Groupon’s having a sale right now, up to 25% off selected deals until the 21st October. And like the good Singaporeans we are, ShopBack is firmly on the food trail, compiling 20 of the most scrumptious deals you will find on Groupon. Remember, 4% cashback up for grab when you shop at Groupon through ShopBack!


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1. $24.50 for a 600g Cake from The Palette Knife, Upper Thomson (worth $45)

Enjoy the rich, creamy smoothness of the cakes at The Palette Knife, while saving some much needed money for all the deliciousness left on this list.

2. $35.50 for $60 Cash Voucher for Authentic Szechuan Cuisine at Tian Bao Restaurant, Ngee Ann City

We might be getting ahead of ourselves with the desert, so lets flash back to more sustainable lunch plans. Savor every bit of the millenia of deliciousness bursting through the Szechuan cuisine at Tian Bo.

3. $9.98 for Omu Rice with Soup & Free Flow Salad at Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant (worth $19.10)

Switch up dynasties, and cuisines with a quick saunter down to Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant. Enjoy oishi Japanese culinary delights at its most affordable, with a dash of convenience added in as well.


4. $32.80 for a Japanese Ala Carte Buffet Lunch at Shinkei Japanese Restaurant (worth $44.73)

Continue your Japanese gourmet adventure with an unlimited serving of Japan piled up high on your plate. Featuring an almost unfair variety of top notch finger lickers, Shinkei serves up the perfect storm of Japanese cuisine on a refillable platter.


5. $10 for Half-Rack Pork Ribs at Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub (worth $18.80) at 2 Outlets

If the food of the orient isn’t your thing, why not try out what the west has in store for you? Feast your eyes, or better yet, your mouth on the savory half rack of pork ribs.

6. $7.90 for a Salad or Wrap Meal at Happy Salad (worth $16) in Telok Ayer

Wash down the surplus of meat in your system, with a healthy bowl of salad at the aptly named Happy Salad. Delight your tastebuds, with a refreshing serving of leafy goodness.

7. $4.40 for 2 Medium-Sized Drinks at Kalakap (worth $8)

Wash down your meal with an intriguing blend of teas available at Kalakap. Hosting a varied mix of beverages, chances are, whatever you’re looking for in a thirst quencher, Kalakap is going to have it in stock.

8. $24 for $40 Cash Voucher for Fine Dining Indian Cuisine at Earl of Hindh, Sentosa Cove

Let spice coarse through your life with a course of spices at Earl of Hindh. Choose from a menu of classic Indian cuisine, and fan your scalding hot, but immensely satisfied palette after a gander at amazing Indian cuisine.

9. $4.90 for a Yogurt Parfait at Glacier Frozen Yogurt Cafe (worth $6.90) in Orchard Road

What better way to treat your possibly charred tongue, than by slurping a divine creamy concoction in the form of a yogurt parfait at frozen Yogurt Cafe.

10. House of Seafood: $21.90 for 600g – 800g Award-Winning Black Pepper Crab (worth $44)

Seafood at its finest, House of Seafood provides the quality many have come to expect of real seafood, with a price matched by few seafood establishments.

11. From $8.90 for Takeaway Set of 2 Kebabs with 2 Drinks at EPIKebabs (worth up to $30)

Armed with amazing Kebabs, as well as an above average pun, EPIKebabs serves up mind blowingly delicious Kebabs at similarly brain explosion worthy prices.

12. $18.80 for 2 Rice Meals + Egg Tarts & Drinks at WangZai Express, ChinaTown Point (worth $31.20)

Rice is the consummate Asian’s meal of choice, and WangZai Express has you covered in that aspect. Tuck into a much needed bowl of grainy goodness, with some egg tarts thrown into the mix for good measure.

13. $15 for a Steamboat Buffet Lunch at House of Steamboat (worth $22) at Bugis

Ok, i think we’ve been patient enough with all this ala carte limited food entries, let’s get back to the good stuff, so much good stuff. Take in an all you can eat steamboat at the very precisely named House of Steamboat.

14. $16.80 for 500g Kueh Lapis at Baba & Nonya in Somerset (worth $30)

Now to really add some layers of sophistication to this list, how about a serving of Peranakan goodness? Baba Nonya serves up a delightful offering of delicious Kueh Lapis.

15. $34.80 for a 1kg Tiramisu Cake at Cucina Restaurant (worth $52) at Aperia

Another dessert, this time from a completely different continent. The Tiramisu cake is one kilogram of unfiltered coffee flavoured goodness. Pick this cake up for a much needed pick me up at Cucina Restaurant.

16. $19.90 for 1kg Organic Chia Seeds with Free Delivery from Orchard Harvest (worth $40)

Chia seeds are a supremely underrated snack. It has the perfect combination of tastiness, health benefits and fitting loads of seeds into your fists.

17. $28.80 for $50 Cash Voucher from Paradise Inn in10 Outlets

Enjoy a slice of paradise at a slice of the normal prices. Paradise Inn plays host to a tempting assortment of mouth watering oriental fare.

18. $19.90 for $40 Cash Voucher for Pub Food at One Place Bistro & Bar

One Place Bistro and Bar serves as the premium locale for catching a football match. More than that, it is also serves a premium choice of gastronomic bar food.

19. $37.50 for a Dinner Set for 2 People at Inle Myanmar Restaurant (worth $75)

Why not try some South East Asian grub? Especially one that is slowly opening its doors to visitors in the near future (hint hint, wanderlusters).

20. Kim’s Place Seafood Restaurant: $59.90 for $100 Weekday Cash Voucher at Joo Chiat Place

Rounding off the list is the very deserving Kim’s Place Seafood. You can never get enough of the feast under the waves, and Kim’s Place makes it even tougher with their exquisite range of immaculately prepared crutaceans.

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