Unlike most deliveries like McDelivery or KFC delivery or catering services, foodpanda is a food delivery service dedicated for a wide-ranging type of restaurants. It doesn’t have a kitchen to serve you meals (maybe just a pantry ofor their staff or something lol). However, with its surmountable and delectable selection of cuisines –  from western to Asian cuisines and full meals to snacks -, everything your tummy ever desires is (almost) literally available for delivery…

…depending on where you live.

With that being said, ordering a delivery through foodpanda isn’t as difficult as rocket science or coding a website or nursing an ant, it’s really easy. Here we go, step-by-step:

1. Enter your postcode

shopback foodpanda 1

The availability of foodpanda’s delivery depends on the proximity of the restaurant to the delivery’s destination. So if you’re anything like me, living in Woodlands, say goodbye to restaurants like Working Title and I Am Cafe (but well, you can always head straight to these restaurants when you feel like it). Ughh, northerner’s woes.

2. Select from a list of restaurants

shopback delivery 2

You can actually filter the results to reveal the choices you need. Say, you’d love to grab some pizza.

shopback foodpanda 3

Click on ‘Pizza’…

foodpanda shopback 4

Tada! All the restaurants that deliver pizza will be filtered for you. Now, simply choose your restaurant! Hmmm… PEZZO IT IS. Click on the selection and get directed to the menu page:

shopback foodpanda 5

3. Order from the menu

shopback foodpanda 6

Tick the checkboxes that reflect your choices and click on ‘Continue’. Your order is now in the basket! Now all we need to do is, well, pay (if not, it’ll never be delivered, will it?)

4. Pay it!

shopback foodpanda 7

Click on ‘Proceed To Checkout’!

shopback foodpanda 8

Enter your delivery address.

shopback foodpanda 9

Choose your payment method (Paypal, Online Payment through cards or Cash on delivery!).

shopback foodpanda 10

Submit your order and you’ll land on this page. Hold on for a confirmation through SMS!

shopback foodpanda 11

Now, let’s wait for about 40mins before….

foodpanda guy

Remember to click through ShopBack’s portal before being redirected to foodpanda and you’ll be rewarded with 8.0% Cashback!

Time to order some intensely delicious food with foodpanda right now!


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