Let’s welcome one more Taobao Sale! *It’s like music to our ears.* We already love Taobao on any regular day but knowing it is offering more discounts and free shipping, makes our week much better.

With that said, this week you have the chance to shop and transform your humble abode or newly BTO into the grand house you always imagined, piece by piece. Taobao’s TMall gifts us its Taobao Home Makeover sale, and along with it, vouchers, daily flash deals as low as 1.1RMB and free shipping on your furniture items.

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Taobao’s Tmall Household Sale from 17 to 22 September

Want to make the most of it? Here is what you should be looking for:

What To Expect from TaoBao Household Sale (17 - 22 Sep)

RMB Tmall Signature Daily Flash Deals - check back every day at 10 am and 6 pm to get deals as low as 1.1 RMB

150 RMB off Tmall Signature vouchers - check the app daily to redeem coupons worth up to 150 RMB (~$30)

Free shipping to Singapore.

Up to 800 RMB (~S$160) off vouchers to buy all you wish for.

First-time buyer on Taobao? Welcome, you get an extra 20 RMB off on your first purchase

What should you be buying now?

This promotional period is ideal to buy Taobao furniture, home appliances and decoration accessories, lamps and lighting. Taobao offers a variety of trendy designs for your home and different price ranges. If you are looking for different trendier furniture and house decor with a discount, this is your chance.

Need inspiration? Follow the decor trends with these buys from Taobao

Shopping for your new home or wishing to spruce up your home to make it look more modern and comfier? Even if a full renovation is not what you have in the cards right now, a few furniture pieces and decor can give your place an entirely new look and feel. Here are some trendy furniture and decor items that you can buy on Taobao’s popular stores.

1. A new bedroom feel

Rest is important and the bedroom is your haven. Change your bedroom look with a bed frame, new headboard or a funky wallpaper to make your bed the centre of attention in the room.

  • Natural wood Queen Bed with a steel bedframe (北欧表情/D8系列进口实木家具/H.W实木铁艺柱子双人床T) from ¥ 27500 ($5400 )
Image credit: Nohor | Taobao
Image credit: Norhor | Taobao

2. Follow the industrial trend

The industrial aesthetic is not a new style but it is still a strong choice for home decor. Add an industrial touch to your own living room by adding furniture pieces like with a brown leather sofa or metal chairs. These are pieces that are utilitarian yet quite modern.

  • Brown leather sofa (北欧表情/英国Square roots进口实木家具/Alma真皮沙发/3人单人T) from ¥ 7800 ($1500 )
  • Metal chair (特惠/北欧NORHOR/奥克兰系列实木家具/乡村/ERIKA休闲椅2款) from ¥ 2180 ($435 )
Image credit: Norhor | Taobao
Image credit: Norhor | Taobao

3. A true contemporary decor

Do you prefer a more stylish yet comfortable decoration? Choose pieces such as coffee tables, candle holders or vases made from raw, natural materials such as wood and concrete, with some elements of marble or onyx. The combination gives a more sophisticated look to a room.

  • Marble coffee table (北欧原装进口家具/丹麦Sketch/OXYGEN铁艺大理石圆形茶几边几M2色) from ¥ 3980 ($790 )
Image credit: Sketch | Taobao


4. Make it colourful

Colour can make a room look totally different. Why not get a few new pillows for your sofa or bed? Pillows and cushion covers are an inexpensive way of updating the decor of your room. Go for geometric accents and bold colours for a touch of fun.

  • Colourful pillows (现代简约卧室沙发床上靠枕北欧抱枕靠垫套薄荷绿渐变条纹) from ¥37.40 ($8 )
Image credit: Sparks21 | Taobao

5. Blue velvet because it is lux

Velvet is making a comeback in house decor and so are the blue hues. Velvet is a luxurious fabric to use and blue colours can add a calmer, more soothing feel to a house. If blue is your colour, you will find all kinds of decor and furniture items to choose from ao Taobao: pillows, table runners, trays and ottomans.

  • Blue ottoman (北欧表情/进口家具/丹麦Sketch/SAGA丝绒天鹅绒布艺茶几坐墩) from ¥ 2380 ($470 )
Image credit: Sketch | Taobao

6. The Wabi-Sabi decor

Follow the Japanese Wabi-Sabi way of life by adding furniture made from natural materials with an imperfect and unrefined touch. For this decorative style, use pieces made of natural wood, straw and ceramic that are simple yet beautiful.

