There is beauty in working hard. Whether you are a working adult striving for success in your job or a student putting in the hours to perfect your project – hard work is good. However, too much of a good thing is harmful. Hands up if you have been hard at work/ school all year round- you can’t even remember the last time you took a break. Burnout is real and it is good to take time out for a well-deserved rest.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to break the bank while doing so. Well, who says you have to spend on exorbitant airfares to another country for a getaway? Singapore might be a small island, but there is no lack of activities for you to recharge. For one, try having a staycation locally – be at home, away from home. Choose a quiet place if you must, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Free yourself of troubles and thoroughly relax – which shouldn’t be too tall an order, not with staycations with unique concepts. Not only can you take the chance to lounge, you can even snap some Instagram-worthy pictures!

For this list, we have divided the staycation ideas into two categories. Save for hotels <$200 a night and Splurge for hotels >$200 a night with something for every price point.

Save (Singapore Hotels <$200 a Night)

1. Parc Sovereign Hotel – Tyrwhitt

This hotel may be relatively cheap – but hey, that doesn’t mean it lacks quality. At the hotel, you can find rooms with loft concepts, a glorious swimming pool, and an outdoor garden worthy of pixies and gnomes to live in. Best of all? An outdoor garden means ample sunlight. Ditch the filters when you post the photos on Instagram!

parc-sovereign-1 parc-sovereign-2Be one with nature while you indulge in high tea, at the alfresco cornerparc-sovereign-3Wouldn’t you like to lounge in one of these, with a picturesque pool view?

Prices start from $121/night on Agoda

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2. The Sultan

Tucked away in the hip precinct of Arab street, this hotel channels a rustic charm that makes you feel welcomed. With a tinge of heritage, this boutique hotel’s great character will be sure to entice you. What’s more, its floral wallpaper makes a perfect backdrop for girls who especially love taking their #OOTDs.

the-sultan-1 the-sultan-3 the-sultan-2Yup, the hotel even has a patio.

Prices start from $140/night on

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3. Studio M 

The highlight of this boutique hotel is its minimalistic charm, coupled with the loft concept. The design of the room is a clear winner in itself, with the iconic black and white background appearing on our Instagram feeds one time too many.studiom-2 studiom-1

Located conveniently in Clarke Quay, take a stroll along Singapore River after dinner, or admire how pretty and colourful the unorthodox the Alkaff Bridge is. Don’t just take your #OOTDs in the hotel room, take it at the bridge too!

Prices start from $176/night at Expedia

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4. Wanderlust 

The phrase ‘boring staycation’ will cease to exist in your vocabulary after a stay at Wanderlust – a hotel aptly named for an out-of-the-world experience.

wanderlust-1If being an astronaut is not your thing, take your pick from the other themed rooms. Be a modern-day princess if you wish, otherwise, you could be a builder. Well, one can always dream.


Staircases are always a good backdrop to take pictures against. Flaunt the inner supermodel in you and pose all you want on the stairs – no one can judge you now. Remember to Instagram it later! Not Instagramming means it never happened.  

Prices start from $169/night at Agoda.

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5. The Scarlet Singapore Hotel

The Scarlet Singapore Hotel Lobby

I don’t know about you but whenever I hear the word ‘scarlet’, I am reminded of nobility. This is true for the Scarlet Singapore Hotel. Bathtub, grand lobbies, chandeliers, and beds that look like they were made for royalty. With great lighting and a grand backdrop, this is a great place for an impromptu photo shoot. These are the elements that come together to provide the perfect spot for a night where you can feel like a King/Queen and a rare experience for Singapore hotels

The Scarlet Singapore Hotel Room

Prices start from $184.00 a night on

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Splurge (Singapore Hotels >$200 a Night)

6. Sofitel

Located conveniently in the downtown area, the hotel is a stone’s throw away from Lau Pa Sat and Maxwell food center if you’re feeling hungry. However, the allure of this modern hotel —with it’s embellished funky decor and furniture— might make you want to stay in all day, sunken into the soft, white sheets of the bed. With a touch of France incorporated in the decor, you certainly won’t feel like you’re in Singapore. This luxurious hotel is truly befitting of a monarch. Check out the photos below. Need I say more? Every corner is worthy of a spot on your Instagram.sofitel-1 sofitel-2 sofitel-3

Prices start from $280/night at

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7. The Wangz Hotel

Rediscover heritage at Chinatown, which is located a mere few minutes walk from the hotel. In the evening, chill out with some alcohol on the rooftop bar. This hotel is definitely for art lovers. Remember to take photos of their art pieces and Instagram them to showcase the artsy side of you! wangz-1 wngz-2

Prices start from $296/night at Expedia

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8. The Quincy Hotel

Located in the prime area in Orchard Road, this modern hotel boasts convenience close to amenities. If you want to escape from the crowd in town, this is the right place for you – unwind by taking a dip in the infinity pool with a city view, and take some sexy bikini shots in the process for your Instagram. For the gym fanatics, you’ll be delighted to know there’s a fitness center.quincy-1 quincy-2 quincy-3

Prices start from $315/night at

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9.Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

The next Singapore hotel on the list is Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Traveling to this hotel itself will complete your getaway expereience. The hotel itself is extremely luxurious, featuring an outdoor landscaped pool, modern and lavish interior, a fully furnished gym and two amazing restaurants. In addition, the rooms are large with a refined interior and fashionable designs illuminated by lots of natural light. Perfect for that series of portrait shots for Instagram.

Prices start from $350.00 a night on

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10. W Hotel

Singapore Hotels: W Hotel

The epitome of trendy and artistic, this hotel has it all. A gym, jacuzzi, indoor whirlpool – you name it, they have it. Enjoy a day in the cozy room snoozing or head to the hip Tanjong Beach. For the daredevils, try zip-lining or bungee jumping at the nearby MegaZip Adventure Park. Any shot at Sentosa Cove would make the cut for a post on Instagram! w-hotel-2

Prices start from $490/night at Expedia

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**Images sourced from unless stated otherwise.


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