Large bathrooms are a luxury that most of us aren’t blessed with. As a result, we usually focus our decorating prowess to the rest of the house and neglect the bathroom – resorting to using plain white tiles and installing bulky sinks that become cluttered easily.

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Well, you can change that with HipVan, where you can change how your loo looks and turn it into a nifty space!

1. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, but he’s totally not having a ball. In fact he’s ’bout to bawl, because he’s so appall(ed at how plain your walls look)

That’s right, we’re talking about walls first. When you step into a bathroom, walls make the first impression. Instead of the usual plain white, give the walls some colour and/or texture by using some wallpaper!

Whether you want a bubbly and  feminine design, chic aesthetics or a spa-like environment, HipVan has many wallpaper designs available for you to choose from. Here are some of the many featured designs for you to browse through and purchase. Worried about what the water might do to your wallpaper? Fret not – a quick Google search yields tons of results on how to waterproof the wallpaper yourself!


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2. Look at these beautiful walls, step on a wonderful floor

When you have beautiful walls to look at, why not pair it with wonderful flooring to complete the look? HipVan offers you many flooring choices in several colours and it’s all for you to choose from to match your walls. Likewise, waterproofing your shiny new wooden floor has never been easier! Just consult Google and there are tons of websites ready to teach you how.


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3. Too much clutter? Clear them yourself, get some shelves, racks or hooks.

Shelves, especially those that can go on walls, are particularly useful in clearing clutter. Put up a few so that you can place your toiletries or vanity items on them instead of around the sink or even on the floor.

Have some soap racks in the shower area or toiletries shelf up and ready to be used!




If you have some space, you can have a simple, slender shelf stand to put heavier or larger items on.


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4. Instead of dumping dirty clothes on the floor, or having to walk in and out to clear your rubbish, get some baskets!

Laundry baskets are especially useful when you have dirty laundry. Instead of dumping it all in a pile on the floor till laundry day, hide this clothing clutter with a laundry basket!


Also, to clear rubbish such as tissue papers or cotton pads without having to keep walking in and out to of the bathroom, you should have a waste basket in the same space.



Laundry and waste baskets can be used as complements to the overall design of your loo.

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5. Keep dry and buy a floor mat.

In order to prevent yourself from slipping while in the bathroom or avoid wetting the outside of the bathroom space, keep dry and get yourself a floor mat.


You can place a floor mat outside the bathroom door and/or at the edge of the shower area. There are different types of floor mats, including the sponge-like kinds (image above) and the common cloth ones.

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6. Match your bathroom linen, HipVan has several colours for men and women.

The perfect bathroom would have matching linens – face, hand and bath all included. The common practice is to use random, mismatched linens and sometimes even use one large bath towel for almost all purposes. But this might be pretty unhygienic so, you’ve got to change this habit!


Match the colours! Well, it’s not mandatory, but it’ll improve your bathroom aesthetic. There are four different colours for hand towels, face towels and bath towels – buy them all together as a family package and save some bucks as well.

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7. Scrub, scrub, scrub yourself clean, be cleaner than you’ve ever been!

If you don’t have time for a spa session, you can feel good as long as you use the right cleaning products to scrub yourself clean and soothe your aching muscles. Get an awesome shower scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, a wonderful bubbly shower gel to clean yourself, and a body lotion to soothe your precious skin. Give your skin a treat that’s as good as a spa’s!



Also, you should keep your hands clean after you’ve used the loo. Get yourself a bottle of scented hand soap from HipVan too. Or if you’d prefer bar soaps, HipVan has them too!




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8. But other than keeping yourself clean, the perfect bathroom should be clean as well

To do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom, you need a strong cleaning detergent and a good scrub from top to bottom. But in between those days, here’s an all-purpose cleaner for you to do some light, fast cleaning to keep it sparkling always!


After you clean you’d want your bathroom to not only look good, but also smell good! That’s why HipVan made aroma diffusers available for you to purchase! There are large ones and relatively smaller ones, but they’re compact and stylish, portable and user-friendly! Just add a few drops of your favourite aroma oil and make your bathroom smell good. There’s no need to worry about forgetting to turn the diffuser off because you can set a timer as well.


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9. Your walls and floors are looking great, your shower’s looking pretty inviting, but what about around the sink?

If your bathroom is relatively smaller, it’s good to get a sink that is not bulky and does not take up much space. Also, remember those wall shelves that you can fix onto your walls? Well, fix two or three near your sink, and place your vanity items up there! You should fix the shelves preferably at eye level, so that it’s easy to take what you need with ease. You can also get some organizers to separate your items and keep things neat!


Besides vanity items, it’ll also do you good to get a small clock for yourself so that you can keep track of time while you’re in the bathroom. HipVan offers several types of clocks. Some are quirky-looking and some are plain yet chic – find the one that best suits your overall perfect bathroom design!

To fill up the shelves, get vanity items, organizers and clocks from HipVan to earn 2.0% Cashback!

The perfect bathroom makeover doesn’t require big changes like knocking down walls to increase the space size. HipVan features many well-designed and durable products that you can purchase to make some changes to your bathroom. Clear your clutter using wall shelves, arrange them with organizers and racks, give your walls and/or flooring some colour and get matching linens to complete the look. Enjoy free shipping when you spend a final amount that’s more than S$75. You can also earn 2.0% Cashback when you purchase from HipVan through ShopBack.

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Well now, I’d have to excuse myself. I have a bathroom to design.

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