Adidas shoes are perfect for comfort and style

Many think of comfort and style as two separate circles on a Venn diagram. But with Adidas, you can easily stay sleek and comfy as you go on with your daily routine. As a wise person once said, never compromise on things that separate you from the ground: beds, sofas, chairs and especially shoes.

So what are the sleekest sneakers from Adidas, you ask? Don’t worry, we got you fam.

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Continental 80

white shoes with red and blue strap
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

The Continental 80 was a silhouette that was originally released in the 1980s but recently introduced again by Adidas in 2018. In its re-release in 2018, the sneaker was reproduced exactly like it was in the 1980s making it the true OG.

Premium leather makes up most of the shoe, and the red and black lining sets it far apart from any other basic sneaker. So don’t worry, this pair will let you flex and enjoy comfort. If you’re not a fan of white sneakers, they come in full black too which look immaculate.

Stan Smith

white sneakers with black detailing
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

Arguably iconic, the Stan Smiths could be the most well-known shoe model from Adidas. Nearly 50 years since its inception, the Stan Smiths are still popular among all age groups. Originally a tennis shoe, the sneaker was a collaboration with acclaimed tennis player, Stan Smith. Over the years, Adidas has made adjustments to an already comfortable shoe, with heel cushioning and thicker soles.

Unlike other classic designs which have only made a resurgence in production recently, Adidas only briefly stopped the production of the shoe between 2011 and 2014. Despite the pause, it has continuously become a staple in anyone’s shoe collection.

NMD Primeknit

black sneakers with white sole and grey detailing
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

I’m sure everyone knows a person who owns a pair of NMDs. This particular shoe silhouette was a new and original design released by Adidas in 2015. It quickly gained traction and popularity. Almost everyone owned a pair or wanted one.

As it was a modern release, the shoe was made with the latest technology to bring the utmost comfort to its owners. Want it to be even more comfortable, get the Primeknit version which is the equivalent of having fluffy marshmallows as shoes. With so many designs and colourways available, it will be easy to match with your favourite outfit.

Ultraboost 19

three tone sneakers with orange detailing
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

Another newcomer in the sneaker scene, the Ultra Boost has already made its stamp on both the running and fashion world. Comfort is not compromised one bit in the Ultra Boost thanks to the Boost material Adidas uses in its shoes. If you’re not familiar with this material, it is essentially pellets of sponge-like material being compressed and moulded together. This makes running a breeze.

The Ultra Boost has gone through a few iterations and upgrades since its release in 2015. However, the Ultra Boost 19 is certainly the best version yet with significant upgrades installed. Perfect for a night out on the dancefloor or in the park for a quick jog.


black faux leather shoes
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

Named after Brazil’s traditional music genre and dance style, the Samba was made for Brazil’s most loved sport: football. The shoe was first introduced to help football players play on the hard slippery ground (street soccer style). The iconic gum sole was made for better suction to prevent any slips as well.

However, you hardly see these bad boys in street soccer courts or futsal pitches anymore but as casual fashion pieces. It’s even made many appearances in popular media such as TV and films which shows how popular these kicks are.


black and white sneakers
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

A timeless sneaker is one that is heavily rooted in culture and history. For the Gazelles, it made its impact in the Olympics and street culture in Europe.

Originally a training shoe, the Gazelles were popular among athletes and turned heads during the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Since then, it has become a staple for youths in the UK, France and many other parts of Europe. The training shoe was even popular among skaters for a brief period.

For how iconic this silhouette is, it is a must-have.


white sneakers with silver detailing
Image Credit: Adidas Singapore

Nothing encapsulates Adidas more than the Superstar shoes. The three stripes, trefoil logo on the tongue and shell-toe are the only three things that a shoe really needs. What is surprising is how it was originally a basketball shoe back in the late 1960s.

If you find this familiar growing up, you must have seen them on the feet of NBA player Kareem Abdul Jabbar and hip-hop group Run D.M.C.

Since those days, the Superstar has become synonymous with the Adidas brand in the casual fashion sphere. Definitely a comfy and trendy addition to your shoe collection thanks to its textile lining and rubber shell toe.

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