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Ah, sneakers. What’s not to love? They’re comfortable, they’re practical… They also happen to be ridiculously hard to get, depending on the design. In a world where you have to win a lucky draw just for a chance to pay full retail price for these beauties, sneakers have been elevated to the level of status symbols.

Here are some of the most coveted, most elusive sneakers that are available on eBay. Sure, you might have to sell a kidney or two** to afford one, but we’re sure it’s all gonna be worth it in the end.

Nike 1988 Air Jordan III (White-Fire-Red Original)

Nike Air Jordan 3image credits: faceoffashion | ebay.com

It is difficult to overstate the impact that Nike’s first few Air Jordan shoes had on sneaker design since the 1980s. They represented style and bright colourways in an era when vibrant sneaker design was only starting to take off. Despite newer releases, the Air Jordan III still remains one of the hottest-looking with its pure white uppers.

eBay Price: USD 29,999.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 299.99
Price after Cashback: USD 29,699.00

Nike Air Yeezy 2 SP “Red October”

Nike Air Yeezy 2image credit: newyorkcompany | ebay.com

Nike’s collaboration with Kanye. Some argued that the first had dull colourways, but this Red October version of the second edition was where it was at when it came to showing striking colour. These godlike orange kicks set the tone for upcoming collaborations with Louis Vuitton and BAPE.

eBay Price: USD 19,999.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 199.99
Price after Cashback: USD 19,799.00

Adidas Originals Yeezy 750 Boost

Adidas Yeezy Boost 2image credit: hummpty | ebay.com

Kanye’s second shoe from his Adidas collaboration was never meant to be utilitarian, with his passion for glam fashion design. Hence, fashion runways and the Grammy awards are really what the Yeezy 750 Boost shoes were made for. One look at the grippy, almost space-like sole, confirms the shoe’s out-of-this-world status.

eBay price: USD 20,000.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 200.00
Price after Cashback: USD 19,800.00

Nike Air Max Bandito (Khaki White)

Nike Air Max image credit: portalsports | ebay.com

A revolutionary leap in sneaker design, the original Air Max took the concept of its advanced air-cushioning design and took it one-step higher by revealing it in the sole. The design was so revolutionary, in fact, that even fans of more conventional sneaker design had to praise its ingenuity and innovative colourways.

eBay price: USD 5,000.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 50.00
Price after Cashback: USD 4,950.00

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII (Carbon Fibre sample, Undefeated series)

Nike Air LeBronimage credit: tcpkickz | ebay.com

You would be hard pressed to find a Nike LeBron shoe with this little detail and colour composition, while looking super-sophisticated. The carbon fibre weave and suede grey leather have an ethereal quality to them, looking tremendously classy when added on top a trademark Air Max sole. As with any LeBron sneaker, you would be getting supreme comfort from its cushiony inners.

The eBay price: USD 7,999
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 79.99
Price after Cashback: USD 7,919

The Nike Air Zoom Kobe 4 Finals MVP special edition (with metal case)

Nike Air Zoom Kobeimage credit: lastpair_14 | ebay.com

A multiple NBA Finals MVP and scoring champion, it was fitting that Kobe got a limited edition 4 shoe with one of the most ridiculous circulation numbers in eBay history. You will only find 8 pairs of these beauties in the world, and only one here at eBay. Nevertheless, this is a cutting-edge sneaker design, due to an injury-reducing upper design, and patented-leather toe tips.

eBay price: USD 2,999.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 29.99
Price after Cashback: USD 2,969.00

Nike Zoom Kobe IX Premium Low (with Flyknit upper)

s-l1600image credits: lawschoolkickz11375 | ebay.com

Kobe Bryant is known as Black Mamba, as he strikes just as fast with his pull-up jumpers and two-handed dunks. The Flyknit upper editions of his Nike Zoom series are fabricated to fit that theme very well. They look like snake skin and are rightfully limited-edition premium because of that. You have never seen colourways this snazzy in your life.

eBay price: USD 4,519.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 45.19
Price after Cashback: USD 4,473.81

Nike Dunk Low (LA DJ edition)

s-l1600 (2)image credits: hegotjays | ebay.com

From the Nike heel tabs to the dual-colour scheme, we have one of the most versatile designs to ever grace the sneaker world. DJ AM actually wore this 1 of 1 edition during the hit TV show Entourage, and it’s now available for purchase through eBay.

The eBay price: USD 30,000.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 300.00
Price after Cashback: USD 29,700.00

Adidas Superstar BAPE (Camo Green)

Adidas Superstarimage credit: thecoolshoeshine | ebay.com

Speaking of perfect sneaker design, Adidas Superstar fits that bill. One could add any colourway they would want on a pair of Superstars and it would just work. Ask Pharrell Williams, whose Supercolour editions featured nothing but a single colour bled through 100 %. But, still, it was the three stripes that made for an exceptional model. With the Burning Ape edition, you will be rep-ping one-of-a-kind camouflage green colours.

The eBay price: USD 1,977.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 19.77
Price after Cashback: USD 1,957.00

Nike Air Jordan IV Retro (Eminem Slim Shady Encore edition)

s-l500 (2)image credit: thecoolshoeshine | ebay.com

I just had to end off with the king of sneaker lines with the Nike Air Jordan 4. The first total collaboration between the two, this was one for the ages and it delivered big. It is undoubtedly one of the few truly perfect designs that Nike came up with. It’s flawless with its shapes, support structures, meshing and soles, so devoid of faults in fact that so many editions were made around it, including this hip-hop-inspired Eminem version. 

eBay price: USD 25,999.00
ShopBack’s Cashback: USD 259.99
Price after Cashback: USD 25,739.00

So, there you are, the most coveted sneakers you can find on eBay. Maybe paying with two instalments of your kidneys** will be possible soon on eBay. We’ve done our best to help you to reduce the price as much as we can. Head on over to ShopBack to get cashback and coupon codes for eBay!

**Don’t do it. We’re kidding.

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