There’s more to Indonesia than its famous spots, like Bali and Jakarta. Head over Bandung in West Java for a fun-filled and worthy escapade. You’ll definitely have a good time in this lovely city that’s set amid green plantations and active volcanoes. So plan your trip ahead of time and seize every moment.

Bandung, the third biggest city in Indonesia, with an awe-inspiring vast scenery and cold wind chill, it’s a perfect travel destination for everyone. Apparently, it’s also known for its lively university-town vibe, colonial and art deco architecture, and cool tropical weather.

How to Reach Bandung

There are daily direct flight going out directly from Singapore to Bandung Airport from $155 return offered by Air Asia, Singapore Airlines and SilkAir.

Top Things to Do in Bandung

A visit to Bandung won’t disappoint you as there are plenty of things to do and see while here. There are numerous spots ideal for the curious and outdoorsy traveller, so you’ll never run out of activities to try. Listed below are the top things you should do when in the highland city of Bandung:

1. Witness the beauty of Kawah Putih up close

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Nestled at about 50 kilometres south of Bandung is the majestic Kawah Putih or White Crater. Offering a dreamy view of the turquoise and white volcanic lake surrounded by skeletal trees, this surreal looking crater truly is a must-visit. You also need to know that the crater lake contains a strong concentration of sulfur that may cause death to some living creatures. However, there’s nothing to worry about, it’s totally safe to visit this place. Just bring or buy a mask at the entrance and you’re free to roam around and take beautiful snaps of this glorious spot.

  • Location: Sugihmukti, Pasirjambu, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

2. Pay a visit to Bandung Geological Museum

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Stroll around the Bandung Geological Museum and get to know more about the geology of the area. Initially, the building was used as a storage area and laboratory for geological and mining results from various Indonesian regions. As time went by, it also expanded into a research centre to provide more information about tourism objects and earth science. The museum now holds numerous exhibitions as well as geological materials, including minerals, fossils, and rocks. This space is open daily from 9 am up to 3 pm, except on holidays.

  • Location: Jl. Diponegoro No.57, Cihaur Geulis, Cibeunying Kaler, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40122, Indonesia

3. Be a cowboy for a day at De’ Ranch

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Head to De’ Ranch and dress up like a cowboy for a day. This Western-themed green ranch is perfect for families who simply want to have fun together and try out something different for a day out. The ranch offers horseback rides and other cowboy-themed activities both for kids and adults.

  • Location: Jl. Maribaya No.17, Kayuambon, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391, Indonesia

4. Spend some quiet time at Dusun Bambu

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Take in the serene atmosphere at Dusun Bambu. If you’re looking for a spot to relax and be one with nature, then this leisure park is the place to be. Situated at the foot of the mountain, this retreat area takes pride of its gigantic bamboo structure, scenic views, and inspiring ambiance. You can enjoy walking through the fascinating bamboo paths, appreciate the true beauty of nature, or spend a few nights in one of its cabins. Don’t forget to dine at Burangrang restaurant too, and taste some of its delectable meals.

  • Location: No.KM 11, Jl. Kolonel Masturi, Situ Lembang, Cisarua, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40551, Indonesia

5. Discover Tangkuban Perahu’s live crater

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Step close to the Tangkuban Perahu’s live crater! This could be the most exciting activity you will ever do when in Bandung. A 2-hour drive north of the city will let you reach the foot of an active volcano, named Tangkuban Perahu. In case you’re up for a thrilling adventure, then witness its live crater with steaming white smoke. Legend has it that there was a young boy who fell in love with his mother a long time ago. When the mother knew about it, she challenged her son to build a huge boat overnight. Fearing that her son might truly accomplish the task, she asked God for help and bring the sun earlier. As a result, the sun rose before the son was able to finish the boat. With his defeat, he kicked the boat, thus producing a crater that actually looks like a volcano. Whether this story is true or not, this attraction is still one-of-a-kind. You can also check out various stores at the top of the crater that sells street food, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

  • Location: Cikahuripan, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia

6. See Grand Mercure Bandung Setiabudi’s magic pool

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Enjoy a magical experience at Grand Mercure Bandung Setiabudi. Its warm sparkling pool is popular all over Bandung because of its special features, such as clear water, bright colours, and an impression that you’re floating under a billion stars. Imagine yourself swimming with tons of twinkling stars and simply delighting at the moment after a long day of exploring. Consider staying overnight at this hotel and you won’t regret it.

  • Location: Jalan Dr. Setiabudi No.269-275, Isola, Sukasari, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40154, Indonesia
  • Price of a night stay: from $101 at Agoda

7. Watch the entertaining Saung Angklung Udjo show

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Catch one of the greatest performances of the local children at Saung Angklung Udjo. Using the angklung, a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo tubes, the children play it to present an impressive show to their audience. There’ll be a smile on your face while watching them perform, for sure. Undoubtedly, it’s a memorable cultural activity to try in Bandung.

  • Location: Jl. Padasuka No.118, Pasirlayung, Cibeunying Kidul, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40192, Indonesia

8. Have fun at Trans Studio Bandung

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Let your inner child come out once again at Trans Studio Bandung, one of the biggest indoor theme parks in the world. The theme park features two floors and 20 amazing rides, which are branched out into three zones—the Lost City, magic corner, and central studio. A day spent here with your whole family or friends will be fantastic! You’ll be able to watch theater plays, try thrilling rides, and even play games suitable for grownups and little ones.

  • Location: Jl. Gatot Subroto No.289, Cibangkong, Batununggal, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40273, Indonesia
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9. Indulge in good food at The Peak Resort Dining

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Dine at The Peak Resort Dining and have a taste of Indonesian and international cuisines. Offering a picture-perfect scenery and scrumptious course meals, this restaurant serves rather great wine, too. More so, there’s a band that plays lovely music while you savour your meal. How soothing can this be, right? If you are looking for a more calm night out with romantic vibes, you’ll enjoy the dinner at the Peak.

  • Location: Jl. Desa Karawangi No. 388A Komplek Giri Indah, Jl. Gegerkalong Tonggoh Raya, Karyawangi, Parongpong, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40261, Indonesia
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10. Shop until you drop at Rumah Mode

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A visit to Bandung will never be complete without shopping. In fact, this city is the shopping mecca of Indonesia. Yes, you’ve read it right. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find it in one of the many shopping malls around. From souvenirs to cheap finds to high-end goods, one of the best places to shop in Bandung is at Rumah Mode. It’s fun to shop here simply because it has everything you need, including restaurants and cafes. Once you’re hungry and tired of shopping, you can easily head to any dining spots to eat and rest.

  • Location: Jalan Doktor Setiabudi No.41, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40143, Indonesia

An exciting Bandung escapade

Tripping Bandung with your travel buddies is best experienced with these activities specified above. You’re sure to have an unforgettable journey once you’ve tried these things out, so better add these in your itinerary. There won’t be dull moments in this vibrant city, so there’s nothing to worry about. Also, score the best travel deals at ShopBack today to save up on your travel cost and enjoy more your vacation.

Are there any things to do in Bandung that you can suggest? Share them now!

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