Shop ’til you drop when in Tokyo! Everything you need to buy in a city is already here. From electronics to fashion items to traditional goods, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. It’s truly a shopping paradise to all shopaholics and food lovers from all over the world. So, plan your trip ahead of time and prepare yourself for an ultimate shopping spree.

Tokyo is the busy capital of Japan known for its ultramodern and conventional offerings. From designer stores to vintage shops and food halls, There are tons of things to explore and activities to try in this diverse city with your family or friends.

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With plenty of shopping districts doubled as sightseeing attractions around Tokyo, it’s always a good idea to look for souvenirs and gifts in different areas of the city. Your choices are endless, so you’ve got to ready your pockets and wallets! Listed below is a rundown of what to buy and where to shop best when in Tokyo:

1. Youth fashion needs – Shibuya

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Head over the liveliest shopping neighbourhood in Tokyo! Shibuya is a big shopping district that features Japan’s youth fashion trends. It is regarded as the city’s teen fashion capital. From Shibuya crossing to Shibuya 109 to dozens of small fashion boutiques, you’ll be overwhelmed with tons of choices. Home to trend-setting clothing shops, this area offers an electric brightness that engages numerous tourists and locals to shop.


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Both local and international fashion brands can be easily spotted here, like H&M and Forever 21. Its inner roads consist of smaller shops, which are also worth a visit. Looks for Beams, BEAUTY&YOUTH or Freak’s Store. Definitely, all the fashion needs, including accessories, shoes, bags, beauty products, and clothes, of a young female will be satisfied in Shibuya.

2. High-end and speciality items – Ginza

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Visit Ginza, Tokyo’s most glamorous district, for upmarket shopping. If you have the budget to spend on luxury items and high-end brands, then this is the perfect place for you. Almost every premier Japanese and international fashion and cosmetic labels are present here, as well as the leading electronics brands. Retail therapy ain’t cheap in Ginza, so get your cash and credit cards ready.


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World-class dining and shopping are what Ginza is all about. Various flagship stores of international designer brands can be found here, where you can witness the best of Japan and the whole world. More so, this district boasts of its artisanal and speciality shops. You can shop for different stuff, like handmade chopsticks, folk crafts, or traditional Japanese desserts, called Wagashi. Certainly, Ginza is a must-visit spot when in Tokyo.

3. Art items and souvenirs – Roppongi

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In search for some art-related goods? Check out Roppongi, the art district of Tokyo. All art lovers will surely love this place as there are plenty of museums and galleries here. You can head to the popular Art Triangle Roppongi, which houses The Mori Art Museum, The Suntory Museum of Art, and The National Art Center, for some interesting art pieces. Also, you can visit Axis Design in case you love home and office wares.


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Roppongi is ideal for upscale shopping in the middle of the city. You can also shop at its two famous spots, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. These bring commercial developments to the district, where you can see office spaces, retail shops, and residential apartments in one area. It’s worth a visit, for sure.

5. Electronics and Otaku-related stuff – Akihabara

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Obsessed with anything electronics or Otaku-related items? Fret not, for Akihabara is to the rescue! This district is the electronics mecca and at the same time the centre for Otaku culture. It is home to electronics retailers and dozens of shops about manga, anime, games, and collectables. You’ve got to include this district in your shopping itinerary.

Additionally, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with lots of options at Akihabara Electric Town, so be prepared for it. Do check out the smaller shops at the back streets of the Electric Town for better bargains. There are stores that sell second-hand gadgets and other unique items, so come and visit Akihabara.

A vacation in Tokyo won’t be complete without shopping at Harajuku. This interesting and charming district offers both youth fashion shops and upscale boutiques. There are two main shopping streets here, the Omotesando and Takeshita Dori. The former is a tree-lined avenue featuring high-end shops and cafes. While the latter is the main retail artery and centre for youth trends and counterculture. It can be found in a narrow street of numerous stalls selling fashionable items and unique trinkets.


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7. Cheap finds – Asakusa

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Come by Asakusa for bargains galore! Offering the best-ever downtown shopping experience, this district is truly a must-visit for every tourist in Tokyo. It’s also where you’ll be introduced to the rich culture of Japan. All souvenir-hunting travellers will be delighted to know that this is the perfect destination to purchase traditional crafts and usual trinkets, such as pens, magnets, keychains, masks, washi papers, and other keepsakes, you can bring back home.


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Not to mention, Asakusa is also Tokyo’s kitchenware hub. It offers a wide range of anything related to the kitchen, except food. You can shop at Kappabashi Dori for ceramics, kitchen utensils, equipment, furniture, earthenware, knives, and other items. This place is run by kitchen experts, so you’re sure to score great deals.

8. Gundam-related toys – Odaiba

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Calling all Gundam fans out there! Odaiba will be your piece of heaven once in Tokyo. It is a shopping and entertainment district built on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. A lot of tourists flock here to shop, dine, play, and indulge in good things. You can choose to shop at Aquacity, Decks, Palette Town, or Diver City, where you can purchase Gundam-related toys and see the life-sized Gundam robot.

Aside from anything related to Gundam, you can also find different fashion boutiques and outlet shops at Odaiba. The Palette Town is a Venice-themed shopping complex with an elegant European ambience that caters mostly to young women. You can also check out Decks Tokyo Beach for its indoor theme parks, like Tokyo Joypolis, as well as Daiba Itchome Shotengai at Decks Seaside Mall for some retro pop culture goods.

Of course, included in this list is the historic merchant district of Nihonbashi. It served as one of the premier centres of trade and commerce during the Edo Period. Featuring traditional crafts, art, cultural items, and local goods, all shoppers with an interest in conventional products will definitely be delighted to swing by at this spot.

Interestingly, you’ll find here many speciality shops that were built centuries long ago, including Ubukeya, Zohiko, and Haibara, as well as the flagship branch of Mitsukoshi, the country’s oldest department store that highlights kimono and artworks. Takashiyama’s Nihonbashi branch is also a remarkable commercial establishment that shows classic store elegance, so do visit it, too.

Pro Tips to know when shopping in Tokyo:

  • Look for the “TAX-FREE” sign on the stores and take your passport with you if you are planning to spend more than 10,000 yen per purchase. You can get tax exemption in high amount purchases.
  • For fashion purchases, take into consideration that the sizing in Japan is different and tends to fall on the smaller side.
  • When buying electronics, take note of the warranty. Some of the warranties are only valid in Japan.
  • Check your receipts. Japan has a consumption tax (similar to GST) of 8%.

The ultimate shopping experience in Tokyo

Your Tokyo escapade won’t be complete without splurging at its finest and most popular shopping districts. Simply head to any of these places specified above to enjoy an amazing shopping experience. You deserve to treat yourself from time to time, so better save up and have fun shopping in Tokyo. Also, don’t forget to score the best travel deals at ShopBack today for a more exciting getaway with your family or friends. Certainly, everything will be worth it.

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