August is the month of the year when Singaporeans come together to celebrate our birthday and collective identity. There’s no better way to commemorate this than to celebrate and recognise our local makers!

Naiise believes in local and the power of design in adding value to people’s lives. Here are some of our favourite cute and quirky local souvenirs that you can buy for your foreign friends (or for yourself).

We challenge you to make it through this this post without spending any money!

Merlion Chou Chou – Smiling

Merlion Chou Chou - Smiling

Many Singaporeans, including myself, shamefully still own our chou chous (“smelly” pillows) from when we were children. While this Merlion chou chou may never replace your chou chou, you can’t deny how incredibly adorable it is! Perhaps buy one for your child or nieces and nephews to tell them the tales of Singapore’s iconic creature.

Price: SGD $24.90

Price after cashback: SGD $23.40

Curry Puff Cushion

Curry Puff Cushion

A fusion of Malay, Indian and Chinese flavours, the curry puff is one of the most popular snacks in Singapore. If you are on a diet but still want some curry puff in your life, this soft and cuddly version might do the trick (less the calories)!

Price: SGD $29.90

Price after cashback: SGD $28.10

Steamed Rice Cake (Wa Ko Kueh) Keychains


Steamed rice cakes are well-loved in Singapore and now you can bring these colourful cakes around with you wherever you go. Secure your keys with these colourful, fluffy and cute key chains.

Price: SGD $8.72

Price after cashback: SGD $8.20

Shophouses of Singapore Clear iPhone 6/7 Case


If you’re tired of your regular, drab phone covers, this phone cover might interest you. This iPhone case features original illustrations of iconic shop houses of Chinatown, Emerald Hill, Neil Road and Katong. The case can fit for both the iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 7.

Price: SGD $17.20

Price after cashback: SGD $16.15

Turquoise Peranakan Tiles Notebook


The Peranakan culture is colourful yet not as widely represented in Singapore. What better way to celebrate this colourful and rich heritage than taking home this tile-inspired notebook. The notebook has 128 bound pages. It is available in 2 different cultures. This notebook is perfect for school kids that will make them appreciate more Peranakan culture.

Price: SGD $15.00

Price after cashback: SGD $14.10

Kopibag Mug Plastic


If you like to roam around the streets of Singapore, chances are you get to take a sip from a kopi da-bao or coffee in a plastic bag. This popular street drink has now a mug version that you can buy in Naiise store. The mug also comes in plastic reminiscent of the coffee shop style with the modern touch.

Price: SGD $6.93

Price after cashback: SGD $6.50

Dragon Playground Tote

Dragon Playground Tote Singapore

This bag is reminiscent of  Toa Payoh’s Dragon Playground where kids used to play before. This tote is a tribute to what it’s like growing up in Singapore before it became the modern city that it is today. This tote is  a remembrance of Singapore’s heritage and famous past landmarks. Plus, this totes are eco-friendly and made from  off-white cotton canvas.

Price: SGD $22.50

Price after cashback: SGD $21.15

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