They say you can’t buy happiness with money but a (huge) part of me believes that some money CAN buy you happiness – if spent on the right things. Truth is, money can buy you flights and travel stays and travel is happiness. And since we’re on the topic of travelling, why not treat yourself to one of these hotels all coupled with million dollar views to complete your vacation, stay the best or nothing at all right? These hotels define what’s higher living literally.

You’ll be spending your nights amongst the stars with these alluring masterpieces of architecture across the world.

Tallest Hotels in Europe

1. Tallest Hotel in Europe: Gran Hotel Bali, Spain

hotel gran bali
Image Credit: Alain | Flickr
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Standing at 210m is Europe’s tallest standing hotel, Spain’s Gran Hotel Bali. Its strategic location beside the Benidorm beaches promises a view to kill for; overlooking the mediterranean sea, this hotel towers over the picturesque view of the shore and the vastness of the ocean.

If you’re already amazed at this giant of a building, read on for more of these architectural marvels.

  • Height: 220m
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2. InterContinental Warsaw, Poland

warsaw, poland
Image Credit: Gabriela Fab | Flickr
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Located right smack in the middle of town is this ‘razer-like’ tipped building with an conspicuous gaping of a hole, you can’t miss this if you’re in the city of Warsaw. To put how this building looks into perspective, just imagine a playing a game of Jenga with a piece of building block removed after a player’s turn.

  • Height: 163m
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Tallest Hotel Towers in the Middle-East

3. Tallest Hotel in the World: Gevora Hotel, UAE

Gevora hotel, dubai
Image Credit: Gevora Hotel | Flickr
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Stay levelled or even taller than many of the vertically characterised buildings in the city of Dubai. Neighbouring this landmark of the world is the predecessor, the used-to tallest hotel in the world, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. Even the entrance of the Gevora Hotel screams luxurious, with its gold-coated revolving doors, supplementing this building’s overlooking views of the city, definitely a must-visit if you’re ever in the city.

Travellers take note: This particular hotel doesn’t have an alcohol license yet, night crawlers you might want to make plans ahead with this in mind!

  • Height: 357m
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4. JW Marriott Hotel Dubai

(Left: JW Marriott Hotel Dubai) Image Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe | Flickr

The title-holder for the tallest hotel in the world before the inception of Gevora Hotel, this hotel is situated just a 20 minutes drive away from the previously mentioned. Known not only for its above and beyond (no pun intended) services, its prime vantage point to view the rest of the city should easily be reason why you need to stay in this hotel.

  • Height: 355m
  • Book the  JW Marriot Dubai and earn up to 6.00% Cashback

Tallest Hotels in North Asia

5. Park Hyatt Shanghai, China

park hyatt shanghai
Image Credit: briYYZ | Flickr

Disclaimer: Not to be mistaken for the Grand Hyatt Shanghai.

Though this building’s height exceeds the formerly mentioned Gevora Hotel, its inhabitable spaces are only up to the 93rd floor, thus not entirety of the building is represented in the ranking of the tallest hotels. Despite that, a building with up to 93 levels of hotel rooms is already an amazing feat of mankind. Stay on top of the world with the in-house restaurants situated on the upper-half of this building.

6. Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

ritz carlton hong kong
Image Credit: The Ritz-Carlton
Image credit:

Asia seems to house a number of the tallest buildings in the world as seen on this list and the hotels after this. The much famed skyline of Hong Kong that we’re all too familiar with from the various cantonese movies, and the picturesque Victoria Harbour – all that from Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. Like the former, the hotel segment only occupies the top 17 floors of the International Commerce Center.

  • Height: 490m
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Highest Hotels in Southeast Asia

7. Singapore’s tallest: Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore

Swissôtel The Stamford, singapore
Image Credit: John Mason | Flickr
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Contrary to many’s beliefs, the hotel that takes the cake for the tallest hotel in Singapore isn’t the visually suggestive Marina Bay Sands, but it is the Swissôtel The Stamford. Swissôtel The Stamford is the perfect vantage point to view the much acclaimed million dollar view of the much-decorated Marina Bay area. Though Singapore isn’t known as the most dazzling city to stargaze, when night falls, watch as the hustle of the town come to life with its specks of city lights pepper across this tiny island.

  • Height: 226m
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For more great hotel stays in Singapore, don’t miss our top staycation hotel recommendations.

8. Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Thailand

baiyoke tower
Image Credit: Ian Fuller | Flickr
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This building of a hotel is literally one that stands out amongst the lower rising buildings in Bangkok – it was also once the tallest hotel at the time it was completed. Gain a 360 view of Bangkok’s city lights from its rooftop bar, complimentary entry if you’re a guest and fancy like that. The view from just its hotel rooms is just as priceless – well, not really. For a discounted fee at, your pursue a higher living is suddenly made affordable.

  • Height: 328m (including mast)
  • Book the Baiyoke Sky Hotel and earn up to 6.00% Cashback

Sleeps in the clouds and enjoy the views!

If you are looking for a special place to stay during your trip, these hotels offer the ultimate “head in the clouds” experience and also unbeatable views. Do you know of any other tall hotel buildings we should check out? Share with us in the comments below!

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