply head over to honestbee after clicking through ShopBack to be eligible for an attractive 9% cashback!

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