  • Coffee table with storage (橙舍 创意储物茶几简约现代卧室飘窗茶几北欧小茶桌子炕几矮几) from ¥ 399 ($80 )
  • Shelves modules (橙舍 原创组合式斗柜简约收纳柜卧室储物柜创意五斗橱客厅电视柜) from ¥199 ($40 )
Orange House Creative Storage Coffee Table
Image credit: Orange House | Taobao
Orange House original combination drawers storage taobao
Image credit: Orange House | Taobao

7. Return of the antique

You can give a retro feel to your home by adding pieces made of polished brass, such as vases, lamps and mirrors. Brass objects give a vintage yet modern feel to your place. This type of objects also makes a perfect gift for someone.

  • Metal and glass tray (纳茉/轻奢欧式长方形金属镜面玻璃托盘/样板间软装桌面摆件饰品) from ¥ 338 ($67 )
Image credit: Namo | Taobao

8. A special corner for yourself

Even in a small house, it is possible to create a space for yourself by adding either a narrow table to keep your jewellery and makeup or a desk to work at in your bedroom or living room. Give it your personal touch by pairing it with some wall art or a mirror. Add a stool or a chair, and you will have a small corner just for yourself.

  • Dresser desk (北欧表情/新加坡MIC Studio板木家具诺维娜梳妆台书桌/胡桃木色TY) from ¥ 3980 ($780 )
Image credit: MIC Studio | Taobao

9. Pastel hues

Minimalistic spaces don’t have to be all black and white. Pastel hues are an easy way of keeping your decor minimal yet interesting. If painting the walls of your house is not an option, you can still add pastel touches with furniture or wall paintings. Soft pinks and lavender tones are two of the favourite colours for the season.

room shelf decor in pink
Image credit: Typhayne Garden | Taobao

10. Bold wall art

Poster and paintings are the easiest, cost-effective way of giving your home a new look. There is no fixed rule: choose posters with bold typography, abstract paintings, portraits… it is up to you.

  • Decorative painting and posters (翡冷翠 北欧风格抽象玄关装饰画挂画客厅现代简约墙画餐厅壁画) from ¥ 189 ($37 )
Ausisara wall art and console
Image credit: Ausisara | Taobao
decorative wall art and poster
Image credit: Nalo Studio | Taobao

11. Be eclectic, be you!

At the end of the day, who cares about trends, right? Trendy or not, get something you like to your home. It can be a statement chair, a new set of plates and cups or a newer comfier bed to sleep in.

  • Statement chair (北欧表情/英国Square roots进口实木家具/NEXA刺绣布艺沙发单人) from ¥ 9800 ($1900 )
Norhor statement chair sofa taobao
Image credit: Norhor | Taobao

Tips for buying furniture and household items at Taobao

When it comes to buying furniture on Taobao, there are a few things to take note of. We do have a full guide here to help you navigate Taobao. We know it can seem daunting at first, especially for non-Chinese readers. Here a few tips and tricks to get you started:

  • Particularly for furniture, take all necessary measurements and confirm if the product you want fits appropriately into your home.
  • Confirm if the items you are buying can be delivered to Singapore and if there aren’t any customs regulations or restrictions. During this sale and until 22 September, taobao is offering free shipping!
  • 11.11 is still the most significant sale date for Taobao, but you can expect more sales like this from now until then. Keep an eye on the period of 10.10 for more discounts and vouchers.
  • Google Translate it’s your best friend when using Taobao. It will allow you to understand the basic terms and navigate the website.
  • Taobao has a fantastic image search feature that allows you to find your desired item even if you don’t know the term in Chinese. Just take a photo or screenshot of the desired item, put it in the search and it will give you an entire list of similar products.
  • If the list of results is too broad, use the filtering options to narrow it down. You can filter your product results by size, colour, type, etc, to easily find exactly what you need.
  • Check all images available and product description to make sure that the item meets to your expectations.
  • Before committing to buy, always check the product and seller reviews. This will give you insight about the quality and trust of both an item and store.
  • Taobao comes with a messaging feature with the seller. Use it if you have any doubts. Although most sellers will only speak Chinese, you can use Google Translate again to help you send a question.
  • Don’t forget to apply your discount coupons. Check the homepage and top banner to see if there are any other vouchers available before you check out.
  • For more info, check the official Taobao interactive guide here.

Apart from furniture, what are your Taobao favourite buys? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured Image Credit: Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

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