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If you like all things functional and keeping your home generally clutter-free, minimalist decor and furnishings may just be up your alley. But minimalism is not synonymous with simple or boring – here are some modern pieces from Courts that will jazz up any space.

1. KingKoil 3 Seater MTO Fabric Sofa

Kingkoil 3 Seater Fabric Sofa

This 3-seater fabric sofa is a less ostentatious option for those who wish to keep things simple yet classy. Its clean, streamlined edges also lends the piece a timeless silhouette that will suit a living space of any size. Plus, it’s available in an easy to match grey hue too!

2. Parco Side Table (Marble)

Parco Marble Side Table

In 2016 and 2017, we saw a rise in popularity for all things marble. There’s no better way to accent a space than to add a marble table complete with golden metal frames. The subtle marble design is intriguing yet understated – making it the perfect backdrop for any close-up shots of coffee or magazines.

3. Santos Study Desk With Side Shelves

Santos Study Desk With Side Shelves

The last thing you need is a cramped work space. Instead of making way for a clunky book shelf and massive study table, opt for a hybrid much like this study desk with side shelves. Now you can keep everything you need within arm’s reach.

4. Click + I-Support – 5FT Multifunction Bedframe + 5FT Mattress

Click + I-Support - 5FT Multifunction Bedframe + 5FT Mattress

For Singapore HDB rooms which are generally quite small, choose something with many hidden storage compartments like the Courts 5FT Multifunction Bedframe. It will free up space in your room and keep the clutter hidden but accessible.

5. New Borgia Dining Chair (Black)

New Borgia Black Dining Chair

For a tougher, industrial-like decor, introduce some monochrome and hardy metals to the mix. Take this matte metallic black dining chair for example – there are very 2 simple ways to keep its austere aspect: either keep it bare or add plush geometric cushions to accessorise.

6. Monta TV Console

Monta TV Console

Can’t find a place to perch your widescreen TV? No worries, we have got you covered. This chic TV console makes for a great centrepiece in the living room. The classic black and white contrast creates a simple juxtaposition that is sure to catch the attention of your guests, yet it still keeps things minimal with its slim cabinet handles and clean but defined edges.

7. Plano Shoe Cabinet 2 Sliding Door (White)

Plano Shoe Cabinet

If you are an avid shoe enthusiast then you know the storage issues that come along with it. Instead of storing your wide collection in boxes or leaving them on a wooden shoe rack, invest in a proper shoe cabinet. A shoe cabinet with doors will keep the dust from collecting on your footwear when they aren’t in use too, so that means less maintenance needed! The reflective material used in the Plano Shoe Cabinet not only helps to amplify space but also elevates the simplistic and elegant cut of the unit.

A minimalist aesthetic is usually associated with premium or underground designer brands that carry a hefty pricetag. Get these sleek pieces from Courts and earn cashback through ShopBack.

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