If Kingdom was not scary enough for you, then 14-day staying at home might be the real-life spin-off for your new Netflix show. While most of us can’t wait to rush home after work on a usual day, working from home and or staying at home for 14 days straight seems to be a roadblock.

Whether it’s reading a new book, binging on dramas or trying to get in shape, here’s how to make your time at home count!

1. Start the day by Washing Your Hands for 20 Seconds

washing hands

Clean freak or not, washing your hands is extremely important these days. And generally, just sanitising and ensuring your personal hygiene is well maintained. Hand sanitisers and washes are constantly out of stock, but you can always keep a lookout for them on Watsons or Guardian – which you can earn Cashback from!



2. Burn some calories with Nintendo Ring Fit

keep fit with nintendo switch ring fit adventure while staying at home
Photo: Nintendo

You’ve seen it on Tik Tok and now’s your turn to burn some fat and tone your abs with the Nintendo Switch. A super intense game that couples working out and fun, it makes exercising at home much easier than enjoyable than it usually is. Perfect for gym junkies who don’t want to skip your workout sessions while staying at home!


3. Toggling tabs between Zalora and Hangouts

zalora singapore website home page

Morning meetings from home might be taking a toll on you and you might just be toggling between your favourite shopping sites and Google Hangouts or Skype. There are some crazy sales that will be ongoing on Zalora and ASOS in the upcoming week so be sure to keep a lookout!

P.S I hope you’re not the one sharing the screen as you toggle between the tabs.


4. Lunchtime, anytime.

breakfast in bed while staying at home
Photo: @heftiba | Unsplash

Eating in solitude while watching my Netflix shows is one of the best things about working from home. Furthermore, I’m able to get food delivered right to my doorstep with Foodpanda. Netflix + Foodpanda? Best of both worlds.


Even though you’ve got to stay at home all day, you won’t have to be online and still doing work on weekends.

5. Escape the Gas in Call of Duty: War Zone

Photo: Call of Duty

A virtual war zone that provides a realistic gameplay experience, you’ll need to strategise and fight your way through enemies, gas attacks and so much more. The game will take up the bulk of your time so you can stay entertained throughout the day! Rest assured you won’t be running around in the supermarket instead!


6. Learn Korean to watch Crash Landing On You without Subtitles

netflix korean drama crash landing on you
Photo: Netflix

Learning a new language requires a crazy amount of motivation, and Ri Jeong-hyuk is probably the best motivation now. While you may not be able to fully grasp the language within a few days, it pays to understand what Captain Ri is saying when he romanticise with Yoon Se-ri with not just saranghaeyo.

If Korean dramas are not your kind of thing, you can also pick-up Japanese or Spanish to watch Terrace House or Cable Girls at ease!


7. Overcooked – in real life?

nintendo switch game overcooked
Photo: Nintendo

Playing Overcooked with friends can make or break a friendship but hopefully, you’ll only be breaking a plate in real life. Whip up a fancy 3-course meal for yourself or your family and learn from the renowned chefs with comprehensive guides and receipts.

If you’re in need of some groceries, get them delivered to your house in a matter of days with Fairprice ON or EA Mart!


8. Video call your family member in another room

If any of you needs to stay in your own room, the best way to communicate is likely to be via video calls. You wouldn’t want to be shouting across the house for your mum to hear you, and risk a sore throat instead. Best way to do so? A reliable phone and good quality earphones.


9. Read 2 bestseller books in a day

person holding a stack of books
Photo: Thought Catalog

It’s the last stretch! If you’re a slow reader, finishing one in a day will be a great feat too. Bestseller books can be found on Bookdepository‘s home page where you can choose from a wide selection of books available.

Alternatively, e-book readers will find themselves right at home in the Kindle library. Don’t have a Kindle yet? Now’s the best time to get your hands on one and enjoy 1.5% Cashback on your electronics purchase on Amazon!

Do note that Kindle Unlimited, Mobile Apps, Audible, Echo Accessories, Kindle Accessories are not available for Cashback.

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