Whether you’re moving to a new house or simply looking for new furniture to give your house a fresh look, you can definitely find everything you need at Taobao. While you may have bought clothes and other items like cheap fashion pieces off Taobao, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of quality furniture available as well! 

New furniture doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

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There are many locally (China-based) sourced brands and manufacturers that make cheap and uniquely designed furniture that will spruce up your living area. We zoom in on building a minimalistic interior design that you can drawn inspiration from. 

StyleTaobao StorePrice RangeSeller Ratings11/11 Specials
Muji-inspiredZOMO (有间筑木)SGD58 - 10604.9/5Spend a minimum RMB200 (approx SGD40) and get RMB25 off (approx SGD5)
IndustrialTiefan (铁梵)SGD20 - 4784.9/5
Aesthetically pleasingZii Home (致家家居)SGD20 - 26624.9/5Spend a minimum RMB200 (approx SGD40) and get RMB25 off (approx SGD5)
Effortless chicSuiYuan (随缘家具)SGD110-3004.9/5Spend a minimum RMB200 (approx SGD40) and get RMB25 off (approx SGD5)
A Brighter HomeWood Show (木修远)SGD25 - 25464.9/5Up to 50% off (capped at approx SGD200)

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If You Love Muji… Try ZOMO (有间筑木)

wooden storage rack
Image Credit: 北欧日式橡木书架 (Book Shelf) | Yjzomo.taobao

If you love Muji’s minimalistic style and concept, 筑木 (Zomo) is right up your alley. Not only are they cheaper, but the solid wood also timbered furniture imported from Japan and Korea which looks remarkably like Muji’s, but with a slight sheen to its finish.

brown coffee table with drawer
Image Credit: 北欧实木茶几 (Coffee Table) | yjzomo.taobao

Zomo’s modern and minimalistic designs are extremely well-thought-out. Smooth curvatures at the edges make it safe, especially for children and elderly, and a slight lean back of the sofa’s support has given more comfort to its guests.

real calf leather sofa
Image Credit: 北欧真皮单人沙发| yjzomo.taobao
  • Taobao Promotional Price:
    • Book Shelf: approx. S$243 – S$438 
    • Coffee Table: approx.S$265 – S$483 
    • Sofa: approx.S$642 – S$1908 
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If You Prefer Industrial… Try TIEFAN (铁梵)

gold metallic rack
Image Credit: 挂墙式铁艺置物架子 (Metal Storage Rack) | tiefan.taobao

Featuring furniture with sleek and straight cuts made out of metal, 铁梵 (Tiefan) goes for an edgy and grunge industrial style. Just imagine Kurt Cobain mixed with Axl Rose. The harshness of the straight steel bars are usually offset by the addition of bleached wood, or glass.

green round side table
Image Credit: 简约圆桌小茶几 (Side Table) | tiefan.taobao

Tiefan furniture fits in any modern-day home. If you are looking to simplify your living area while adding character, they have got you covered. You may also find that due to the nature of its construction, the pieces are much more rigid and stiff. So they are not the best if you prefer a softer touch and look to your furniture.

bedroom with gold iron bed frame
Image Credit: 双人铁艺床架子 (Wrought Iron Bed) | tiefan.taobao
  • Taobao Promotional Price:
    • Metal Storage Rack: approx. S$29 
    • Side Table: approx.S$25 
    • Bed Frame: approx.S$142 – S$155 
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If You Want The Aesthetics… Try Zii Home (致家家居)

wooden furniture
Image Credit: 轻罗屏风衣架折屏 (Qingluo Screen) | ziihome.taobao

If you crave aesthetically pleasing furniture, Zii Home would be your haven. For most of us, decent looking furniture would do just enough for our homes, but Zii Home kicks that up a notch with their innovative pieces. A piece of ordinary furniture is elevated into an art piece at Zii Home exuding the perfect balance between old and new. With wood meeting gold lacquer, Every piece here is simple yet classy.

wooden table lamp with gold lacquer
Image Credit: ZiiHome

I recommend browsing the entire catalogue as the dizzying selection can mean impulse decisions on your end. Regardless of your choices, the furniture from Zii Home is of the highest quality and produced by awarded designers, hence the higher price tags as well.

  • Taobao Promotional Price:
    • Metal Storage Rack: approx. S$29 
    • Side Table: approx.S$25 
    • Bed Frame: approx.S$142 – S$155
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If You Want Effortless Chic… Try SUIYUAN (随缘)

Image Credit: 日式榻榻米茶台 (Japanese Inspired Tatami Set) | SuiYuan

It is surprisingly rare to find minimalistic furniture that is vibrant in colour at the same time. Most minimalistic furniture come in monotonous variations, but not SUIYUAN’s. While some of their products feature muted colours like this tatami set, they have this set available in a lively shade of green as well!

Image Credit: 北欧儿童桌椅套装 (Nordic Inspired Desk Chair) | SuiYuan

Revamp your house with a playful and lively colour palette with solid-wood touches with Sui Yuan (随缘)’s Japanese style furniture pieces. Their furniture pieces are compact yet functional, so they’re perfect if you want a less crowded-looking living space. Moreover, they have adorable furniture pieces for kids too! 

  • Taobao Promotional Price:
    • Nordic Solid Wood Bed, ~ SGD 240
    • Wooden Bedside Table, ~ SGD 110
    • Wooden Dining Table and Chairs, ~ SGD 170
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If it’s Not Bright enough… Try Wood Show (木修远)

flat two toned wooden wooden lights
Image Credit: 孤岛 – 禅意中式木艺术吊灯 (Lone Island Chandelier) | Wood Show

木修远 (Wood Show) is not just any lighting accessory. They are masterpieces that brings peace to mind and harmony to the family. They are extremely rare to find on any other store which further proves their high value. With designs strongly inspired by nature, such as the flight of a seagull and the growth of a wildflower, Wood Show products are absolutely must-haves.

wooden wall light
Image Credit: 月过山丘 – 中式墙壁灯 (Through the Mountain Range Circular Wall Light) | Wood Show

The talented young team of artists and designers at Wood Show are behind these masterpieces and as with most creative works, the price may be a little steep. They ain’t typical lighting so their prices won’t be typical as well, especially when you compare them with other options on Taobao. But if you think about how often you will be using the light, I think this is worth an investment.

  • Taobao Price:
    • Lone Island Chandelier: approx S$117 – S$870 
    • Genie Wooden Chandelier: approx: S$341 – S$557 
    • Through the Mountain Range Circular Wall Light: S$269 

Earn up to 10.0% Cashback using Taobao promo codes via ShopBack! * This list will be updated with more products soon!

All prices listed in the table above are accurate at the time of writing and is subject to change without prior notice.

Before You Buy!

With that, we conclude our Taobao furniture guide. Hope this has been useful in giving you some inspiration!

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