We’re only 2 months into 2019, and I confess I have visited one of my favourite fast food joints, Texas Chicken quite a few times. Texas Chicken is my refuge during rainy days or when I feel like I need some great comfort food to combat the Monday blues.  

I’m already looking forward to the rousing and unique new flavours coming our way this year. Here’s my review of one of my go-to places for fried chicken in Singapore.

Why do I keep returning to Texas Chicken? For its delectable flavours (and the sinful Honey butter biscuits!), of course. Each season, there’s a new fried chicken flavour to enjoy, and each one is as satisfying as the first.


Favourite Flavours of 2018

While every other outlet has original, crispy and spicy chicken, I prefer to visit Texas Chicken for their unique flavours such as Hong Pow! Ma-Luck Chicken, Herb Garlic, and Sambal Chicken.

While each of these flavours is great in their own way, if I have to pick an absolute favourite I would pick the Sambal Chicken which is spicy, sweet and paired really well with their chendol soft serve.  

Another top pick is the Hong Pow Ma ‘Luck’ Chicken, the Mala style flavour released to celebrate CNY. Packed with that familiar “Ma” and “La” mouthfeel and taste from Szechuan peppers that sting and numb at the same time, the chicken was fresh as always, and had a delicious crunch. Now while the chicken itself was excellent, it becomes complete when paired with their signature curly fries, honey butter biscuit and a refreshing lychee sparkling drink. This one was really addictive.

Luckily, the new flavour is just as tasty.

The return of the fearless Hero: the Yuzu Pepper Chicken

The Yuzu Pepper Chicken makes a successful comeback. The pepper gives the chicken a nice kick that is balanced with the citrusy yuzu flavour. It packs a strong and slightly sweet taste. The skin is golden and crispy as ever and the meat tender and juicy. When eaten piping hot with a side of mashed potatoes, it feels like heaven in your mouth.

You can also enjoy the Yuzu Pepper Chicken until 27 March 2019 in all outlets across the city. The 2pcs Yuzu Pepper Chicken Combo is served with a regular mashed potato, 1 honey butter biscuit and 1 regular green tea for only $10.20 (prices may vary at different outlets).

And, if you try Texas Chicken for the first time via ShopBack GO, you will enjoy a 20% First-try Upsized Cashback from 4 to 10 March 2019.

Other Flavours to Look Forward to?

8 pcs bundle yuzu chicken
Image credit: Texas Chicken.

The Pepper Yuzu flavour is already out. But hopefully, we will see other popular flavours return.

But is anything new actually coming? I am hoping for more Asian-inspired flavours to curb my fried chicken cravings. I’m sure Texas Chicken will make sure to present us with a few good treats this year.

Check out Texas Chicken Singapore outlets here.

*Article written by Nicholas Ho. Featured image credit: Texas Chicken Facebook page.

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