This Halloween, go for something scarier than your norm—just go full out and turn yourself into a vampire, a zombie, or something even creepier! But if you’re afraid that the cheap face paints and fake blood will ruin your complexion, then try using some legitimate make-up to complete your look!

Below are some make up products from StrawberryNET that are almost essential in making your Halloween make up realistic enough to make even the most courageous person cower on Halloween when they see you. It is all about a good balance between wet and dry, gloss and matt effects to bring out the maximum impact of your get up.

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First things first, foundations are very important. If you are posing as the dead or undead, you might as well look the part. Try getting a foundation that is a few shades paler than your natural skin tone, and, combined with the other make up tools on this list, it would set the basis of your look to be enhanced with other make up materials you have.

Our recommendations:

Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation Golden Fair

Bare Escentuals’ BareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation Retail price: SGD37.50. Price after cashback: SGD36

BareMinerals Original Foundation comes with a range of colours. This makes it easier for you to find a foundation that is a few shades paler than your complexion. Plus, BareMinerals is made out of crushed natural minerals, so it is gentler on the skin and less likely to trigger and irritate sensitive skin.

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Eyeshadow palettes are probably the most helpful things in this list to make the effects more realistic by helping with defining contours on your face. For a more ghastly look, you can use some dark eyeshadow to hollow out your cheeks. Or use some dark purplish eye shadow to give your eyes a gaunt look. Also, a great way to create fake bruises would be to use tinges of yellow, reds, and purples to blend.

Our recommendations:

Pupa Haute Couture Palette A Porter- (Diva's Style) #17 Fashion ShadesPupa Haute Coutre Palette A Porter (Diva’s style) #17, Retail price: SGD24 Price after cashback: SGD23.04

Pupa Haute Coutre Palette provides a decent choice of colour for your Halloween make up—at a relatively decent price. Furthermore, these colours are great even after Halloween—trendy and vibrant; they are a great addition to your make-up collection.

Cameleon Make Up kit

Cameleon Make up kit G2327 Retail price: SGD22.50 Price after cashback: SGD21.60

Cameleon Make Up Kit G2327 contains every shade you might ever need— yes, the range of shades available on this palette is wide enough to cover your pre-Halloween, Halloween, and post-Halloween make up needs, and it is truly recommended. Need your bruises? Get them here! Oh, need your sunken, bleeding eyes too? No worries!

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Lip gloss/ Lip stains

Try getting a darker shade of red lip gloss—this will act as your fake blood. Furthermore, since it’s glossy, it will be your fresh, flowing blood. To make it a little more “dry”, try mixing a small amount of gloss with some eye shadow powder. Dribble some on any part of your face and watch the gloss work its magic.

Remember: get gloss that is darker than the usual red! Otherwise your “blood” will look too light for real blood.

Our recommendations:

Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain Devilish Rose

Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain Devilish Rose Retail price: SGD28 Price after cashback: SGD26.88

Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain would be a great choice as it is a great shade and consistency to use as blood. You might want to combine it with just a little eyeshadow powder to make it even thicker for the semi-dried blood look. Furthermore, you can use it outside of Halloween to achieve a devilish, diva look.

Lip pencils

If you are going for a gross, gothic undead zombie look, consider painting your lips a dark purple, or black with purple undertones. The purple brings out a hint of unoxygenated blood and, coupled with a paler- than-normal complexion, will give you a deader- than-normal look. Alternatively, make your lips pale—really pale, and you will get some “bloodless” lips worthy of any ghoul.

Our recommendations:

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Smooth Line Lip Pencil (Crimson)


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Smooth Line Lip Pencil (Crimson) Retail price: SGD22.50 Price after cashback: SGD21.60

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Smooth Line Lip Pencil (Crimson) is an excellent lip pencil for your Halloween needs because it has the perfect purple-crimson shade to it that imitates that “dead” blood look. It is designed for precision so it would also be great if you want to draw patterns or contours.

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Liquid liners

Just in case you want to draw elaborate patterns on your skin—like a mouth sewn shut—you will need a liquid liner, preferably with a fine felt or pen tip for the best effect. This is just a back-up, and you might not even need it! Just in case you do need one for your super elaborate get up… here, have a recommendation.

Our recommendations:

Tarte Emphaseyes High Definition  Liquid Liner

Liquid Emphaseyes High Definition Liquid Liner (black) Retail price: SGD11 Price after Cashback: SGD10.56

Liquid Emphaseyes High Definition Liquid Liner (black) has incredible definition and, with a fine tip, can be used to draw even the thinnest line, and is definitely a must get if you are planning on using liquid liners.

To conclude, try using your fingers as much as possible instead of brushes to blend the edges—there would be a better effect as compared to brushes, which may present a more artificial look.

Go ahead and use these StrawberryNET products to make even Lord Voldemort jealous of your look!

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