Phones at the mid-range aren’t all that impressive to the typical smartphone user since everyone’s more concerned about the latest and (possibly) greatest phones available in the market. However, many are left unaware of the smartphone gems introduced to the market. The Lenovo A7000 is one such phone that builds upon top-notched phone specifications while at the same time, relishes in a small price tag.

Long Battery Life

Priced at only S$229, the Lenovo A7000 is fully-packed with functions that an average smartphone user utilises. Its 2900 mAH battery boasts up to 12 days of standby from only a single charge! That’s almost ten times longer than an average phone newly released in the market. Subsequently, it sums up to 39 hours of talk time. The operating system’s efficiency that leads to a longer battery life makes this phone extremely suitable for one thing: Gaming.

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Features Suited for Gaming

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The smartphone goes well beyond 12 hours of gaming (well, depending on your game and usage of course!). You’ll be racing on Asphalt 7 and killing the innocent on GTA the whole day! And I actually meant that quite literally. However, the phone goes beyond just relying on the battery life. With its huge 5.5” screen, gaming on the Lenovo A7000 is much more immersive than your average phone, much less any mid-range phones in the market. This feature actually improves its High-Definition resolution, which comes in 720 x 1280 pixels.

In terms of its processor, the phone leads the mid-range pack by a mile. 64-bit Octa Core processor with 2GB DDR3 RAM — the latest games will run in full HD quality, without any lag. Games with cinematic scenes will load and play with utmost fluidity!

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Apart from its processor, the game’s quality will also be augmented by the sound — the Lenovo A7000 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos smartphone. The idea is that Dolby Atmos sound systems enable a 3D aural experience. It’s safe to say that gamers will be easily immersed into the game.

I would definitely recommend utilising at least earphones for the Dolby Atmos hardware to recreate the 3D sound effect and enjoy the highest standard of sound quality. You’ll feel like you’re standing in the midst of your games or movies! Needless to say, this initiative is better than Sony’s Xperia Z series’ ClearAudio+ function. While the ClearAudio+ polishes the the audio for your music, it does not incorporate a fresh overall experience like the Dolby Atmos. For a phone that’s only S$229, the Lenovo A7000 is treading in all the right places!

Other features

Despite its powerful battery, the design remains extremely slim, clocking at only 7.99mm. That’s about 1mm thicker than the Samsung S6 Edge. However, this slight difference is inconsequential. I mean, for its long battery life, that extra 1mm of thickness isn’t that big of a deal!

The phone’s secondary camera is competitively high quality at 5 megapixels, a clarity that would even threaten the iPhone. Upload your pictures onto different phone accounts seamlessly when needed with the phone’s useful dual-SIM capability!


It is obvious to say the least that with such a low price tag, the Lenovo A7000 boasts specifications that would almost fit itself beyond just mid-range! For more information with regards to the phone, simply head over to Lazada!

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Now, who says the best things don’t come cheap?

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