This year’s Black Friday celebrations at ShopBack is a little more special because the day itself is the official launch of ShopBack’s Super Cashback! So what’s so special about it? What makes it so Super? Why should you excited about it?

Well, let us tell you how Super Cashback will save the day by empowering your shopping experience with more value and savings!

Powered-up Deals

Super Cashback is a special section on our homepage where you get to enjoy some of the highest rates of cashback for specific products or a range of products from specific brands. This is on top of the crazy discounts already afforded to you by the brands itself. So you can expect even greater value and savings!

Black Friday Super Cashback Products Deal:

Super Cashback Health And Beauty Product Deals

Crazy deals for Health and Beauty products going for only $0.50! 

Shape-shifting Offers

Super cashback is something for you to look forward to because the deals available change regularly lasting, on average, a total of 5-7 days. Its ‘flash’ format ensures that even though products featured in the Super Cashback section might not be something you’re really into, you can always check back again for the next round of features. Anyways, this should rarely be the case though because of its…

Black Friday Super Cashback Brands Deal:

Super Cashback Maybelline Brand Deals

Maybelline products going for up to 60% off with additional 18% SUPER CASHBACK!

Telepathic Curation

We at ShopBack regularly pore through and analyse data on our shoppers’ retail behaviour to come up with the best deals that are relevant to you. So chances are, you will find something for yourself going at Super Cashback rates! It is as if we can read your minds!

Black Friday Super Cashback Products Deal:

Super Cashback Home Electronics Products Deals

There is something for every, and in this case, amazing discounts and SUPER CASHBACK deals on home electronics.

Brands Assemble!

We at ShopBack do not compromise quality for value. In fact, we bring to you both. You can expect some of the biggest and most trusted brand names in Fashion, FMCG, Home & Living, Electronics, Health & Beauty and even Travel for Super Cashback.

Black Friday Super Cashback Brands Deal:

Super Cashback Drypers Brand Deals

Enjoy up to 30% off and 29% Super Cashback on Drypers products!

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